This is the Frequently Asked Questions for this blog. Yes, they're fake.

Edited by Anthony Lloyd.

Why the name VlogHog?

It rhymes.

OK, what is a VlogHog?

It's a blog featuring sensational videos handpicked by the VlogHog staff.

Why can't I comment on this blog?

I've changed the settings, now you can. Just hit the comments bar above the post.

Isn't there another VlogHog on YouTube? 

Yes,  I would brag about being the first and only VlogHog, if that weren't so stupid.

How can I get my video on your blog?

Make it great.

Do you make any money doing this?


Didn't you use to make your own original videos on YouTube?

Yes. Some of them are still floating around on other video sites.  They were horrible, 

We edited a video called "The Worst 911 Calls Of All Time" which is still on YouTube and gets shared by a lot of people.  It's crazy 911 calls edited together.

Original stuff we produced is embarrassing.  Which is why I got rid of them.

You've been online for eight years that really says something.

It's says that blogspot blogs are still free and if I was paying for this site, I would of trashed it a long ago. Plus, that's not a question.

Why only YouTube? What's wrong with LiveLeak or any other sites that I can't think of?

It's easier. Google owns Blogger and YouTube. I can easily share videos directly from YouTube to this blog.

What's with all the Hot Weather Girls posts?

Guess what gets the most views on this site? Guess.

The Hot Weather Girl posts started as filler when I couldn't find any other videos that interested me. Then as time went by, they became the most popular video links on this site. 

They make up about 200 of the 3500 posts on this site.

What's the ultimate goal of this blog?

To entertain.

How many people have visited VlogHog in all these years?

According to SiteMeter (which is linked on this blog),  this blog has over 1,000,000 page views. The short answer is not enough.

Does it make you mad that sites by relatively unknown people put up only a year or so ago are more popular than yours?

Hell, yeah. Now what do I do about it?

VlogHog is such a stupid name.

I know, right? Plus, that's not a question either. 

How much money do you make with this blog?

Even if I could tell you that, I wouldn't.  Google owns Adsense which supplies the ads to this site and one of their rules is, we can't tell what we make.

I changed my mind. If I was making a significant amount, I'd find some way to tell (other bloggers do). This is why I need more visitors.

We don't post a picture of yourself?

I'm doing you a favor.

What's better Blogger or Wordpress?

I have blogs on both. Which ever one earns me enough money to make a living wins.

Don't mess with Texas.


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