Fox News Laurie Dhue In Sexy Halloween Outfits

Laurie Dhue, tall reporter formally of Fox News, models several sexy Halloween outfits during the Geraldo At Large show in this video clip. Who says Fox News isn't hard hitting? Mercifully, this clip doesn't contain any Geraldo Rivera.

With all due respect to Laurie Dhue and Fox News, why do news organizations continue to sexualize their hot female reporters? It's debasing. It's unprofessional. It's demeaning.

I've watched this video about one hundred times now and each time it gets worse and worse.

Fox News and Laurie Dhue should ashamed of themselves.

As of October 2008, Dhue has left Fox News to pursue other projects. Bill O'Reilly cried.

Happy Halloween.

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WGN Previews Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes

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In the video below, you will see several sexy adult Halloween costumes modeled on WGN. If you're interested, the prices of the costumes are included.

Thanks to WGN for posting this video at YouTube.

Remember when Halloween was for kids only? It seems that we are in a rush to see kids grow up but as adults some of us don't want to grow up.

Oh, well. Happy Halloween.