Rocky Mountain News To Close

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I and many others predicted that the Internet would be the slow demise of newspapers; It's faster to get the news from the Internet, 24 hour news channels, websites and some blogs. As computers get cheaper and hi-speed Internet becomes more affordable, more newspapers will go out of business.

Due to the loss of profitability, The Rocky Mountain News will shut down operations on February 27,2009.

That being said, I'm sorry to see people lose their jobs. Unfortunately, many people continue to become unemployed as the economy gets worse.

This video is directly from the Rocky Mountain News site at YouTube. In the video below, you will see the annoucement of the closing of newspaper to the staff of The Rocky Mountain News.


The Body Painting of Model Julie Henderson

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Is painting a woman's ass for Sports Illustrated a recession proof job? In the video below, you will briefly see a man whose job is to paint the asses of models. That is if you can get over staring at model Julie Henderson.

Thanks to Sports Illustrated for posting this video at YouTube.  So go out buy a copy of the world's leading sports magazine or you can use that money to do something else like pay your car note.

You didn't know that Sports Illustrated had a swimsuit video page at YouTube? Well, now you know. Plus, I didn't even get a penny for advertising it on my blog. Not one stinking penny.

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Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima Gets Married

adriana lima
Off the market


Okay, that's off my chest. Victoria Secret's model Adriana Lima recently eloped with NBA player Marko Jaric.

Thanks to CelebTV for posting this video.

Adriana Lima, who is from Brazil, is a favorite of VlogHog. She is a Victoria's Secret's model after all.

For whatever it's worth, I congratulate her and what's his name on their marriage.


Like I stood a chance

Two Trucks Collide In Tunnel

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Watch as two truck collide in a tunnel. Always. Always. ALWAYS keep your head up when driving.

Thanks to LooseCannonComments for posting this video.

Why do I post so many crash videos? Let me ask you this: Why do you slow down to view a car crash? Well, that's the same the reason why I post so many car crash videos.



An Oklahoma Tornado Up Close And Personal

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A deadly tornado is headed your way. It looks to be about a half mile wide. It has already killed several people. It's time to grab the camera! Well, that is, if you want to be on VlogHog.

In the video below, you will see amateur video of a tornado in Oklahoma from February 10, 2009.

Thanks to fecks at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Tornado kill. So, seek immediate shelter when you see one. Unless, you have a digital camera. You know what to do then.




Car Nearly Misses Train At Crossing

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Have you ever tried to beat a train at a crossing? Well, you're an idiot. Yeah, the person in the video below makes it but that doesn't change anything.

In the video below, someone nearly misses a train at a crossing.

Thanks to michi-player at LiveLeak for posting this video.

On the second hand, it does look kind of cool in a James Bond sort of way. So, go for it!

I'm kidding


Alex Rodriguez Interview With Katie Couric

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alex rodriguez new york yankee
"Vloghog posted what?"

In 2007, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez told Katie Couric that he never used steroids or was even tempted to use steroids. However, according to Sports Illustrated, A-Rod tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003.

So, he is lying to Couric in the video below. According to Sports Illustrated, Rodriguez was informed of his positive test in 2003.

Thanks to CBS and Katie Couric for posting this video.

Look, do you realize how much money was thrown at A-Rod for playing baseball? In 2001, the Texas Rangers signed Alex Rodriguez to a 10 year $252, 000,000 contract and in 2008 A-Rod re-signed with the Yankees for $275,000,000!!! No joke. A half a billion dollars for one baseball player. He doesn't get that money without the use of steroids in my opinion.




Homeless Living Under A Porch And Won't Leave

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Have you ever had anyone living under your house? Do you even have a house? It doesn't matter because you may still sympathize with the woman in this video.

Apparently, there have been homeless people living under her porch who wouldn't leave until the police got involved.

At one point, the homeless man would invite friends over for parties.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video and WOWT NBC Channel Six News for producing it.


Doctor Talks About Barack And Michelle Obama's 'Love'

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Ummm...I don't know what to say about this other than I don't think this doctor knows what she talking about or she does and got one over on a local news station.

Thanks to wet501 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

The doctor talks about Barack and Michelle Obama's closeness.

That is all.


Was Diane Sawyer Drunk?

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You decide. Is Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer drunk in this video? It is the day after the presidential inauguration and Sawyer stumbles and bumbles her way through several Good Morning America segments.

Oh yeah. This video isn't some behind the scenes, spy camera, undercover crap. It is live and on national television and Diane Sawyer appears to be blasted.

Thanks to mike_d41d at LiveLeak for posting this video.

This is one of favorite videos this year.

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54 Milllon Dollar Lawsuit For Lost Pants Goes On

If a dry cleaner lost a pair of my pants, I would sue them for 67 million dollars. Why not? Seeing as how I only have two pair, it would be devastating to my social life. I'm glad the man in the video shares my attitude.

According to the Associated Press, a man has sued a dry cleaner for 67 million dollars for losing his pants. Hey, he's not an unreasonable dude. He's willing to settle for 54 million.

This is an actual lawsuit that is on appeal in the court system. I kid you not, playboy.


Train Smashes Truck

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In the video below, you will get a train's eye view of a wreck. Watch the wreck from the camera mounted in front of the train.

Thanks to jdiscord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Why why why do people try to outrun trains? You can't wait to get home and watch Desperate Housewives? Is that last piece of pizza in the fridge calling out your name or something? You gotta go pee that bad?

Hey, it ain't worth it.


How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits

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So you lost your job and don't know what to do? Find another job? Forget that!

This video from Howcast tells you how to apply for unemployment benefits.

It's some sort of cartoon thing or something. Just watch.

Not employed either.


Man Hit By Car In Gas Station Parking Lot

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All you want is a pack of a salmonella tainted peanut butter crackers and BAM you get nailed by a driver in a gas station parking lot. Can't happen? Well, in this video you will see that it did.

Thanks to beck64 for posting this video at LiveLeak.

Hey, be careful out there.

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Crooks Steal Over $100,000 in Truck Tires

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I didn't know rubbers were this popular? Recently, some thieves stole over $130,000 in new tires from Parrish Tire Company located in Winston-Salem. The crooks stacked 309 top of the line truck tires into a van and made off with the loot.

Thanks to WXII Channel 12 in Winston-Salem for posting this video.

A few years ago, I took a second job working at a tire warehouse to help make ends meets and let me tell you from experience picking up one truck tire is hell. Loading 309 tires into a moving van ain't worth whatever hard time they dudes are gonna do.


How To Lose Weight Playing Wii

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Can you lose weight playing video games? Well, if you spend all of your money on video games instead of food, then I guess you could. But, the people at Howcast have a better way. I think.

The video below show you how to lose weight will playing your Wii, if you have one.

According to this video, you can lose 172 calories per half hour playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Hey, I don't make this stuff up.



Jessica Simpson is Fat...No She's Not...Yes She Is

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Recently Jessica Simpson has gained some weight and YOU CAN'T DO THAT IN TODAY'S ENTERTAINMENT WORLD. Don't even think about it. So, naturally the entire entertainment press has to stop their anal examinations of Lindsay Lohan to give this matter the serious attention it deserves.

In the video below, TV Guide explores the new look of Jessica Simpson.

I learned something new in this video: Jessica Simpson still sings. I didn't know.


Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy and Tyra Banks Sing

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Tyra Banks is one of my favorite entertainers. She thinks, like a lot of entertainers, that the world revolves around her. Unlike most, she doesn't hide it very well.

In the video below uploaded by The Tyra Banks Show, Banks and the "Internet sensation" Chubby Cuppy Cake Boy sing "The Cuppycake Song". The kid singing by himself is more than enough entertainment. NO. TYRA MUST HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT AT ALL TIMES. After all, it is the Tyra Banks Show.