Tyra Banks Feels Up Katherine McPhee

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Katherine McPhee of American Idol, the runner-up to Taylor Hicks, was on The Tyra Banks Show and, of course, McPhee had to discuss her breasts. It's only natural. McPhee is upset that some people think her breasts are fake and I'll let the video take it from there.

Television (and YouTube) seems to be bring out the worst in some people or it brings out the best, depends on your point of view. Finally, I'll say this, if it's this easy to cop a feel, forget blogging, I want a television show.

Do bloggers have groupies?


Three Idiots Play In A Hurricane On Video

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At VlogHog, entertaining videos are highly appreciated. So if you and a couple of your friends film yourselves acting a fool in a hurricane, I'll post it and thank you later. You're stupid as hell but it's all in the name of attention.

In this video, originally posted by SGT__USMC at LiveLeak, three future senators decide it would be the bomb if they filmed themselves on the beach during a hurricane. Watch the wind. Watch the waves. Watch the wipeout.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to fly a kite during a tornado. I imagined that it would be able to go all the way to moon because of the high winds. During every tornado warning, I wanted to grab a kite and go out and let it out. Of course, my parents wouldn't let me anywhere near the door. So it was off the bathroom to curl up in the bathtub with my brothers and sisters. Dammit.

Maybe these dudes are on to something.

VlogHog: All the wind ya need.

A VlogHog Warning

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A VlogHog Warning
by VlogHog

Hey, it happens. Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes when I post a video that is linked to YouTube, that video will be taken down. You'll either get this message: This video is no longer available or The owner of this video wants you to view it at YouTube.

Sometimes the video will be taken down by the owner but most of the times, especially if it violates copyright law, YouTube will take down the video. An example is the Beyonce Falls Down video. Recently, I posted a link to it at YouTube and within an hour Sony BMG calls for it to come down. Hey, it happens.

My suggestion is to find another video in the VlogHog video archives and view it or keep coming back to this page until I find a version of the video that I can post. I am in the process of taking all broken links at this site and replacing them with so fresh and clean links. The bottom line: NEVER LEAVE THIS PAGE EVER. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. EVER.

That is all.

Don't leave.


Happy Thanksgiving

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Why you are visting VlogHog on Thanksgiving when you could be sopping up gravy is beyond me but I'm glad you are. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Soon, VlogHog will be moving to a more secure, bigger and advertisement laced place. So tell all of your friends and family.

VlogHog is thankful for the Internets.


Girl Dragged By Security At Shakira Concert

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The last time I checked (and I check often) Shakira was made out of flesh, blood and some kind of rubber. So, she's mostly human. She's not God. She's not the pope. She's not a game show host.

So, why would a fan risk getting a beat down by security just to dance on stage with the singer? VlogHog found this video at LiveLeak and decided it was funny enough to pass standards. Watch as a Shakira fan gets "escorted" by security at a concert.

The VlogHog archives don't lie.

Store Robbery Gone WAY Wrong

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This is a VlogHog public safety message. If you don't have the skills to rob. Don't. Really. Go get a McJob. Go get several McJobs.

The robbing sector thrives on crooks who achieve their goals. Yes, eventually most crooks get caught but at least they can bask in the glow of their achievements for a few hours, days or even years.

The dude in this video from LiveLeak and originally posted by TradeArmandoBenitez (that's the guy LiveLeak name) should go on welfare. I rather have him on welfare than these weak attempts at thuggery.