Did Philly Fan Offer Sex For World Series Tickets?

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In case you don't know, the Philadelphia Phillies and The New York Yankees are in the 2009 World Series. Tickets to this event are at a premium so fans are willing to do anything for admission.

According to a Craig's List ad, a woman named Susan Finkelstein, who described herself as a buxom blond in the ad, was in desperate need to score some World Series tickets. But was sex implied? Well, Phildelphia police sent an uncover agent to meet Finkelstein. Shortly, after the meeting, Finkelstein was arrested.

Your tax dollars at work.

In the video below, CBS NEWS gets to the bottom of this hard hitting story.


Power Line Explosion In Hollywood

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In the video below, you will see a power line explode. Explosions are popular on VlogHog.

Thanks to foxunit at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Remember to turn your clocks back three hours this weekend. Yeah, I know that you're suppose to turn them back an hour. But I want to gain an extra three hours of sleep.



Bus Fight In San Francisco

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Two women battle on a San Francisco bus. The reason? One of the women was taking up two seats where the other wanted to sit.

Thanks to Songun of LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to Songun, this particular bus is 60 feet long. The bus driver, allegedly, didn't report this to the proper San Francisco Municipal Railway officials. It's possible that he couldn't see the fight.


Most Roaches Eaten In One Minute

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Is eating a roach worth the publicity? Well, in the video below, you will see a man trying to set a record for eating the most roaches in one minute. Before you see the video, can you guess the gender of the person attempting this sick record? Come on, you got a 50/50 shot at it.

Watch as _____ Edwards tries to eat the most cockroaches in one minute. Thanks to Guinness World Records for posting this video at YouTube.

You know, I'm knocking this but if doing something like this would get me more blog visitors then pass the roaches on the left hand side.

Hey, the roaches were cooked. As if that makes a difference.

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Woman Drags Kid Through Verizon Store On Leash

Once upon a time in the land called America, there was a woman from Gaylesville, Alabama named Melissa Catherine Smith-Means.

Smith-Means was accused of dragging a small child through a Verizon Wireless store by it's back pack leash. I say accused because it's America and you're innocent until proven guilty. But, the video below is damaging. You decide.

Thanks to poppycock at LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to poppycock, the woman was arrested for child cruelty.