Mayte Carranco Posando Para Revista H VIDEO

Mayte Carranco

If you like this video featuring Mayte Carranco, hit the label link with her name above this post and you will see just how many of her videos that I can post.

Now a minor warning. Carranco doesn't speak a word of English in this video. But, I have a feeling that most men who are going to watch this couldn't care less. 

Hey, I'm just giving the people what they want as post featuring this hot weather woman seems to get a lot more views than the ones about the economy.

Who knew that posts with hot women would beat out posts on politics? You didn't read my 250, 000 word essay on the need to lower the capital gains tax? How dare you!

we post videos and you watch a little too long sometimes

Mayte Carranco. Meteorologist.

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