Car Crash Compilation 5 (United States and Canada)

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from Car Crash North America on YouTube: Car crashes from North America. (That's the United States and Canada BTW)

Make sure you have top of the line car insurance. I've been in a couple of fender benders (nothing as serious as what happens in this video) and have been lucky.

That liability insurance that many hold is not enough in my opinion.

Or you could just walk everywhere.


Who Is Sydney Leathers? (CNN)


from CNN: "CNN's Randi Kaye profiles the woman to whom Anthony Weiner sent sexually explicit messages."

Fellas, she's single.

What is there to profile? I know a lot of people think they lives are so interesting thus the rise of Twitter, Facebook and The Housewives shows but truth be told most lives are not interesting at all.

If a Democrat mayoral candidate from New York wasn't sending her pictures of his lower regions, would CNN give a damn about Ms. Leathers? Would you?

Unfriend. Seacrest, out.


How To Hide Facebook Activity

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Form CNET-TV: "Whether you've been begging for help with Candy Crush Saga or Spotify is betraying your musical tastes, find out how to remove unwanted posts from your timeline."

Except from the NSA.

I wonder who's monitoring this blog for the government? Hmmmmm?

The best way to avoid unwanted posts from Facebook is not join it in the first place.



Best News Bloopers July 2013


from News Be Funny: News Bloopers from July 2013.

Nine plus minutes of newscasters from around the world screwing up, falling down, cursing  and generally making asses out of themselves.

It's okay to laugh at them because most are highly paid or not. Who cares? It's funny.

Oh, and watch out for bears.


Mayte Carranco Hottest Weather Girl?


From Mexico: Mayte Carranco. Hot Weather Female.

During my daily check of this blog for misspellings, grammatical errors, broken links, and broken GIFs, I discovered that I haven't posted a new Mayte Carranco video all year. All year!

Well, that ain't right!

Again, I have to wonder how important is the weather to news programmers? Mayte Carrano is not a meteorologist. She's a model. Yet, she does the weather?  I know there no standards for bloggers but I thought news organizations had some integrity.

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Car Crash Compilation 2013 July


from Car Crash Compilation: All crashes in this video are non-fatal. Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe.

Is your car insurance up to date? Do you have full coverage? That liability that you have may not be enough.

Did you watch this video? You think 50,000 dollars in liability will cover everything? Watch this video again and then share it with your friends in social media.


Natural Gas Rig Catches Fire In Gulf Of Mexico


From ABC NEWS: Evacuations were ordered following a fire on the Hercules 265 drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico.


Giant Hailstones Blast German Village

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From the Associated Press: "A severe hailstorm caused major damage on Saturday evening in the German village of Wassel in Sehnte. Eyewitnesses described hailstones the size of tennis balls that damaged roofs, windows, garden furniture and vehicles."

Attack of the Hailstones!

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Cristina Blackwell Hot Weather Girl


from TV Caps HD on YouTube: Cristina Blackwell on Despierta America. Air date: October 12, 2012.

Yes, the air date was October of 2012. Unfortunately, Christina Blackwell no longer works for Despierta America.

The VlogHog research team has discovered through her Twitter account that she now is a Beach Body coach at Beach Body.com.

Why no direct link to Beach Body? They get more than enough traffic without me.

As usual, I have no idea what's being said. Does not matter.

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Cristina Blackwell

Best Fails of the July 2013 by FailArmy

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from FailArmy: July's biggest fails caught on video.

Would the world be a better or worse place without video? As you lay down to sleep tonight, ponder that.


Tornado In Rozel, Kansas (2013)

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from Tornado Videos Dot Net: "Storm chasers Gabe Garfield, Amy Edmonds, and Marc and Sharon Austin document the full life cycles of multiple tornadoes near Rozel, Kansas on May 18, 2013. One of these tornadoes was rated EF-4"

Yes, tornadoes are back and scarier than ever on VlogHog.

Kansas is in Tornado Alley for a reason.


Jack Nicklaus' Grandson Nick O'Leary Survives Motorcycle Crash

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from SB Nation: Nick O'Leary, the grandson of Jack Nicklaus and a tight end on the Florida State Seminoles football squad, survived a horrific motorcyle accident in May. Here's footage from cameras of a bus that O'Leary's bike slammed into.



Lightning Strikes Airplane

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from Calvin M Craig on YouTube: I received this in an email and I thought I would share it. Here's the description that came along with the email:

"Watch this a couple times. Watch closely at the tail of the plane. (looking for a lightning strike) Then replay it and watch the front landing gear. Then wonder why we don't refuel airplanes when there is lightning in the area. Lightning strike to a plane at the gate. You'll need to watch it a few times; it's only about 11 seconds. Three key things/areas to watch -- first watch the tail of the aircraft as the bolt hits the vertical stab, do not blink, it happens that fast. Next, watch the nose of the aircraft where ground crew is walking up to, and under, the nose of the plane. Then, look just to your left of the nose gear. That brown square on the ground is a metal plate imbedded in the concrete, with a small manhole cover. The strike exits onto the metal plate, and sends the manhole cover flying through the air toward the tug on the far left."

What can I say? I like videos that feature destruction and lightning.

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Astrid Braunschmidt Hot Canadian Weather Girl


from CTV: Astrid Braunschmidt. Classy.

The most intriguing thing in this video (besides Ms. Braunschmidt) is the forecast. The lows in Victoria (for this broadcast day) was 5 with a high of 9. After it gets below 20 does it really matter? Are there people in Canada saying, "Well it's 5 degrees outside but it feels like it's 9." or do they say, "It's fucking cold again,eh!"

Just another reason for me not to move to Canada besides my inability to get a passport.



Canada's own Alpha Flight

Lightning Storm Captured On Camera (New Mexico)

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from KRQE in Albuquerque, New Mexico: Lightning storm captured on camera.

Thanks to KRQE for allowing me to embed this video.

To get the full effect of this, I suggest viewing it in full screen. To get the best effect, I suggest standing in the middle of a lightning storm. What are the odds of it hitting you? One in three?



Four More Women Accuse San Diego Mayor Of Sex Harassment

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From CNN: Four more women have come forward to say (Democrat) San Diego Mayor Bob Filner made unwanted sexual advances.

The future president of the United States.


Vote Democrat


Weiner's Sexting Partner: I Felt Manipulated (Sydney Leathers)

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from CNN: Inside Edition interviews Sydney Leathers about the Anthony Weiner scandal.

The woman's real name is Sydney Leathers. Hey, I couldn't make that up if I tried and I write for a living. Sort of.

Be aware this could be some woman pranking Inside Edition and CNN. Wouldn't be the first time someone has pulled something over on a media desperate to be the first one to break a story.

Turns out that Sydney Leathers is her name and she did have a causal relationship with Anthony Weiner. Plus, according to a recent interview with Howard Stern, Ms. Leather is seriously considering doing porn.  So dreams do come true sometimes. Remember, a dream is a wish your heart makes. ---vloghog 8/1/2013 


Sydney Leathers

Woman Caught On Video Trying To Hire Hitman Part Two

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From WOOD-TV: MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) - The man who alerted authorities to a murder-for-hire plot was a co-worker of Julia Merfeld who told 24 Hour News 8 she approached him about doing the crime.


Woman Caught Hiring Man To Kill Husband (FULL VIDEO)

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from Pozatoto: Julia Merfeld first told coworker Carlos Ramos she wanted her husband killed. Ramos originally thought she was joking and hoped the topic would never come up again, he told local ABC affiliate WZZM 13. But when she continued to talk about the plan in more detail, Ramos made the decision to go to the police, who set up the sting with the fake hit man. Watch the video from their first meeting in April above, provided to MLive by the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office, and the footage from their second meeting below.

She's ordering a murder like she's ordering a pizza.


Husband Films His Wife Throwing A Tantrum (Full Video)

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from World Media:Time For A Divorce Husband Films His Wife Throwing A Tantrum When He Says No To Her 30 year old acts like 10 year old.

They're both assholes if you ask me.

not going to the lake either

Huma Weiner Speaks

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from WSJ Digital Network: Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin says she backs his run for mayor despite new revelations about sexually tinged emails.

Watch an enabler at work.

Huma A.Weiner wants the world to know that her husband, Democrat Anthony Weiner, is getting help and should be mayor of New York. That's the only way she can become first lady of New York and get all the perks that come with it. So lay off, national press.


Huma Weiner. Really.

Male Actor Dresses As Woman To Experience Sexual Harassment

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from CNN: A man dresses as a woman undercover to expose sexual harassment in Egypt, CNN's Reza Sayah reports.

Is it wrong that I laughed throughout this whole video? They should of interviewed the men who thought "she" was attractive. There's your story!!!

I'm still confused by why they had a man dress up like a woman? Of course, he's going feel uncomfortable being hit on by dudes if he's straight.

What's the point again?


Democrat San Diego Mayor Embroiled in Sexual Harassment Scandal

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from ABC NEWS: Bob Filner chief of staff resigns amid multiple sexual harassment complaints.

Politicians are having all kinds of fun out there at our expense.


Beyonce's Hair Gets Stuck In Fan

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from Canvas Pieces on YouTube: The moment Beyoncé's hair gets stuck in a fan.

This video is a little disappointing. I thought Beyoncé's hair was stuck in one of her fans in the audience.

How was she going to explain THAT to Jay-Z.

Still it's something haters can get off on.



Husband Posts Wife's Tantrum On YouTube

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from CNN: A man posted his wife's temper tantrum on YouTube and is now getting a divorce.

I wonder what else that he's filmed that she doesn't know about?



Cat Elected Mayor of Alaska City

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from International News Daily: The mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska has been in office nearly all his life. The small town of nearly 900 residents elected their feline mayor, called Stubbs nearly 15 years ago. He was named honoury mayor shortly after his birth, and now locals refer to him as "Mayor Stubbs".

This is being posted in July, so it's no April's Fool joke.

Now a cat has more responsibilities than me.


Kneel to your true master!

Dead Man Elected Mayor In Mexico

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from Buzz 60: San Agustin Amatengo, Mexico recently elected Leninguer Carballido its mayor. Problem is, according to the Daily News, Carballido faked his own death in 2010 which he reportedly did to avoid alleged gang rape charges. Now that's he's back from 'the dead,' he's got a lot to deal with.


Evelyn Taft Hot Weather Girl (KCAL) 2013

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From KCAL: Evelyn Taft

Evelyn Taft is not real.  Since KCAL is in Los Angeles, California,  it's not unbelievable that she is a creation from a special effects house like Industrial Lights and Magic.

No human being looks her. Seriously, I think the KCAL program director went to someone like James Cameron and said, "Create the perfect blonde woman."

And then in the spirit of Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Cameron's special effects house created Evelyn Taft, the first CGI weather girl.


Evelyn Taft


Two Suspects With Fake Guns Shot In Robbery

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from ABC Action News: Brandishing a fake gun, two men attempted a home invasion and robbery in Land O' Lakes, according to Pasco County deputies. However, a visitor inside opened fire with a real gun.

Don't bring a fake gun to real gunfight.



When Animals Attack Compilation

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from FailArmy: When animals attack. When animals attack idiots.

Whenever grown people tease animals, I always root for the animals. Always.
You're not hunting, you're warding off predators or rescuing someone from a vicious attack. You're teasing an animal for a Facebook pic or some other such nonsense.

You get what you deserve.


Woman Points Gun At Driver Who Honked Horn At Stop Light (WESH)

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from WESH-TV: Two women face charges in an Orange County road rage incident.

Shaquita Borders had the nerve to honk at a car stalled at a red light. Naturally, the driver of the car pulls a gun and points it at Ms. Borders.

Give the driver a break, she didn't have any grenades available.




More News Bloopers 2013

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from News Be Funny: More outstanding news bloopers from highly paid professional broadcasters.

With all due respect, I really do admire broadcasters of all sorts. It is a tough and demanding job. Yes, they are paid to do what they do and all that jazz but it is a rough job.

Everyday people watch and judge how you look, what you say, how you say it and there is no where to hide like bloggers do. It's all out there.

However, I grow tired of the self-righteous broadcaster though. The ones who slander people and then after they are caught issue a ten second apology. That bugs the shit out of me but overall I admire broadcasters.

Especially when they fuk up.


Kim Kardashian Is Fed Up Over Being In Hiding

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from Holly Scoop TV: Kim Kardashian is a caged animal! Everyone wants her to stay under wraps. This whole time we thought it was her decision to stay out of the spotlight!

So North is a girl's name? You learn something new everyday.

Being out of the spotlight for Kim Kardashian means going one hour without somebody taking your picture. Da horror!


Kim Kardashian

Jodi Applegate Hot News Anchor (WPIX)

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from WPIX:PIX News at Ten - Jodi Applegate says men are more attracted to sexy female anchors.

This blog is only alive because of this.

According to Wikipedia, Applegate is 49 years old. Yes, I'm going to write the cliche that she looks great for her age with this addition, she looks great for any age.

I know what my 2 female readers are going to say: if they had access to a professional make-up crew and the kind of money that Ms. Applegate makes they would look great too. To which I say, bullshit.

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Jodi Applegate

Astrid Braunschmidt Hot Weather Girl (CTV)

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from Canada: Astrid Braunschmidt. Meteorologist.

Braunschmidt reports from Vancouver Island in Canada. For those who don't know about Vancouver Island, go Google it. Seriously, I can't do everything for you.

Smart and poised, Astrid brings a touch of class to otherwise raunchy and low rent CTV.

Okay, I made some of that up. Not the classy part.  Just wanted to see if anybody reading these posts.

Learn more about Ms. Braunschmidt from this article on Ageless Living(which is impossible BTW). Learn more about ketchup from watching this video. Or is it catchup?

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Do it for Canada.


KTVU Apology for Friday Noon Report [FULL] -- Asiana Flight 214 Pilot Names

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In the above video, KTVU issues an in-depth apology and admits their laziness in reporting on the names of Asiana Flight 214 pilots.

This rush to be the first to report costs a lot of news organizations tons of credibility.

Get it right.



Carly Rae Jepsen Throws Terrible First Pitch (FOX SPORTS)

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from Fox Sports: Carly Rae Jepsen takes a run at the title for worst first pitch ever.

She throws like a girl.


Carly Rae Jepsen


Best Reporter Animal News Bloopers

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from Funny Local News on YouTube: Best animal news bloopers.

When our mainstream media isn't insulting Asian people by reading demeaning phony names on air , slandering George Zimmerman or making sure Paula Deen never works again, it goes out and harasses animals to kill five minutes of air time.

Leave animals alone.


Texting While Walking By WPTV

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from WPTV NEWS in West Palm Beach, Florida: Texting while walking, a dangerous problem.

I can see an industrial film about this coming in the future.

Can you say, "Slow news day?" Giving all that's going on in the world, you'd think we'd never have another slow news day ever. 


KTVU Apologizes For Getting Asiana Pilot Names Wrong

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from KTVU: An apology for reading inappropriate pilot names in error.

And a sincere apology it is. 14 whole seconds of air time. And remember, an NTSB official confirmed the insensitive names earlier. Rigggght.

Don't forget to read this post to if you don't know what's going on.


Kait Parker Hot Weather Girl (WPTV)


from WPTV out of West Palm Beach, Florida : Kait Parker, Meteorologist.

Despite my spellchecker demanding it, Kait is not spelled K A T E.

Some of you may think, "How many hot weather girls are you going to feature on your blog?"

Good question, some of you. Believe it or not,  I have posted several posts on politics, religion, sports, accidents, schools, food, bloopers and many other topics that I don't feel like remembering. Guess what gets the most views on my blog? Posts featuring good looking women.Usually in bikini.

Truly, I wish there was a balance (because that would mean the blog is getting more visitors) but I have no control over how this blog does. It's all up to the search engines and the black magic they do and maybe the NSA.

Thus, I have no problems featuring hot weather girls because they are:

1. Smart
2. Beautiful
3. Entertaining
4. Charming
5. Fun
6. Oh, and bring in the visitors.

Finally, I know what it takes to be a great broadcaster (not because I'm one, oh hell no) because I took many of the same classes that broadcasters attended while I was pursued my English degree. (After all that hard work, I blog while the meteorologist gets high five to six figures a year. But who's counting?)

All of this is just a long winded way of saying that the Hot Weather Girl is here to stay. Thank you, Kait Parker.


Kait Parker

Kait Parker

Kait Parker

Lauren Sivan Hot Reporter Rides A Water Bubble(Good Day LA)

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from Good Day LA: Assignment reporter Lauren Sivan rides a water bubble.

I guess it's called a water bubble. Yes, it gets the better of Sivan and I laughed but remember, she's getting paid for this.

This video has a lot of the elements that make a great post:

1. A reporter making a fool out of themselves.
2. A hot reporter.
3. Great production.
4. The anchors laughing at reporter.

paid nothing

Lauren Sivan Professional Diver

KTVU NEWS FAIL: Asiana Airlines San Francisco Plane Crash Pilot Names Re...

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From KTVU: Really stupid newscasters.

This is what happens when broadcasters try to be the FIRST ones to report something instead of reporting what's accurate.

Good going, KTVU.

Twitter reaction from Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D and ER):



Eric Griffin puts Andre Drummond on a Poster! RIP

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from the NBA: In Orlando Summer League Action, the Miami Heat's Eric Griffin skies for the ferocious two hand putback dunk over Andre Drummond!


Meteorologist Can't Stop Hiccuping During Weather Report

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from Harlem Shake Virals: Just under the wire for April, but a bit too late to make this month's news blooper reel, KHOU 11 Chief Meteorologist David Paul recently faced one of the worst case scenarios for any on-air news person.

See I can post a video of someone doing the weather who isn't hot.


David Paul Professional

Best News Bloopers June 2013

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from News Be Funny: The best news bloopers of June.

It always funny to see highly paid professionals screw up. Because, as you all know, VlogHog's record is error free.


 Nicole Brewer Queen Bee

Araksya Karapetyan Dancing (KTTV-Fox 11)

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from KTTV: Araksya Karapetyan dances during news broadcast.

I did some research and Araksya is pronounced A-Rock-shee-uh.

This video is one minute and eighteen seconds. The dance begins at the one minute mark. If you want, you can skip to that part.

Or just watch the whole video. Is your attention span so short that you can't watch a one minute video? Are you reading this?

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Araksya Karapetyan

Scottsdale Ban On Ice Cream Trucks

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from ABC15 in Arizona: One passionate 18-year-old businessman has ignited a conversation amongst Scottsdale City Council members regarding a 1970s ban on ice cream trucks.

Begun this Ice Cream war has.


Long Beach Tries To Ban Ice Cream Truck Music

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from ABC NEWS: Long Beach, Calif., residents are trying to stop the iconic sound of summer.

As usual, I have to ask, "What's really behind this?" Are we truly becoming a nanny state. I heard nothing in this story that makes me want to ban ice cream trucks.



Prim Siripipat Auditioning To Be A Miami Heat Dancer.

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from God: Prim Siripipat auditions for the Miami Heat Dancers. She's not alone. This video is filled with about hundred or so women who want to dance in front of Chris Bosh.

Ms. Prim graduated from Duke University(which I don't hold against her) and now works for ESPN. She won't be single for long.

BTW Siripipat is pronounced Siripipat.


Prim Siripipat

Prim Siripipat 


Taylor Swift Fan Arrested After Calling Her Satan

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from HollyScoop TV: Police say a Taylor Swift fan has been arrested. Technically he is not a fan, because he actually hates the singer.

I've called her worse than that. Should I get a lawyer?

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Taylor Swift Queen of the Damned

Amy Freeze Hot Weather Girl (ABC)

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from WABC-TV in New York: Amy Freeze is hot. There are no rankings of the Hot Weather Girls at VlogHog (because that would mean work and stuff) but Ms. Freeze would be near the top of those ranking.

Yes, Freeze is her real last name and she isn't married to the Batman villain Mr. Freeze. As far as I know.

If you're wondering how to become a Hot Weather Girl on VlogHog (and who the hell isn't)you must do the following:

1. Become a meteorologist.
2. Be hot.
3. Have a video on YouTube.

Really, what were you expecting me to write?

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View this post on Instagram

Gemini. 👁

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The $22,000 Bottle of Cognac

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from Forbes: How to taste Remy Martin's LOUIS XIII Rare Cask.



Araksya Karapetyan Hot Weather Girl (KTTV-FOX NEWS 11)

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From Fox News 11 in Los Angeles comes Araksya Karapetyan (pronounced Araksya Karapetyan).

Yet, another beautiful and talented meteorologist in LA. Yes, she is married. Of course, she married!

Learn more about Karapetyan at EasyReader. I would write it myself but that would be too much like work.



10 Things You Didn't Know About Erin Andrews

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from Marie Claire Magazine: The(former)ESPN sportscaster tells us about her diet of three-times-a-week Chipotle and shows off her best Taylor Swift "hairography" impression.

Ms.Andrews currently works for Fox Sports. Just wanted to give the haters a heads up. 

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Erin Andrews

Massive Fireball After Train Crash in Canada

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from the AP: Amateur video shows a massive fire that erupted after oil tanker cars derailed and exploded in a small Quebec town.

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Waterspout in Tampa Bay

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from ABC ACTION NEWS: Authorities in Pinellas County say deputies watched as a waterspout came ashore in Oldsmar, causing some damage in the 400 block of Shore Drive East.


Mud Day in Michigan

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from the AP: Mud in your eye, your hair, back and legs for that matter. Kids 12 and under got down and dirty at the annual Mud Day event in suburban Detroit.

Kids 12 and under? It's cute. Women between 19 to 25 doing the same thing and it's vulgar. Grow up, America.


It's alright. It's Mud Day.


Stupid Game Show Answers

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I understand. When you're on a show, you're under pressure, money is on the line, it's now or never etc.

Still. You gotta think!


Bacon Steak Rolls by the BBQ Pit Boys

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from BarbecueWeb: Tired of your same ol' grilled dogs and burgers? So are your family and friends. Then switch it up with these grill smoked Bacon wrapped Beef Steaks. They're going to luv 'em. And they're real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys.

I gained two pounds watching this.


King Bacon


John Kerry: I'm Not Ducking Yacht Taxes

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from The Boston Channel: Sen. John Kerry says he is docking his
family's new $7 million yacht in Rhode Island so it could have work
done before moving it to Massachusetts to be available for

You do know that Kerry is married to a BILLIONAIRE?


John Kerry Spotted on His Yacht During Egypt Conflict

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from Newsy: John Kerry Spotted on His Yacht During Egypt Conflict.

Say it ain't so, John?



Highest Earning Athletes of 2013

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from Forbes Magazine: Jocks who make the most from salary and endorsements.


Woman Kicked Out of Water Park For Her Bathing Suit

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from NBC Action News: A woman was kicked out of an Independence water park for what she claims was her bathing suit and body.

According to this report, the woman recently lost over 100 pounds. That's something that should be celebrated. So, ladies go out and wear your revealing bikinis in solidarity. Wear them to work, church, PTA meetings, yard sales. Wear them everywhere.

Only if you're under 30, of course. And attractive with a hot body. Otherwise that would be nasty and stuff.



Hopefuls Weigh-In for Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

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From the AP: It was weigh-in day at City Hall Park Wednesday for the contestants in the annual Coney Island 4th of July hot dog contest. Top contenders include Joey Chestnut, and Sonya Thomas.


LeBron James' Top 10 Plays of his Career

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from the NBA: One of the most athletic and gifted athletes to ever play in the NBA, LeBron James has not only lived up to the hype that surrounded him when he came straight out of high school & into the NBA, but has exceeded it. A 4-time MVP and NBA Finals champion, the young career of 'King' James has already been spectactular - now lets take a look at the 10 best plays so far!

The irrational way people hate on LeBron makes me root for him to win. So he moved from Cleveland to Miami and annouced it on TV? So the fuck what! The NSA is spying on your e-mail, photos online, blogs,texts and phone calls but LeBron is the worst person in the world.


LeBron James