Mayte Carranco's Sexy Weather Reports

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If you ever read a story about how local news ratings are going down, point your local news directors to this post. Mayte Carranco is a weather reporter  for  MTY Television in Mexico .  Apparently, there is no dress code and I'm not complaining at all.  Not one bit.

In the video below, you will see Mayte Carranco give a typical weather report. This is one of her more restrained outfits.

This is outstanding.

Thanks to TeleviceroReloaded  at YouTube for posting this video.

Don't be surprised if this becomes the trend in the USA.  Television stations are losing viewers to the Internet, X-Box, Blackberry, Twitter, crystal meth and more. Don't think they won't start to pull out all the stops to get you back to watching them. There will be many Mayte Carranco types popping up all over the USA on local and national newscasts.

Thank God.

VIDEOS: Mayte Carranco Does The Weather



Cop Caught Having Sex On Surveillance Camera?

It may not be true now, but eventually there will be video cameras everywhere. With the reality of cell phone cameras, this could be true now. You'd think this police officer caught with a woman behind a building would know this.

Caught on video! A Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia cop who thinks he's invisible, I guess. In November 08, Keith Heating and Air, located in Rossville, Georgia, got really hot when a wayward cop decided to do something with his wife, girlfriend, hooker or cousin for all I know. The only fact is her pants are down.

Yeah, he was out of his jurisdiction.

Thanks to barnesy at LiveLeak for posting this video and WTVC (an ABC affiliate) in Chattanooga for investigating this timely and hard hitting story.

In case you wanted to know, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia is only five minutes away from Chattanooga.

Who says I don't do research?

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Playboy's Kendra Wilkinson Tries To Rap

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Playboy model and eyecandy Kendra Wilkinson former star of "The Girls Next Door" and current star of "Kendra!" on E! tries to rap on VH1's "Celebrity Rap Superstar." Is that enough plugs for TV shows that I'm not gettting paid for?

The fact that Wilkinson appears on two television shows proves that if you have a banging body, good looks and have at least two working brain cells, you'll go far.

Hey, how many hot women you know get to talk their way out of a speeding tickets, get an extra month to pay their rent, get free drinks at the club, get promoted for a job they aren't remotely qualified for, get thousands of hits to their blogs because they post pictures of themselves in bikinis and get millions of views for their videos posted at YouTube because they're dancing like strippers.

But, I'm not hating. I'm just pointing out the facts. For real.

VlogHog, out.

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VlogHog: I knew being ugly wouldn't pay off.


Paris Hilton's Mugshot From Cocaine Possession Arrest

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A famous person being arrested for drug possession? Say it isn't so. Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas. Alledgedly  possessing cocaine. Even we must give Paris Hilton the benefit of the doubt.

This picture of Hilton is the latest mugshot for the hotel heiress. Has she finally got her street cred or does she have to knock off a bank?

Thanks to the AP for posting this video at YouTube.

There doesn't seem to be the same sound and fury as it was when Hilton was arrested a few years ago. Maybe people don't care as much. Maybe she not as hot as she used to be. Maybe people are finally putting Hilton into her proper perspective.
Or it's just the weekend and people don't know yet.

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TV Reporter Gets Hit In Head By Soccer Ball

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Why is other people's pain so funny? The Three Stooges made a living off of hitting themselves.

In the video below, you will see a sports reporter getting nailed by a soccer ball. It was edited so that you will see it several times.  I have to say that it was a good editing job.  Go timing and cuts.

Thanks to smeblee at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Sports reporting is a dangerous game.

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Man On Scooter Gets Slammed By Car On Highway

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Getting hit is not fun. But, it can be funny if the context is right. In the video below, you will see a man on a scooter get hit by a car and walk away from the accident.

I'm not saying it's funny.  But it is.

Thanks to e4bannan at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Just remember, when you pull in front of somebody on the highway, accelarate (that means go faster) past the car that you cut off. They won't have a problem with that.  Accidents happen when you decide to ease into the other lane and cut off people like you're part of a funeral procession and everybody MUST slow down for YOU.

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Man Sent To Jail For 6 Years For Cooking Dog

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Keep all your  lame Chinese food jokes to yourself. According to the AP, a Wisconsin man will get six years in prison for cooking his ex girlfriend's dog.

Thanks to the AP for posting this video at YouTube.

Have you ever been so in love with an ex that you've done something this insane? Was it that great? Love stinks. Yeah. Yeah.

Six years in prison for cooking a dog? Why prison? He should be in a psych ward somewhere in a soft room. Six years? SIX YEARS! Six years in prison where he won't have a girlfriend. He'll more than likely will be someone girlfriend. Why didn't just egg her car or something? Keep calling her at work? Try to date her sister? Something!

 How about acting like a mature adult and just move on? No? Oh, well, see you in six years.

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The 600th Post At VlogHog

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This is the 600th post at VlogHog. Is that a big deal? I don't know.  Still, I'm going to take the time to explain some things that need explaining about this blog.

THE NEW LOOK- Blogger has some new themes for its blogs and I changed VlogHog's look.  It is much better in my opinion.

WHY DON'T YOU POST MORE? I don't post as much as I did in the beginning because I have two other sites that I work on and time gets divided.

600 POSTS IN THREE YEARS? I've been busy.

WHY ALL THESE LINKS TO HOT GIRLS? I link to all kinds of pictures. Pictures of cats. Pictures of food. Pictures of roller coasters. All kinds of pictures. However, the most popular pics are of famous women like Kim Kardashian. Those are the pics that get associated with this blog.  I don't make the pics popular.

WHAT IS UP WITH VLOGHOG.NET? I'm working on it. Vloghog.net is going to be the evenutal home of this blog. I own it and wont have to worry about Blogger shuting me down. On the other hand, most of the inbound links I created come to this site. Inbound links from sites like Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook all come here. It will take some time to create new inbound links to VlogHog.Net.

WE POST FUNNY VIDEOS. IS THAT IT? Yeah, until I change the theme again.

With your help and the help of thousands of your friends, maybe VlogHog can make it to another 600 posts. Okay, hundreds of thousands of your friends.

When Do You Stop Blogging?

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VlogHog has been on the net for three years now.  Still, plugging along hoping to catch on with a billion viewers a day.  A lot has happened in that time. We changed presidents, Simon Cowell left American Idol, ER finally went off the air, and a lot of other stuff too.

How long will VlogHog be here? I don't know. Some days I get good traffic, some days I get no traffic.  The blog has over a thousand incoming links. Does Google care? Hell no. To this end,  I get almost no traffic from search engines.  However, I do get traffic from pictures I link to.  Go figure.

Some days I make dollars. Some days I make cents. Most days I make nothing.   According to Alexa, 23 million sites get more traffic than I do. But due to a recent traffic spike, that will change. But traffic spikes are just that. Spikes. They go up and they will go down.

Once a had a traffic spike of 9000 visitors in one day and next day I had only 100 visitors. They should call them traffic teases.

On the days of August 20 and 21, I had a traffic spikes of 24,000 and 40,000 visitors. The most ever.  But now things are back to normal. Meaning I won't be quitting my day job anytime soon.

So, the question is, "How long do you keep doing something you like even when there is no benefits of doing it?" That's a long question.  Let me shorten it, "When do you stop blogging?"

The answer to me is when you start hating it.  I don't mean ocassionally hating it. I mean hating it everyday. To date, I don't hate blogging. Really.  I still want to figure out how to make a living at doing this.  I still want to learn. I still want to grow. 

My gut can stop growing anytime now.

So, VlogHog will still be here.  Posting videos that make you laugh.  I hope.

I will post more videos and articles if you care to watch and read them.  I might even put up a bio on myself. 

Don't forget to tell your friends about this blog and keep your dreams alive.


Roger Clemens Indicted For Lying To Congress

You mean to tell me baseball players took steroids to improve their performance? Say it ain't so, joe. With players getting contracts like The Minnesota Twins Joe Bauer , who got a seven year 185 million dollar guaranteed contract, it's no wonder players went on the juice.

Roger Clemens, however, claimed he never took steriods or any kind of performance enhancing drug and told Congress in sworn testimony.  However, Congress didn't believe him and now he has been indicted and can face up to three years in prison for possibly lying about steroids. How stupid.

Do you really care if a professional baseball player took steroids? I can take every illegal steroid there is and still wouldn't make a high school baseball team let alone a professional one.

Steroids are dangerous and some cases illegal but should Congress be wasting time looking into this?  You make the call.

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Roger Clemens before Congress



How Not To Unload Hundreds Of Shopping Carts

In the video below, the task is simple: unload a truck full of Target shopping carts. What can go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong.

Having worked at many many many too many warehouses and made many mistakes, I can relate to the dude in this video.

Thanks for beck64 at LeakLive for posting this video.

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Kim Kardashian In Carl's Jr Commercial

First of all, I'm not getting one shiny penny for showing this Carl's Jrs commercial. Not one. Not even a coupon for a free hamburger. Nothing. Truth be told, I just like showing Kim Kardashian.

In the video below, you will see Kim Kardashian in a Carl's Jr's commercial eating a salad.

Thanks to Carl's Jr for posting this at YouTube. Yeah, they have a site there. Everybody is at YouTube now a day.

Does this commercial make you want to buy a Cranberry Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad? If it doesn't, then Carl's Jr wasted a lot of money on Kardashian. Does it make you hungry? Then the money was well spent.

I wonder what was Kardashian career goals before her sex tape went public? Doctor? Lawyer? Senator?

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Man Calls 911 When Burger King Runs Out Of Lemonade

Suzanne Boyd of WPEC Channel 12 of CBS is amused that someone has called 911 emergency because Burger King has run out of lemonade. Guess what? I am too!

In the video below, you will see the report from WPEC news and more importantly, you will hear the 911 call.

The magic of the Internet continues.

I know what some of you are thinking: this has to be a prank call. Well, when you listen, you will hear that the man calling is very serious or he's a great actor.
With all of the "global warming" out there, a man gets hot and stuff.

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