ESPN C'MON MAN! Week 05 - 10-06-14 (NFL)

from ESPN: ESPN C'MON MAN! for Week 05, October 06, 2014
01. A fan wears a sweater and jeans in the new pool at the Jacksonville Jaguar's stadium.
02. Buffalo Bill's Defensive Line Coach Pepper Johnson can tell you how adamant Leodis McKelvin is about that play not being a touchdown.
03. Nebraska Left Guard Jake Cotton was called for the funniest false start of all time.
04. Chiefs Linebacker Dee Ford is trying out a new defensive scheme. Running AWAY from the ball carrier.
05. A West Virginia band member was eating a sandwich when they needed to play, so he eats his sandwich as if he's really playing.

Bonus C'Mon Man! Best of the Worst: That Washington State fan really wanted that popcorn.


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