Teen Sues DA Over Sexting Case

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If you don't know, if you have naked pictures of underage people on your computer, cell phone, under your bed ETC., you are in possession of child porn. That's illegal. Yes, even if you're a teenager who is sexting another teenager.
Still, that does not stop Marissa Miller, who is facing child porn charges, from suing the district attorney who is making her life hell.

In the video below, Julie Chen of CBS interviews George Sumanick Jr, the district attorney in this case.

Julie Chen acts as defense attorney for Marissa Miller.

Is the law going overboard?

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How To Make Your Own Soda

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Are you a cheap bastard like me? Is the high cost of Coke bringing you down? No, not that kind of Coke. Well, thanks to the people at Howcast, you can learn how to make your own soda.

Save money by making your own soda. Now, you don't have to worry about spending 65 cents on an expensive ass Pepsi.

Thanks to the people at Howcast for posting this video.

If you thought the Internet was a waste of time, that YouTube was the devil, and people had too much time on their hands, what do you think now? Go out and make your own soda and show people how wrong they were.

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Tent City Gets A Dumpster

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For those who don't know, Tent City is a place in Sacramento, California where the homeless set up tents and live. There may be a tent city where you live too.

In the video below, this tent city has just received a dumpster from a concerned citizen. Luis Morales, mayor of Tent City, comments on the altruism of the citizen.

I don't know if Morales was elected, selected or just declared himself mayor of Tent City.

Well, looks like Morales might get recalled.


Lindsay Lohan Launches Self Tanner SEVIN NYNE

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OK, Lindsay Lohan has a new spray on tan line. Whatever that means. But, if you look at this video closely, you'll see that she might have a new nose. It's not stated but IMO, it looks like Lohan has gotten a nose job. Look at her.

Still, she pushing a new spray on tan that will make you browner than dirt. Sevin Nyne is the name of the self tanner. Got out and buy it. That is if you're not already tanned and stuff.

Thanks to CelebTV at YouTube for posting this video. Plus, check out Lohan's new nose.



ER Episode "Old Times" Featuring George Clooney's Return

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George Clooney returns for this episode of ER. Also, returning are original ER cast members Julianna Marguiles, Eriq LaSalle and Noah Wyle. This episode entitled "Old Times" also contains John Stamos, Angela Bassett and Susan Sarandon. Really. Watch the whole thing to prove me right.

NBC, for some reason, didn't promote the return of Clooney as Dr. Ross for reasons that this blogger can't understand. Maybe they didn't want higher ratings that night. Still, thanks to the magic of the Internets, you can see this episode for free and not have to wait for the DVD or commercial filled rerun.

In case you didn't know, this is ER's last season. Hey, it been on 15 years.

Thanks to HULU for posting this episode.



Woman With Really Big Mouth Literally

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The woman in the video has a really big mouth. She doesn't sing, talk alot or yell. She literally has a big mouth. Just watch the video.

Thanks to 3v1ld34d at LiveLeak for posting this video.

BTW. The video is not in English. But, it really doesn't matter.

It's amazing how much attention you can get by having huge body parts. That's all I'm going say about that. Let your imagination do the rest. This is a PG rated blog.


Teenagers Now Sexting With Cell Phones

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When adults send nude pictures to each other it's funny. When teenagers send nude pictures to each other the world is going straight to hell. The curse of technology goes on.

In the video below, you will see a report on a form of sexting, sending nude pictures of yourself to someone else or messaging someone with the hope of a sexual encounter.

Thanks to WLWT-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio for posting this brief but on-point story.

Note to teenagers who may be reading this blog. If you possess nude pictures of anyone under the age of consent, it may be illegal and you may spend time in jail if you are caught by the authority. Yeah, even if it is on your cell phone. Don't shoot the messenger.

BTW. This jail stuff applies to adults as well. But, they know this. Right?



ESPN's Digger Phelps Dances With Cheerleaders

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Digger Phelps is the former basketball coach of Notre Dame and at present a college basketball analyst for ESPN. I've looked at his resume and nowhere do I see dance instructor. That's most obvious in this video.

In the video below, you will see 67 year-old Digger Phelps dance with two college cheerleaders. Cameras are rolling and it's obvious that Phelps has no shame.

I'm ambivalence about this video. On the one hand, Phelps is looks silly and it's embarrassing BUT he also likes to have fun. So, he probably throws great parties but leave the room when he cranks up the music.

God Bless YouTube.

I'm just jealous

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