College Basketball Player Breaks Backboard Crowd Goes Wild

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Oklahoma Sooner player Tiny Gallon(yeah that's his real name, not a screen name for YouTube or something. His legal name.) recently broke a backboard in a game against Gonzaga(yeah that's the real name of the school and not a venereal disease.).

Thanks to masharif34 for posting this video at YouTube.

Why do people cheer when a basketball breaks a backboard and glass comes shattering down on the court? If you have an answer, please e-mail me at whydopeoplecheerwhenabasketballplayershattersabackboard@gmail.com
I will be happily awaiting your response.

Oh, his name is Keith "Tiny" Gallon. Hmmmm?



Florida Beats NC State With Half Court Basket

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Losing in basketball is bad enough. But when you lose on the last shot it really hurts. In the video below, The North Carolina State Wolfpack did everything to win, except win.

Thanks to ncsu1 at YouTube for posting this video.

The Florida Gators have won two National Championships in NCAA basketball in last ten years and winning at that high level involves some luck. But, this shot the mother of all luck shots. It was the shooters second basket of the game. Still, they were in the position to win the game.


News Segment Fail From FailBlog

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I love Failblog. I love when someone pranks the local news. My two loves combine in the video below.

Thanks to FailBlog for posting this video at YouTube and for existing.

I assume this is a prank because in the video you will see a grown man in something called a suitcase floatation device. It looks more stupid than it sounds. This is not for real? Is it?

Happy New Year and don't forget to link to VlogHog from your FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube, StumbleUpon, E-Mail, cell phone and BlackBerry. Did I cover everything?



The Many Use of Bubble Wrap

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Why do we pop bubble wrap? Why!!! In the video below, you will see Christine Gambito show you the many uses of bubble wrap. According to Gambito, when she asked on her Facebook page "What makes you happy?", many people answered "bubble wrap." Why not?

Thanks to HappySlip at YouTube for posting this video.

If you have a chance, check out HappySlip at YouTube. One of the few YouTube partners with actual talent.

As of Jan 3, 2010, she has 65 million views of her videos. Videos that she writes, directs, and produces all by her lonesome.


How To Smell Good Naturally

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Do you stink? Do you smell bad? Well, in the video below, you will learn how to smell good naturally. It won't cost you a thang.

Thanks to the people at HowCast for posting this video at YouTube. Who says that YouTube is a waste of time? They lie.

Well, Happy New Year everyone. If one of your new year's resolutions was to smell better in 2010, this is the video for you.

St. Louis Fan Falls Trying To Catch Player's Shoe

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You know after three hours of playing professional football in a hot dome, the first thing I want to do is smell a player's foot. In the video below, you will see two St. Louis Rams fans in the stands trying to catch a player's shoe and fall to the ground.

Thanks to KCAL9 CBS for posting this video at YouTube.

The Rams only won one game this season. That's 1-15 for you non-football fans.

I imagine that the shoes would be worth something or why risk falling? Or it could be that the fans have a hell of a foot fetish. You never know.