Drug Dealers Throw Cash Onto Highway During Police Chase

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Talk about making it rain. During a recent high sp e eed police chase, two drug dealers decided to throw thousands of dollars onto a San Diego highway while they were being chased.

We are not talking about one dollar bills. Hundred dollar bills were being tossed around like beads during Mardi Gras. Hundred dollar bills.

So what do the civic minded people of San Diego do when they see hundred dollar bills flying through the air? They do what I would of done, they go after the cheese.

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Forklift Driver Nearly Crushed

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From apperances, it looks like the forklift driver barely bumps the rack that he knocks down but from my experience from driving a forklift, it don't take much to knock down anything. In the video below, a forklift driver is nearly crushed by a rack that he bumps.

Thanks to michi-player at LiveLeak for posting this video. According to post, the driver wasn't hurt.

Being a former forklift driver, I can tell you, the person should be driving backwards with the load behind them. Maybe I'm in the wrong business. Clearly I should be teaching industrial arts.



Kim Kardashian In Bikini at the Beach

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In this video, Kim Kardashian tries to hide her ass from the paparazzi while at the beach. Now, this is like Shaquille O'Neal trying to hide his legs, Angelina Jolie trying to hide her lips or Bill Gates trying to hide his money. Kim Kardashian, however, tries anyway.

Why is Kim Kardashian, who has a sex tape that she approves of, ashamed of showing her rear? First, she's in a bikini. Second, she's in bikini. Lastly, she's in a bikini.

Never try to hide how you look. If God gave you a big ass, learn to live with it.

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Car Crashes Through Bakery Hits Baby

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According to beck64 , who posted this video, no one in this accident was injured. You will have to judge for yourself if you watch.

In the video below, a car crashes through a bakery and nearly severely injures a woman and an infant.

Thanks to beck64 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

A warning. This is a shocking video and at first it seems the child is crushed.