Watch Meghan Markle's Most Notable Acting Roles in Hollywood (Flashback)

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from Entertainment Tonight: ET is breaking down everything you need to know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's shocking exit from the royal family.

ET stands for Entertainment Tonight. It's not the creature from the movie ET because that was a rubber suit on a little person.

Or so I was told.


1st look at new book ‘Finding Freedom’ about Meghan and Harry’s split fr...

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From Good Morning America: Authors Scobie and Durand take a deep dive into what they say caused the separation between the royal couple and the royal family.

Meghan Markle was an actress, apparently. I don't know what she was in. Well, I suppose I could Google it.



Meghan Markle allegedly called 'Harry's showgirl'

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From Sky News on YouTube.

A lot of hating going down in the useless royal family.



New Death Reported Amid Vaping Emergency l ABC News

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FROM ABC NEWS: A new death was reported in Missouri as the CDC confirmed there have been more than 500 cases of lung injuries associated with vaping.

Why is the media making up a "vaping crisis?" 8 deaths have been linked to vaping? WTF does that mean? Did the people have pre-existing health problems? Were the people vaping illegal substances? What?

IMHO. This is all about tax money. Cigarettes and tobacco products are heavily taxed. Vaping products aren't.


New Images Emerge of Justin Trudeau in Black Face

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from ABC NEWS: The Canadian prime minister, facing a tough reelection campaign, apologized again following the revelation of a third blackface incident, this time captured on video.

This is already fading as a news story in the United States simply because Trudeau is a liberal and liberals can get away with acts like this.

The media will move on to another story and if he gets reelected marvel at his political prowess.


Top 5 Worst Drive Thru Customers EVER!

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from Public Freakout Videos on YouTube: Top 5 Worst Drive Thru Customers OF ALL TIME!

You would think with weed being legal is several parts of America that people would be more chill.
But that ain't the case. It seems like folks are getting more and more nasty as the years go by.

The title of this video is Top 5 Worst Drive-Thru Customers EVER! but a couple of employees show their asses too.



Kelly Simek Hot Weather Girl in Pink (KHON)

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Earlier I linked to an article in which meteorologist Laura Velazquez objected to the term "weather girl." Some of you agreed that the term is archaic and should be dropped from our collective vocabulary.

After pondering over it for several days, I've decided to keep using the term at least until several news sites such as The Washington Post, Vox or Buzzfeed link to this site demanding that I stop.


‘SNL’ Drops Shane Gillis After Video Surfaces Of Comedian Using Offensiv...

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from NBC NEWS: A spokesperson said in a statement on behalf of "SNL" executive producer Lorne Michaels that the comedy sketch show would not be going forward with Gillis for Season 45. The statement apologized to viewers that the "SNL" vetting process "was not up to our standard."



Omaha City Council Member Pleads Guilty To Failing To File Federal Tax r...

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from KMTV 3 NEWS NOW: Omaha City Council member Vincent Palermo, 46, entered a guilty plea before a U.S. District Judge for three counts of willful failure to file income tax returns for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 tax years.

For the love of money, please pay your taxes on time. Don't listen to this lawyer in this vid. They love to make examples of ANYONE who fails to pay.

Lots of middle class folks in jail for tax evasion.

Am I scaring you?


I’m Addicted to Building My Massive Muscles (Rahki Giovanni)

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from Bancroft TV: A 27-YEAR-OLD woman had admitted she is ADDICTED to bodybuilding and believes all women would benefit from lifting. Rahki Giovanni from Miami, Florida began pumping iron in 2015 to help her mental and physical health. At one point, the young woman would spend eight hours in the gym at a time and now has an extremely defined body and thighs so muscular they can crush watermelons. Now, the personal trainer, YouTuber and influencer trains everyday for two hours, and admits she is addicted to bodybuilding.

Giovanni has over 490,000 followers on Instagram and growing. Here are some of her posts.