Best News Bloopers October 2018

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Don't worry. Everyone was paid for their mistakes.



Demetria ''Traffic Bae'' Obilor - Hot Traffic Girl (WFAA)

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from WFAA CHANNEL 8 ABC: Demetria Obilor.

Some woman somewhere got into a Facebook beef with Ms. Obilor.

It became a national story.  Read about here. Click the word here to read more about it. It should be highlighted.


demetria obilor


Blue-Obsessed Lady Gets High Off Her Favorite Color

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from The New York Post: Everything in this woman’s life is blue. Meet Valeria McCulloch, aka Valblv, a New York-based artist obsessed with the color blue. She even painted a Chanel bag and a pair of Alexander McQueen heels her favorite somber shade.

and she's a Crip.


Ann Rodden Hot Weather Girl

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from Ann Rodden on YouTube: Ann Rodden.

The following is from her webpage on YouTube:
B.S. in Meteorology and Atmospheric Science from Penn State University
Minor in Climatology
Intern at CNN Weather and Climate World Headquarters
Former intern with WTAJ and NASA ACT America Project

A minor in Climatology? An effing MINOR in Climatology? Should I post this?
A minor?



Mary Mays Hot Weather Girl (WKRN)

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from Mary Mays(WKRN ABC Channel 2) : Mary Mays meteorologist.

Mary Mays is not a Marvel Comics character. She's a meteorologist. Which, of course, means she studies meteors.




Araksya Karapetyan Hot Anchor Girl (Fox 11)

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From Good Day LA: Araksya Karapetyan. Former meteorologist turned anchor.  In this video, she is auditioning for Sin City 2.

Her first name is pronounced A-Rock-see-ahhh.

Now this blog is educational.


This Woman Is Getting Bombarded With Makeup Tutorial Requests As Mugshot...

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from Complex News: This Woman Is Getting Bombarded With Makeup Tutorial Requests As Mugshot Goes Viral.

According to the Independent (UK): "Prior to the arrest, the teen (Marshala Perkins) had been in her dorm room at Texas A&M University-Commerce conducting a live makeup tutorial on her Facebook page."

Perkins was arrested after having two grams of marijuana in her car. Click the above link to get the whole story.



Danielle Gersh Hot CBS Weather Girl

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from CBS Los Angeles: Danielle Gersh.

From the CBS Los Angeles website: "Danielle is a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where she studied journalism. In addition, she studied meteorology through Mississippi State University. While in college, she spent time as an intern for CBS both in Dallas and Los Angeles." 

Mississippi State may not have a lot of championships in sports but they produce awesome meteorologists.



Adrienne Green Hot Weather Girl (WMAR)

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from WMAR in Baltimore: Meteorologist Adrienne Green has the latest.

According to her bio at the WMAR website, green has a twin sister.  It doesn't state if she is identical or not. I really didn't feel like doing the research to find out. If you know, leave the answer in the comment section.

Hot Meteorologist Felicia Combs (WPTV)

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from Felicia Combs: Hot Weather Girl Felicia Combs

From the WPTV website: "Felicia's first job was in Macon, Georgia. She enjoyed her 2.5 years as the weekday morning forecaster and weather anchor in Macon before moving to the Midwest for her next job. Felicia moved to Springfield, Missouri where she spent two years forecasting the ever-changing Ozark's weather. While in Missouri Felicia forecasted severe winter weather, several confirmed tornadoes, historic flooding and so much more."

2.5 equals two and a half for those who don't know.