Vice President Cheney Falls Asleep During Meeting on California Fires

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Hey, Dick Cheney is old. I'm sorry but he is. During this meeting about the current California wildfires that are destroying large parts of San Diego, Dick Cheney, like a lot of old folks, falls asleep. What can I say except that George W Bush and wildfires are boring.

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Total Chaos Mass Destruction Video

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Truthfully, I love to watch destruction. So do you. What else explains your obsession with Britney Spears? Anyways, this clip features plenty of mass destruction.

Watch as two brave or stupid (you decide) men decide to film a tornado up close and personal like. Right up the tornado's ass.

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Video Of Tornado Destroying House

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Twister was not a great movie. Yeah, it made 300 million dollars and it starred Helen Hunt in her prime but I didn't I like it. Hunt's character had a personal vendetta against a tornado. A tornado. WTF?

I do, however, like watching videos of female Brazilian oil wrestling, police chases and tornados. With an assist from LiveLeak member Zuru, VlogHog presents a clip of a house being destroyed by a tornado.

Yeah, Twister sucked.

Ford Models Has Open Call For Models In Atlanta

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Ford Modeling Agency ,which has signed such hotness as Stephanie Seymour, Bipasha Basu and Rachel Hunter , has a station at YouTube. How in the hell did I not know this? VlogHog is suppose to be on top of things like this. Sorry.

Well, if you're hot or think you're hot, Ford Modeling Agency has an open calls for models in Atlanta.

Good luck.

Remember, only try out if you're hot. No fugly allowed.

VlogHog: Only the beautiful need apply.

Bonus video. Lauren Benoit's Sexy Bikinis