Two Minutes With Jessica White SuperModel

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From The New York Post Page Six: Jessica White attributes success as a hot model to nervousness, creativity and discusses film aspiration with Page Six Magazine.

I had read that White had worked with Oscar De La Renta. With this in mind, I searched YouTube for videos featuring the singer/boxer Oscar De La Renta. Turns out I was wrong. The singer/boxer name is Oscar De La Hoya.

Still confused a watched several of De La Hoya's videos looking for Jessica White and had to endure such instant classics as "Run To Me."

Finally it dawned on me to Google Oscar De La Renta and everything was cool afterwards. Except now I want De La Hoya to win every fight so he can never sing again.

This just in. I found out he's retired from boxing.

Oh no.


Jessica White


New Hampshire To Raise Gas Tax By 12 Cents

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From WMURT-TV in New Hampshire: New Hampshire's House voted Wednesday to phase in a 12-cent hike in the gas and diesel tax to fix deteriorating roads and bridges, setting the stage for a budget battle with the Senate.

Whew! It's going to be phased in.  According to New Hampshire Gas Prices.Com, the current average price of a gallon of gas in New Hampshire is $3.60.

The 12 cents hike will be phased in 4 cents a year for three years. So New Hampshirians, you have three years to adjust. Don't you love government?

I know what some of you are thinking. Don't oil companies determine the price of gasoline? No, you silly little mainstream media follower. Two-thirds of the price of gas is federal and state taxes. If gasoline was tax free, the price of gas in New Hampshire would be  $1.20 a gallon today. Fat chance in hell of THAT ever happening because road and bridges have to be repaired. Allegedly .

So, the next time you want to protest BIG OIL for price gouging and what not, remember this story that probably won't make a blip on the national medias radar screen. But if Shell Oil makes a record profit this year you can bet that CNN, MSNBC, The Daily Show et al will be the first to let you know about it.

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This still isn't a national news story. If Exxon made a public announcement that they were raising their gas prices by 12 cents, everybody from Bill O'Rielly to Anderson Cooper would make a stink about it. But it's government who is fleecing you, so it's okay?



Betty Nguyen Hosts Early Today (NBC/MSNBC)


Recently, I posted a question asking about the whereabouts of Betty Nguyen, the erudite and beautiful former host of CBS This Morning, (I think the name of the show is CBS This Morning, I don't know, I don't watch it and don't feel like looking it up). Ms. Nguyen had left CBS in 2012.

Well, the talented broadcaster is now a host on NBC's Early Today as you can see in the video above.

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Let's just hope Matt Lauer likes her. 

Originally in March of 2013, I wrote a paragraph about how to pronounce Nguyen.  I was wrong and removed it. According to Google Translate, Nguyen is pronounced Nguyen. --- vloghog August 10, 2013


Ms. Nguyen went to Texas and worked at CNN. We hold neither against her.


UNH Blackout Twitter Account Removed

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When we last reported on UNH Blackout(a Twitter Feed that lets University of New Hampshire students upload pictures of knocked out drunk students) the Twitter account was up to 3500 followers and growing. Well, now the Twitter Feed is gone.

If you visit, the Twitter page will say "This Twitter Account is No Longer in Service." My guess is Twitter discontinued the feed as opposed to Dirty Durham (the creator of the feed. Who is Dirty Durham? I don't know.) I could be wrong.

Several news outlets including WHDH in Durham, New Hampshire, CBS in Boston (WBZ-TV) and Boston BarStools Sports had done stories on the controversial and now defunct Twitter feed.

You can read VlogHog's soon to be Pulitzer winning article on this site by following this link:"Drunk New Hampshire College Students Featured In Twitter Feed." 

Drunks of the world don't fret. You still have Facebook,Instagram, picture text to show the world how you are in all of your drunken glory.

The video above is called "Drunk Fail Compilation"by the FailArmy at YouTube.  See!



Maria Quiban Sexy Weather Girl (KTTV)

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Maria Quiban has co-created a website called Mommy Loves Tech and it has a YouTube channel. As you may or may not know, Quiban is the current meterologist for KTTV in Los Angeles.

Mommy Loves Tech has been featured on The Today Show, has 60,000+ followers on Twitter and an amazing  900,000 Google + followers but according to my Alexa toolbar, the website is ranked #445,851 in the USA. I used to think a ranking like this was good until I realized that VlogHog has a United States Alexa rank of #337,460 and by comparison 269 Twitter followers(many of whom are questionable), no Today Show appearances and I still don't quite know what Google + is and how to take advantage of it. 

So, either Mommy Loves Tech isn't doing that well or VlogHog is doing better than I think or the Alexa ranking is bullshit. Stay tuned.

For those who don't have a clue of what I'm talking about with all this website ranking jive, enjoy the lovely, hardworking and charming Maria Quiban.

Maria Quiban

Maria Quiban

Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2013 By Forbes Magazine

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From Forbes Magazine: A countdown of our annual net worth list, featuring 50 Cent, Birdman, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Diddy.

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Teen Sells App to Yahoo! for 30 Million (Summly)

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From ABC NEWS: Nick d'Aloisio, 17, created smartphone app Summly while studying for exams.

The video below  is a review of Summly by MacAdvisor UK at YouTube since ABC NEWS did a piss poor job of reporting about it. Would you pay 30 million for it? If you were running Yahoo that is. Yahoo the search engine that rarely sends me any traffic. Maybe if the geniuses at Yahoo weren't spending millions on an app, they could devise a better search engine that would index my blog and then I would be making millions along with Nick d'Aloisio.

Anyway. I'm the last person to question the worth of an app being that I only have one cellphone and it's a basic Straight Talk phone from Wal-Mart.  That being said, you mean to tell me that there weren't any newsreader apps before 2013? 

Let me know in the comments section.


Pole Smashes Into Public Bus Just Missing Driver

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From the Associated Press: Dramatic video out of eastern China shows a lamppost smashing the windshield of a bus filled with passengers. The driver, who suffered a damaged spleen in the accident, steered the bus to the roadside where he led passengers to safety.



Teen Shoots Parents Because They Took Video Games Away

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from KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane, Washington: He was upset because they took away his video games; that's why police say a Moses Lake teen shot his parents while they slept, and 9-1-1 calls show Nathon Brooks' parents had no idea he had shot them. KXLY's Ian Cull reports.

The teen didn't shoot parents because they took his video games away. The teen is probably schizophrenic, has a chemical imbalance, bi-polar, under the influence of bath salts, or crack or meth. Something. No one decides to shoot someone because they can't play Grand Theft Auto.


Drunk New Hampshire College Students Featured In Twitter Feed(UNH Blackout)

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from WMUR in New Hampshire: A Twitter feed is drawing some concern by encouraging University of New Hampshire students to post photos of people passed out after drinking too much.

The Twitter feed is called UNH Blackout.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook while in college. Some genius called Dirty Durham made this.

If you're from the south or midwest and someone from the north calls you a redneck or ghetto, just point them to UNH Blackout.

Now remember, it's people tweeting pictures of drunk people. These pictures could be faked. Yeah, it is college students and what are the odds of THAT.  I know.

As of March 26, UNH Blackout has 3500 + followers on Twitter, however, media outlets such as WHDH in Durham, New Hampshire, CBS in Boston (WBZ-TV) and Boston BarStools Sports have picked up the story and if someone like Jimmy Kimmel gets whiff of it, watch out! It could become the FailBlog for drunk college students with hundreds of thousands of followers.

None of this is illegal (unless some of the students are underage and who the hell cares about that). And I'm not saying it should be shut down, or people shouldn't drink. I'm just showing you what a significant portion of COLLEGE students are doing. The last time I checked, you have to pay for college. Well, I mean some of you parents have to pay for college or take out huge loans to attend. Are you getting your money's worth? Party on!

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"Go UNH!"

Chocolate Post Stamps

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from the Associated Press: Feel like having chocolate at Easter in Belgium? Well, send a letter and really lick that chocolate-flavored postal stamp. The Belgian post office released stamps on Monday that have the essence of cacao oil in the glue at the back for taste.

This is in Belgium but I want you to go a United States Post Office and ask yourself if you want any of these people handling chocolate.

Click the link above this post called Chocolate to see what weird and wonderful stuff people are doing with chocolate these days.


"Lick me!"

Prim Siripipat Hot Anchor Woman

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Prim Siripipat is currently a field reporter for ESPN doing battle in the dog eat dog world of television broadcasting. The crew at Vloghog "discovered" her after watching an ESPN report on how Tubby Smith of the Minnesota Golden Gophers men's basketball team was fired after six years. Naturally, we couldn't concentrate on the report because of the beauty of Siripipat.

(According to Jodi Applegate of WPIX, there is something to men being distracted during news broadcasts by attractive women. I did a post about it, dammit. ---vloghog aug 2013)

According to the Duke University website,  Prim was born January 15, 1981 and 22 years later graduated from Duke. How's that for concise?

She is another entry into our growing list of erudite, beautiful and athletic female reporters holding it down.

Siripipat is pronounced Siripipat.

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Prim Siripipat

Orlando Escort Charged With Biting Man' s Penis

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from WESH-TV in Orlando, Florida: An alleged escort was arrested and charged with attempted murder for biting a man's genitals in an Orange County hotel room, deputies said.

She's not taking Dwight Howard's recent return to Orlando well at all.

Applebees, ecstasy and weed are not a good combination? Who knew?

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Not sure if you want to share this story but hey it's a free country.



Elva Saray Hot Weather Girl Part 3

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In the videos above, you will see Elva Saray doing  weather reports. I assume she's doing a weather report because I don't understand a word she's saying.

Most of you won't care about what she is saying either.

In fact, you probably aren't even reading this. That's assuming that you could read. And judging from the comments I get, you probably can't. See, I'm breaking the number one rule for being a blogger and insulting my audience. Why? You're looking at a beautiful woman and either are hating on her or falling in love. Reading this blog post is not an option.

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you can't take a joke?

Elva Saray

Maria Quiban Dancing During Weather Report 2 (KTTV)

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from KTTV Fox News 11 : The charming Maria Quiban dancing throughout a weather report.

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There is no social site called Bloereia. I just wanted to see if ANYBODY is reading this blog. 

Weather reports should be fun and sexy all the time. All the time.

neither fun or sexy

Maria Quiban


World's Most Expensive Chocolate Pudding

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From Diagonal UK: What could taste better than chocolate and caviar? Presenting the world's most expensive chocolate pudding?

Thanks to Diagonal UK for posting this video and allowing this lowly blogger to embed it on his dying blog. 

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Florida Gulf Coast Coach Married To Maxim Model (Amanda Marcum)

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The Florida Gulf Coast Men's basketball team recently upset the Georgetown Hoyas in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Who cares. FGC's head coach Andy Enfield is married to former Maxim cover girl Amanda Marcum.

According to Sporting News.Com, the coach and the cover girl were introduced by a mutual friend and were engaged six months later. My friends try to introduce me to Slim-Fast not hot models.

In the video above you will see Marcum in various poses. Try to ignore the music.

I don't understand why millions of people try to blog. After seeing this video, I now want to coach basketball. The payoff is much better.

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blogging sucks

Amanda Marcum


2014 Infiniti Q50 (VIDEO)

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from Cars.com: From the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Cars.com's Kelsey Mays takes a look at the 2014 Infiniti Q50.

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Infiniti Q50

Christina Augilera Loses Weight

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From Celeb-TV: Christina Aguilera has come in all sizes, from extra small to large. While we think she looks amazing with some curves, she's taken quite a bit of heat over the years for her ups and downs, but wait until you see this! Xtina showed up to a screening of The Voice's Season 4 premiere Wednesday night looking beautiful in every single way! Sporting a sweet but sophisticated LBD, Christina showed off a significantly slimmer figure. Even her hair and make-up were toned down.

Proving once again that people really don't think that big is beautiful. A celeb loses weight and it makes news. Don't think that isn't how they feel about all overweight folks.  Thanks Celeb-TV for proving once again that there is a war on fat people.

Click the link above this post to see our continuing series on The War On Fat People. For those who don't know, fat people are the reason that health care costs are going up.

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School Bus Driver Kicks Girl Off Bus

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from the Associated Press: In Tampa, the State Attorney's Office released video Wednesday that shows 41-year-old Stephanie Wilkerson using her foot to push an 8-year-old girl off the bus last September. Wilkerson was charged with aggravated child abuse.

This story has inspired me to create another category at VlogHog called Bus Drivers Gone Wild. It you click the label above this post called Bus Drivers Gone Wild, you will see the several videos of drivers who have done some really stupid sh*t.

If you can't handle the stress of driving a school bus, get another job. Hey, I know that driving around a bunch of kids is stressful and you don't get paid a lot, and benefits are probably far and few but you knew that when you got the job.

Chill out.


Miami Heat Win 24th After Being Down By 27

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from the National Basketball Association: After going down by 27 points, the Miami Heat notch win number 24 with an incredible comeback in Cleveland.

There are still people outside of Cleveland who don't like James because he left Cleveland to join with Wade and Bosh in Miami. These people are called losers.

I get the Cleveland fans being angry. Don't blame them. Although the owner of the Cavs was very vocal about James leaving and that doesn't sit with me well.

The owner of the Cavs,  Dan Gilbert, has millions of dollars. You should of used some of it to get James some players while he was in Cleveland.

The Heat have won 24 in a row BTW. 

LeBron James


LeBron James Slams Over Jason Terry In 23rd Victory

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from the National Basketball Association: Check out LeBron James hammering down a tremendous dunk with authority over Jason "The Jet" Terry in Super-Slow Motion through the lens of the Phantom Camera. This play helped lift the Miami Heat to their 23rd straight victory; the 2nd longest win streak in NBA history.

Thanks to the NBA for allowing me to post this video.

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LeBron James

One Million Dollars Deposited Into Man's Bank Account By Mistake

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From WPBF Channel 25 ABC: The executive director of the Jupiter Inlet District says his "absent-minded" ways kept him from discovering more than $1 million in tax money in his bank account for nearly two months.

How many of you reading this would have told anyone? After all it's a million dollars. What if you knew for sure that no one was ever going to find out? Would you keep the money? Would you spend it? The government is not going to miss it. The federal budget is over 4 trillion dollars.  What's a measly one million dollars compared to to trillions? That trillions with a capital T.

Of course, this would never happen to someone like me. I'm more likely to get a bill from the IRS telling me that I owe them one million dollars.

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This is about as close as I'll ever get to a million.


Janu Arasu Hot Weather Girl (KRON-TV)

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From KRON-TV in San Francisco: The erudite and creative Janu Arasu.

You may ask: "Don't you even get tired of posting videos of hot weather girls?" The answer, my friend, is no.

That's like asking me if I'm tired of breathing. And despite this blog's lack of success, I still want to live.

According to her Linked In profile, Arsau is Co-Owner and a designer at Ri Couture in San Francisco. Why mention this? I needed something to fill in some space on this post. Mission accomplished.

Alright here is a little more about Ri Couture. According to the company's website, Ri Couture is committed to  "designing eco-friendly fashions by using amazing recycled silks with detailed hand stitched embroidery.".

Further research shows that some vegans don't like eco-friendly silks because the silk fibers are made from worm (silk worms) and to get to the fiber the silk worm are thrown into a vast of hot water after silk is made. Hey, I read it in an article here. Plus, if you want to see some boiled silkworms go here and fast forward to the 1:38 mark. 

So, Ms. Arsau, there is always someone pissed off about something.

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Janu Arasu

Addicted to Vapor Rub | My Strange Addiction (TLC)

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From TLC: Danielle spends over $350 a month to satisfy her vapor rub addiction.

Sometimes I wonder if these people featured in this show are for real. This woman spends $350 a month on Vapor Rub? What kind of a sick person would spend that much money on something so stupid.

Then I remembered all the money I've spent promoting this blog with the few results that I get. Well, at least Danielle is getting some enjoyment out of this.

Thanks to TLC for featuring really weird people. Click the Stuff on TLC label to see other great videos of freaks.

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On sale!

New York Mayor Bloomberg Wants To Ban Cigarette Displays

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from the New York Post: Mayor Bloomberg will roll out first-in-the-nation legislation aimed at pushing cigarettes out of sight in New York City stores. (Video)

Is Mayor Bloomberg for real? Banning a cigarette display will curb young people from smoking? Really? It's that easy? If you're a kid and you don't see something in a store that means you don't want to get it? Why didn't I think of that!

Seriously, the Mayor needs to retire and spend some of those billions he has on some serious vacation time.

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"Thanks, Mayor Bloomberg!"

Oil Boom In North Dakota Brings New Residents

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from The Chicago Tribune: Four former Illinois residents share their thoughts about working and living in the city of Williston, which is in the middle of the oil boom territory of North Dakota on March 13, 2013. (Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago Tribune)

I am seriously thinking of moving to North Dakota if this blog doesn't pick up the pace. From what I've read, a blog needs about 2500 unique visitors a day to make any money. And even if it achieves that, we are talking tens of dollars a day.

So with this in mind, please use the social media buttons below to share your favorite post of leave a comment in the comment section to tell me what I'm doing wrong or I'm North Dakota bound.

moving on


50 Cent Tries To Kiss Erin Andrews On Live TV

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from NASCAR: While doing interviews on pit road, Erin Andrews bumps into rapper, 50 cent, who shares an awkward kissing moment. Andrews seems preoccupied as 50 goes in for a smooch.

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Personally, I don't know Erin Andrews from the man on Mars. I just want people to visit this blog. I'm more interested in how YOU feel about celebrities, politics and stuff.

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Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tornado - February 10, 2013

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from Live Storm Networks: RAW Footage of the Hattiesburg, MS tornado on the west side of town. Also, damage footage is in there as well.

I count two McDonald's during this trip. TWO.

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Five Minutes & Something With Domenica Davis (WNBC)

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from WNBC CHANNEL 4 New York: The sultry Domenica Davis.

Davis no longer works for Channel 4. As of now, Domenica Davis is not on television. My offer to Ms. Davis stands: come work for VlogHog as a reporter and we will give you 1 million shares of company stock plus the title of television program manager and 25 percent of all profits.

Granted we haven't gone public, have a television division or made a profit BUT when we do, you will be set.

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Domenica Davis

Tamara Holder 'Most Republicans Are Fat Asses,' Health Care ...

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from Mediate.org: 2/26/13 - While you all were busy watching, and re-watching, the explosive battle between Sean Hannity and Rep. Keith Ellison (R-MN) last night on Fox's Hannity, another kerfuffle took place during the show, albeit with a much friendlier ending. During a debate on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's "nannying" public health policies, Fox liberal contributor Tamara Holder said that "most Republicans are fat asses," and lamented how "fat Republicans who drive through Wal-Mart in their buggies" are partially responsible for the increased healthcare costs that she believes made ObamaCare necessary.

Believe it or not, Tamara Holder graduated from college with honors.

Again, I must point out that there is a war on fat people.  Moreover,  the e-mail that reporter Jennifer Livingston (from an earlier post) received criticizing her weight reflect the views of many in society and many in the Democrat Party. 

Livingston appeared on the Ellen show late in 2012 and stated the letter, which among other things said that she wasn't a role model because she was fat, was bullying. In my opinion, it's not bullying but a mirror of many in society and a lot of politicians, like Mayor Bloomberg, who wanted to ban 17 oz soda in New York to help save the children. Right.

Holder, in the video above, asserts that fat Republicans are the reason that your health care costs are rising and for some reason isn't laughed off the show.  As if everyone who is fat is a Republican. In saying this, she feels safe in criticizing fat people. It's one the dumbest public displays by a smart person I've ever seen.


Tamara Holder

News Anchor Responds To Critique Of Her Weight (The War On Fat People)

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from CBS NEWS ONLINE: A TV news anchor from La Crosse (Jennifer Livingston), Wis., took to the air to blast a viewer who criticized her weight via e-mail.

I don't see how this is bullying in the classic sense. It's more of the type of critique that assholes post on YouTube safe behind their computer screen. This person would not say this to her face.

That being said, Ms. Livingston is going to have to realize that she and every overweight person in the United States is now a target of federal and state government who have to pay (with your tax dollars) health care costs.

Why do you think Mayor Bloomberg was trying to ban 20 oz sodas in New York? Because childhood obsesity, he claims, costs the state a lot in health care costs. Now, let's get real.  What the mayor really is saying that obesity is costing the state a lot in health care costs. Grown-up obese people too.

The soda ban (which a sane judge overturned) was going to be the beginning. State and local government are drastically changing school diets. For instance, Los Angeles now has meatless Mondays. Don't believe me? Go read about here.  Don't be fooled by the "we're looking out for the children" rhetoric. Politicians policy are really aimed at limiting grown obese people and to try to punish those who remain fat.

Ms. Livingston, don't believe that all liberals are on your side. They are tired of people like you causing their insurance rates to go up.  Look at the vitriol in the comments section that some New York Times readers aim at people who drink soda.
I have a handy link right here for you to see how leftist in New York feel about overweight people. Let me remind you that The New York Times and its readers are mostly left leaning Democrats.

While I think sending an e-mail to a newscaster criticizing her weight is cowardly and low, there are a lot of people out who are saying amen to the letter's intent.

Remember how the government tried to make smokers evil incarnate? Big people, a target has been placed on your back.

VlogHog reading assignments for those who think I'm full of it

Overweight and Obese Drive Up Health Costs---TIME MAGAZINE
Obesity Costs More In Health Care Spending Than Smoking---FORBES MAGAZINE
U.S. Obesity Costs Soars As Nation Packs On The Pounds---CBS NEWS

Please, Ms. Livingston and others, read the comment sections of these stories. This is how many in America feels about you. Big is beautiful? Yeah, right.

big boned

Megan Glaros Hot Weather Girl (CBS NEWS CHANNEL 2 CHICAGO)

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from imfrankblack on YouTube: CBS News (Channel 2 Chicago) Meteorologist Megan Glaros on the morning of November 5, 2012, one day away from the election. This vid showcases her weather skills and also her zaniness. In case you are wondering what she is talking about when she brings up pennies, they had run a story about a man who pasted pennies on his floor and traded help and pennies for tattoos. The end of this clip deteriorates into giggles.

ImfrankBlack from YouTube wrote the above. I would never use the word zaniness. Still, thank you for posting this video of tres beau Megan Glaros.

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Megan Glaros

Megan Glaros

Laura Velasquez Hot Weather Girl (WOOD-TV)

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From WOOD TV 8 NBC: Video of Storm Team 8's Laura Velasquez looks at Monday and beyond.

Seriously, the station's name is WOOD-TV. I couldn't make that up.

According to WOOD-TV(really that is the name, go look up it), Velasquez graduated magna cum laude from Central Michigan in 2008.

She's beautiful, smart and works at a job where the median salary is over $100,000. No doubt when she goes to her high school reunion that she will be most hated on.  The curse of the successful.

Sadly, I have no such fears of that ever happening to me.

Don't forget to use the social bookmark tool below this post and to set your clocks sideways tonight. 


I'm not looking out for you. Not at all.

Laura Velasquez


New York Soda Ban: Michael Bloomberg's Proposed Large Soda Ban Slammed b...

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from ABC NEWS: George Will and Donna Brazile debate Mayor Bloomberg's soda proposal.

I love posting videos on this soda ban because it shows the contempt that a lot of people in government have for you.

We allegedly have a obesity problem in this country and how does big government choose to solve the problem? Banning sodas over 16 oz. The two have nothing to do with each other.

First government can't solve this alleged problem. It is a behavior issue. Nothing can stop people from eating and drinking what they want. Nothing yet.

Second, what can government really do about it? Nothing short of taking over the food supply and making a law on what people can and cannot eat in this country will stop people from eating and drinking what they want.

Finally, those people who are crying about how your tax dollars are paying for ill effects of obesity. So, you want to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid? Do you want to limit the health care for people who make bad decisions?


Set me free!

Amy Freeze Hot In Purple (WABC-TV)

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from Joe Divola on YouTube: The full figured Amy Freeze, ABC7 weather girl, from 3/7/13. From WABC-TV New York, New York. 

Dear Amy Freeze, Joe Divola at YouTube describes you as "full-figured". Not me

That being said, I could never be a news director. All of my anchors and reporters would look like Ms. Freeze, Robin Meade, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Betty Nguyen et al.

Ultimately, I would treat news as any other form of entertainment and hire people who are going to bring in eyeballs. The more controversial the better. The hotter the better.

You mean they already do that?

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Amy Freeze. Yes, that's her real name!

Mayor Bloomberg's Sugary Soda Ban Shot Down by Judge

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from ABC NEWS: New York says it will defend health initiative to limit sales of sugary drinks.

What a glorious battle our warrior mayor will pursue.  I have yet to see a story from our investigative media asking this mayor how would this ban actually help anything.  Even in this story from ABC, the question of the ban's effectiveness is not questioned.


Pour me a drank.

Bloomberg On Soda Ban: "We're Simply Forcing You To Understand"

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from MSNBC: Mayor Bloomberg: "We've got to do something. Everybody is wringing their hands saying we've got to do something. Well, here is a concrete thing. You can still buy large bottles in stores. But in a restaurant, 16 ounces is the maximum that they would be able to serve in one cup. If you want to order two cups of the same time, that's fine. It's your choice. We're not taking away anybody's right to do things. We're simply forcing you to understand that you have to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another cup," NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg said about his proposal to ban sugary drinks 16oz or larger.

Listen to idiocy of New York Mayor Micheal Bloomberg as led by the dead-eyed Andrea Mitchell who lets him filibuster like a moron. Bloomberg is a billionaire in case you don't. Did he inherit it? Did he win it on a game show? Did he win the Mega-Millions? I find it hard to believe he created something where he earned his billions. Most billionaire are smart,hustling hard-working individuals. I see no evidence of that in this video.

The food companies are not to blame. It's the individual. How hard is it to understand?

In my opinion, there are only two ways to stop people from eating "unhealthy", ban all foods that the government deems "unhealthy" or stop paying for the health cost of people who eat "unhealthy". That means no Medicare, Medicaid, Chips program,etc.

Are you ready for that?


"I want free."

Chicken Fried Bacon by theTexas Country Reporter

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from The Texas Country Reporter: Healthy it ain't! Chicken Fried Bacon is the newest fad in fatty foods, courtesy of Frank Sodolak at Sodolak's Original Country Inn in Snook, TX. Texas Country Reporter Bob Phillips stops by for a taste.

I must point out that bacon, beef, french fries, doughnuts etc. are neither healthy or unhealthy, they are foods. Most foods are not poisonous. Cyanide and pesticides are poisonous and deadly. Bacon is a food.

Some of you can eat bacon everyday and it will not have any effect on you. None. The bottom line,when it comes to "healthy" or "unhealthy" foods is the health of the individual. Some individuals are allergic to strawberries. Strawberries are unhealthy to them. Not me. I ain't allergic to strawberries. Bring them on.

Potato chips are not unhealthy. If you take care of yourself and eat moderately, potato chips will not have any effect on you. None. I'm tired of the media and politicians like Mayor Bloomberg of New York (who has tried to ban 32 oz and above sodas) blaming fast food restaurants and food makers for the ill health of the society.

No...it's the individual who is too blame for their bad eating habits. Bacon doesn't jump into people's mouth unsuspectingly.

Anyway. Enjoy this country fried bacon video.


Dinner is served!!!

New York Hotel Room Covered In Melted Cheese

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from Diagonal UK: Room covered in melted cheese.

This was done on purpose. At first, I thought kids playing a prank, rock stars out of control or Pizza the Hutt on a weekend visit. No. This was intentional.


I was going to post a picture of Pizza the Hutt from the movie Spaceballs but its too disgusting to look at.  Go find one on your own to see what I'm talking about. Alright here is a link to a picture of it. Don't say I didn't warn you. Honestly, I don't remember Pizza the Hutt looking so bleh when I first saw this movie. Ugh.


Halle Berry's Revealing Dress On The Tonight Show

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From The Tonight Show on NBC: Halle Berry confirms she will star in X-Men: Day of Future Past.

Ladies, when you wear a dress like this, are we (men) not suppose to look or do you want us to look or do you want certain men to look and certain men not to look? I ask because I really need to know.

All answers will be posted in the comment section. Thank You.

BTW Welcome back, Halle Berry.  

Remember ladies to continue to wear revealing clothes and get mad when men stare and to share this and other posts on Facebook, Stumble-Upon, Twitter and other social networks with the share button at the bottom of this post


Halle Belly. Hallelujah.

Yoojin Cho's Bacon Carbonara (WWLP)

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from Channel 22 News Massachusetts: Report Yoojin Cho shares her recipe for Bacon Carbonara. As an added bonus, you get to learn some of the history of Yoojin Cho and what it is like to be a reporter in the fast paced world of broadcast media.

The first ingredient for Bacon Carbonara is a pound of bacon. I'm there.

For you bacon lovers, I've discovered a cheap BLT sandwich at a drive thru restaurant called Checkers. In some states it's called Rally's. The BLT is on their dollar menu and tastes awesome.

I suggest that you buy it in the morning or afternoon while the bacon is crisp. BTW did I mention that it's a dollar? One dollar. Even I can afford it. Barely.


One dollar!

Betting Agencies Put Odds On Next Pope

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from CNN: It's anyone's bet who'll be the next pope. Zain Verjee investigates the odds on the runners and riders.

People will bet on anything.

On another note, who is this Zain Verjee? Walking seductively. Pulling stuff out her bra.  CNN trying to out Fox Fox News. I have no problems with that at all.


Zain Verjee

Iowa Cop Pulls Man From Burning Car

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from the Associated Press: Police in central Iowa plan to charge a teenager for driving in circles and causing his vehicle to crash an air conditioning unit and go up in flames.

I can count the number of heroic acts I've done on the fingers of my invisable friend. Naturally, a lot of haters are going to say, "He's just going his job."




Kesha Eats Toilet Paper-My Strange Addictions

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From TLC: Kesha has been addicted to eating toilet paper since the 6th grade. She can eat up to half a roll of double roll two-ply in a single day.

This is weird on a lot of levels and I have one the most open minds that I know.

I originally posted this about a year ago and while I feel bad for Kesha, it is funny that she eats toilet paper. Hopefully, by now she has gotten some help and gone on with her life and do something productive with it. Like blogging for instance. Right? Who's with me? Right?  al 3-11-13

we post videos and you comment

"Toilet paper?" 

Adriana Lima - Sexiest Woman Alive?

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Now I wouldn't say that Adriana Lima is the sexiest woman alive but she is so sexy that I watched this entire video despite the horrible song that was playing.

Sexiest woman is someone's opinion but Lima is without a doubt in my top ten. Just click the label above this post and see how many posts she has appeared in.

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If not me than who?

Blake Griffin One Handed Alley-Oop vs Pistons (Mar 10 2013)

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I don't care how many steroids, human growth hormone, or horse tranquilizers that I take, I'm never going to get that high. Ever.

Thanks to Maxa711Clips at YouTube for posting this HD video.

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Blake Griffin

Tyrese Gibson Gives Relationship Advice To Women: Shut It Up

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from Headline News: Rapper and reality star Rev Run and singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, co-authors of the New York Times best-selling book "Manology: Secrets of Your Man's Mind Revealed," sat down with HLN's Robin Meade on Friday for a very blunt, perhaps even controversial, talk about men, women, relationships and more.Robin asked the co-authors, "What is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to relationships?"

This is great. You want an honest man? Here is an honest man. Let's see what honesty gets you in 2013.


 "You talk too much."-Tyrese Gibson

Man Passing Fake $100 Bills Caught In Florida

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from ABC Action News In Florida: Investigators say two men bleached one-dollar bills, turned them into $100s and targeted well-known retail store chains throughout Florida and California. They say the two would return the purchased items for legitimate cash.

In Washington D.C. these two would be heroes with monuments built in their name.

Time for an honesty test. If someone gave you a suitcase full of counterfeit 100 dollar bills that looked authentic. Would you go out and spend some of them? Now remember, you know that these are as fake as a Kim Kardashian wedding. Would you go out and use them anyway? Please answer in the comments section below.

fake as a 3 dollar bill 

It's all about me.

Judge Blocks NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Large Soda Ban

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from Fox News: A New York judge has invalidated a ban on large, sugary drinks proposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In the ruling, the judge called the ban "arbitrary and capricious."
"New York City's groundbreaking limit on the size of sugar-laden drinks has been struck down by a judge shortly before it was set to take effect.

Mercedes Colwin is an idiot. She claims that the judge was playing politics and Mayor Bloomberg, who is becoming more and more like the Emperor in Star Wars, heart was in the right place. This was one the dumbest bans ever.

For those who don't know, Bloomberg, mayor of New York, banned soft drinks in cups of 16 ounces or more. For instance, you couldn't buy one 32 ounce drink but you could buy two 16 ounce drinks. On what planet does that make any good sense?

This would have affected restaurants, movie chain, ball park etc. True be told, it wouldn't have affected anything because people would have found a way around this dumb law.

The reason some people want this ban is because the rising cost of public and private health care. As if this was going to make a dent in it.


God Bless America


DeAndre Jordan Monster-Alley Oop Over Brandon Knight (Mar 10 2013)

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DeAndre Jordan's nasty, filthy, disgusting, wicked, funky, monster, sick dunk over Brandon Knight of the Detroit Pistons.

Thanks to Rachel Nichols(ESPN) for the Twitter link and Maxa711Clips at YouTube for the HD quality clip.


Six Minutes With Domenica Davis Hot Weather Girl (WNBC)

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After doing some research (yes, I do research some things) it turns out that Domenica Davis no longer works for Channel 4 NBC New York. First, I find out that Soledad O'Brien no longer works at CNN, that Betty Nguyen no longer works for CBS and now this.

I thought we were in a recovery? We are these anchors unemployed?

A smart, beautiful, talented and unemployed reporter? That doesn't sound right. 

Good luck on your next job, Ms. Davis.

After doing some more dreaded research, I've discovered this article at Fishbowl New York with an interview with Domenica Davis on her future. 


Domenica Davis

Car Crash Compilation 2013 FULL HD

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from CompCentrumEngineers on YouTube: Video of car crashes with original sound only !!!

In the video above, you will see several cars, trucks, motorcycle or just anything that can be driven crash. You will see bodies flying. Oh, it's intense.


Joe Thornton vs Jamie Benn Feb 23, 2013 Hockey Fight

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from HockeyFightsDotCom: Joe Thornton vs Jamie Benn from the San Jose Sharks at Dallas Stars game on Feb 23, 2013.

When there is a fight in Hockey,  the announcers are into it, the refs kinda lay back and watch, players are rarely fined. Like all sports used to be.

When there is a fight in NBA, look out! David Stern fines everybody and the mascot, players are called thugs, various negative articles are written, ESPN does a twenty part series on how the NBA is out of control.

Hockey fight. No problem. NBA fight. Problem.



Yoojin Cho Hot Journalist (WWLP)

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Yoojin Cho currently works for WWLP in Massachusetts somewhere. The above video is a montage of reports that she has compiled.

My guess is when you're a reporter, you send these to places like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc. when you apply for a job.

It's similar to a writer sending clips of their published works to possible employers like The New York Times, USA Today and Time Magazine just to name a very few.

I've sent articles from VlogHog to such media outlets as Ebony, Wall Street Journal, and The Chicago Tribune. To date, I haven't gotten any responses yet. But, these any busy multimedia companies and I'm sure I'll hear back from them soon. Five years isn't that long is it?

BTW Technically, Yoojin Cho isn't an anchor. I know. It's just a blog. Relax.


Yoojin Cho. Employed.

Melissa King Sex Tape: How Much Was She Paid To Do Porn?

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from TMZ: Former Miss Delaware Melissa King had her crown revoked when word got out that she taped a porn. The question is: how much did she earn in exchange for all that embarrassment? Let's just say she must have been desperate.

Like TMZ pays more for a picture.

Melissa King is currently on Twitter and I assume it's her. The account doesn't have that blue check mark thing next to it so it might be an imposter. Still, she posts regularly at @Melissa_M_King on Twitter.

No doubt her followers have increased since the "scandal." I put scandal in quotes because I don't think the upcoming generation is as uptight with porn as my older generation pretend to be.

If you grew up in any time before the 2000's, getting porn was WORK. You had to go to a special store or order it from a catalog or watch hand me down stuff. Now? If you have a smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, you can watch porn for free in seconds. Therefore, it is normal to them. Have you heard the pop songs of today? Watched MTV lately?

This generation has made mainstream stars out semi-porn actresses Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

I know the Miss Teen Universe has rules and regs and that's fine but some of the people giving King a hard time should look in the mirror. No pun intended. 


Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King Denies Sex Tape

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from ABC NEWS: Smiling on stage at the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant, Melissa King appeared to be the ultimate girl next door, but she may have actually been hiding a racy past that includes an alleged performance in an adult film and two warrants out for her arrest.

First, this is not a sex tape. She made a scene in porn and got paid $1500 for it. Second, there is no such thing as the girl next door type. Stop trying to elevate people into some myth of an image that they never could live up to. Finally, I was born in Wilmington, Delaware and other than producing Vice President Joe Biden and being a top five murder capital, this is some publicity for the first state.

Didn't say it was good publicity. 


"Yeah..it's me. Busted."

Woman Tries To Smuggle Gun In Her Butt

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from Taken Out of Context on YouTube: Chicago News Anchor Loses It. A "caboose pistol"? Are you kidding me!?At this point, Chicago's very own WGN Morning News crew is no stranger to attracting headlines for their well-documented early-morning antics.

No comment.


Red Mustang Bursts Into Flames At End of Police Chase

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from Cop Chases on YouTube with video from KTLA: in Los Angeles police were led on a high speed chase by a suspect for DUI. However, unlike most police chases this one ended with a fiery crash.

Why did the Mustang have to suffer because of the fool driving it? My prayers go out to the Mustang and its family.


Ford Mustang 2007-2011