Thriller By Micheal Jackson (Video)

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Thriller (the album) by Micheal Jackson has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. The video posted is from YouTube. It was directed, over twenty years ago, by John Landis who also directed The Blues Brothers, Coming To America and Animal House.

When it was made in 1985, this video was the bomb. Everybody was talking about it: my friends, my grandma, my daddy, the mailman...everybody. Believe it or not, readers under twenty-five, at one point Micheal Jackson was bigger than American Idol, Barack Obama and the Internet combined.

This video was one of the reasons.

Be on the lookout for a cameo by me as one of the ghouls.

Happy Halloween


Philadelphia Phillies Fans Riot After World Series Win

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The Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series. You still watch professional baseball don't you? They are the champions, my friends. Which is why in the videos posted, the fans of Phillies decided to tear up their city.

In the videos below, you will see Philadelphia Phillies fans jumping on a moving fire truck, tearing down signs, flipping a car and many fans flipping the bird.

Now, I have to ask, why do we celebrate sports victories this way? Come on! Go out, drink responsibly, do a group prayer and be home in bed by 8:00 P.M. Is that so hard? Hello? Hello? Hello?







Hayden Panettiere Wake Up Call (Video)

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Hayden Panettiere, star of NBC's Heroes, wants to be a singer. In the video below, she performs her new single "Wake Up Call." Like many television stars before her, Hayden Panettiere thinks she can do it all: sing, act, produce and cook. Alright, maybe she cooks well.

This is Panettiere's official video from Hollywood Records.

How many actors or actresses have may the transition from acting to singing and done it well? Jennifer Lopez? Jennifer Love Hewitt? Brandy? David Hasselhoff?

This is your opportunity to form an opinion of yet another wanna-be singer.


The World's Fattest Man Gets Married

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As we reported earlier, the former World's Fattest Man recently lost 529 pounds. Now, Manuel Uribe has finally gotten married. Sorry ladies, he's off the market.

In the video produced by ITN, the former World's Fattest Man was married to his longtime girlfriend in northern Mexico.

Message to all basement dwelling geeks, if this guy can do it, you can do it. His wife is not bad looking at all. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

There is hope for a blogger.



Google Earth Now On The I-Phone

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In case you were wondering what to do with your I-Phone besides call people, listen to mp3s, text message and set off nuclear bombs now, you can use Google Earth on with iPod touch and iPhone.

Stalkers of the world now rejoice as Google has created a portable app that suits their needs.

Seriously, if you are a fan of Google Earth and have an I-Phone, this is a great application. You can find restaurants, graveyards, your high school and many many other sites.

It's free at the iTunes app store.



How To Deal With People Who Leave Negative Comments On Your Blog

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While searching for videos to post here at VlogHog, I come across videos at YouTube, LiveLeak and Metacafe that are extremely popular. Yet, there are some who don't waste the opportunity to make negative comments about the quality of the video. I'm not alking about constructive criticism. I'm talking being nasty just because you can.

Don't make the mistake of engaging some of these people. Now, these nut cases feel empowered and now feel like they have a stake your videos. Don't give the negative commenter power if you have a blog or YouTube video.

Some of you reading this will have popular blogs with millions of pageviews (I hope) and taking in cash from advertising. Inevitably, some of your readers of your blog will comment about how you've changed, you've sold out or once you were an angel now you sleep with the devils. In fact, the only thing that has changed is that you're making money when once you wasn't.

You must deal with this drama. Therefore, here are some steps to lessen the impact of the negative comments.

1. Don't allow comments.
2. Erase the negative comment immediately.
3. Only leave an e-mail address. This will force the loser to take extra steps to contact you plus somebody with constructive criticism or praise or a serious question can contact you. Most losers don't take the extra steps.
4. Turn on your blog's/youtube page comment moderation feature. Once the loser sees that he has to be approved before the comment goes live, he'll leave you alone.
5. Post constructive criticism and leave all garbage comments alone. This will show your viewers/readers that you can take the good with the bad.

So, when you get your world famous blog, you are going to have to deal with world famous losers. It goes with the territory. Good luck and good blogging.


Pick-Up Truck Crashes Into Office

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How often do trucks go crashing into offices? Well, it happens most often than I thought because this video features yet another crash.

This video was posted by beck64 at LiveLeak.

Remember, the brake is on the left, the gas is on the right. Unless you're driving K.I.T.T., then don't worry about it.

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Unhappy YouTuber Named To G4's Hot Women List

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G4, a cable channel principally devoted to video games, recently released their Women of the Web list on it's program Attack of the Show. This week's list includes Sarah Shahi, Alice Blacker, the Shannon Twins and other hot women I've never heard of. But, also on the list is Natalie of the Community Channel. One of the many channels VlogHog's is subcribed to.

Is Natalie happy about this opportunity for free publicity? Is she thrilled to be listed with Britney Spears? Is she excited about the new viewers she will no doubt get from people who follow Attack of the Show?

Of course not.

In the video below she details her distaste for the list with emotion.

Sex sells


ER:The Book Of Abby--Entire Episode (NBC)

ER, the NBC medical drama, is in it's 15th and last season. The first ten years, the show was a top ten hit and one of the most watched programs of the 90's.

In ER's 15 years, many stars have come and gone, such as George Clooney, Juliana Marguiles, Ving Rhames, Gloria Reuben, Kirsten Durst, John Stamos, most of the cast of CSI including Jorja Fox, Marq Helgenberger and George Eads, Omar Epps (who now plays a doctor on Fox's House), Sally Field, Don Cheadle and a gazillion other rich actors.

In the video below, Maura Tierney, who played Dr. Abby Lockhart, current wife of Dr. Luka Kovac and former lover of Dr. John Carter, plays her role for the last time.

This is the entire episode courtesy of Fancast.

Naturally, I post this because ER is one of my favorite shows of all time. I've been watching since the first season in 1994.

Yeah, I'm that old.


Storm Chasers Chased By Tornado

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Storm chasers chase storms such as tornadoes and film them to show at staff parties and stuff. I guess. But, in this video, a tornado gets pissed, like one did in the movie Twister, and comes after the storm chasers.

In the video posted by Diagonal View, a storm chaser learns what it feels like to be chased.

You may be were wondering, like I did, if storm chaser is an actual job or it a bunch of thrill seekers with cameras.

Well, it is a job. Here is an article at Popular Mechanics with interviews with several storm chasers.

Eye of the Internet Storm

Tongue Found On Cincinnati Sidewalk

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So, someone was walking down the street, minding their own business, and BAM there's a severed tongue wagging on the ground. Now, that's a story you can tell the grandkids.

A 13 year-old, according to WLWT- Cincinnati, found the tongue and his agent contacted WLWT. I guess. I don't how these things make the news. Don't get it twisted, I'm glad they do.

Was it a human tongue or an animal tongue? For some reason, it's going to take the Hamilton County Coroner three days to find out. Is he that behind is his work?



Meet the 18 Year-Old MySpace Millionaire

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Ashley Qualls is a high school dropout. No high school diploma, no college degree or GED. Is this another tragic waste of life? Is she doomed to roam from temp job to temp job? Will she live with her parents until she's collecting Social Security?

Well, Ashley Qualls paid cash for a $250,000 house, is her mother's boss and make millions from her website. Oh, and she's only 18.

Qualls, creator of whateverlife.com, originally created MySpace layouts or backgrounds and uploaded them to her site for people to download for free. The site was principally aimed at teenagers.

As of October 22, 2008, whateverlife.com , receives over 7 million visitors daily and 60 million page views a month. Almost as much as VlogHog. Minus a million or so visitors.

The video below, produced by Yahoo's People of the Web, goes into more detail of the life of the MySpace millionaire.

Has a lot of work to do.


Minister Says Cheeto Looks Like Jesus

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Cheetos are great. The crunchy kind are my favorites. Like a starved pig, I can eat a whole family size bag of Cheetos in no time flat. (Imagine that, I blogger who can eat a lot of food.) In my lifetime, I may have eaten about a ton of Cheetos. Which explains why I haven't made any Olympic track teams. Still, I don't think I've ever seen any religious figures in any of the hundred of bags I've eaten.

Ah, but I'm not the only man on the Earth. A youth minister claims that a Cheeto he found is the spitting image of Jesus Christ. He calls it... Why spoil the surprise of the video?

The video was posted to LiveLeak by komakazzi.

I believe


David Blaine Takes Two Punches From Kimbo Slice

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David Blaine is a lot of things, illusionist, magician and devil. Apparently, Blaine is running out of tricks. Now he is reduced to taking bar bets to get national attention.

Kimbo Slice is a big mean mixed martial arts fighter who also battled in street fights which were available to be viewed on the Internet. Kimbo Slice is suppose to be the toughest mixed martial artists on the block.

In the video below, David Blaine attempts to take two punches in the stomach from Kimbo Slice.

Is that a trick? Can't he make the Statue of Liberty disappear, catch a live bullet, or walk on water or something? 

Blaine is starting to get lame. Although, it is kinda funny seeing him get punched. But he ain't a comedian.

Plus, stick around because he tries to really catch a bullet. Shows me right.

Thanks to b0redj0rd over at LiveLeak for posting this video.

You Can Do Magic


Protesters Flock To Katie Holmes Broadway Debut

Protesters recently lined up for blocks to protest Katie Holmes at her Broadway debut. Was she that bad in Batman Begins?

Well, it turns out that the protest were against Scientology and Holmes is a Scientologist. Oh.

In the video posted by ITN at YouTube it shows the protesters and apparently it's Halloween in New York.

How does one protest? When do you find time? Who makes the signs?

Protester: Hey, we're all going to protest Katie Holmes down on Broadway. You coming?
Wanna-Be: The porn star?
Protester: No, that's John Holmes.
Wanna-Be: I mean the blond headed girl.
Protester: That's Katie Morgan. I'm talking about Katie Holmes the girl married to Tom Cruise.
Wanna-Be: Then her name would be Katie Cruise. Right?
Protester: Look, she's a Scientologist!!!
Wanna-Be: ----
Protester: Hello?
Wanna-Be: She's a Scientologist and...?
Protester: And?
Wanna-Be: Yeah!
Protester: Haven't you heard about the things that they do?
Wanna-Be: Science and stuff?
Protester: It's a cult. The propaganda is stifling. They don't pay taxes for God's sake. They trampled all over free speech rights of anyone who dares criticize...
Wanna-Be: Batman Begins!
Protester: Huh?
Wanna-Be: She was the hoochie in Batman Begins!
Protester: Yeaaah. So, do you want to go the protest or not?
Wanna-Be: What? Batman Begins was the shit, son.
Protester: My sister coming.
Wanna-Be: Let's roll.

Protest this.

How To Sell Out

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Have you ever wanted to sell out? You know, like most actors, screenwriters, novelists and singers? Well, VlogHog is doing everything it can to sell out. Everything!!! Use the search blog feature above to find out.

The people at Howcast have made a video that details how to sell-out.

Hey, mass appeal pays the bills, baby. Unless everybody who visits here donates ten dollars a month, be on the look for more mainstream videos at VlogHog.

Sold out

Bus Jumps Curbs And Hits Several Cars

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Accidents happens everywhere. Even in Brazil. No, I'm not talking about Gisele Bundchen.

In the video below, a bus leaps over a curb and rams into several cars. Video posted by LiveLeaker bellava at LiveLeak.

This is raw surveillance of an accident that occurred in September 2008.



Joe Biden Forgets How To Count

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The media, Tina Fey, and Democrats all are having a laugh at vice-presidential Sarah Palin's (R) expense. Like with most politicians, sometimes its warranted, sometimes it's not. Here at VlogHog, there is difference of opinion of who should be laughing at whom.

Vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden (D) has made more gaffes this political season than Obama, McCain and Palin combined.

It doesn't make him a bad person or unelectable (unless you're a Republican) but it is funny as hell.

In the video below, Joe Biden forgets how to count.



Jessica Simpson Up Close

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I'm not a fan of Jessica Simpson. Don't get it twisted, I think she is gorgeous but I'm ain't gonna rush out and buy one of her CDs. Still, I know she has a lot of fans, thus, I made a slide show video of her and posted it on YouTube in 2007.

I use to make several slide show videos, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, Adriana Lima and several others have been the subject of many VlogHog productions.

Why? Promotion of my blog. You can post your blog url onto a YouTube video and maybe someone will visit it.

To my surprise, when I originally posted Jessica Simpson Up Close, it made it to the YouTube front page. Don't ask me why. I really really don't know. The most views I was expecting was about 5000.

That was when I had an account at YouTube under the name VlogHog. Then it got cancelled. Now, I have an account under the name VlogHog1. Very clever, huh? I knew that college degree would pay off.

Before being wiped out at YouTube, Jessica Simpson Up Close got over 700,000 views. That's 700,000 views of the name VlogHog and some promotion of the blog. Yeah, more than likely the viewers were staring at Simpson's breasts but, hey, a blogger can dream.

The song in the video is called "Bumper Music" and is composed by me. Really.


Oh, don't break copyright laws. Seriously.

And Jessica Simpson does not endorse VlogHog.

Plus, God Bless America

Car Rams Into Occupied Bus Stop

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Cameras are damn near everywhere. Everywhere. So, it's not a surprise when a camera captures a car ramming into a bus stop. A bus stop that was occupied.

Posted at LiveLeaker bellava, it shows how you must always be alert for others who drive.

This video was caught on a surveillance camera on Oct. 13, 2008 according to bellava.

Be careful out there


Man Loses 529 Pounds

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If I lost 20 pounds, I'd feel good. Imagine losing 529 pounds and still have hundreds of more to lose. This is the tale of Manuel Uribe, the former world's heaviest man.

ABC NEWS reports on the plight of Manuel Uribe, who use to weigh over 1200 pounds, and his quest to lose over 400 more pounds.

Uribe also has a goal of marrying his girlfriend. His girlfriend? Hey, I didn't know Guinness Book World Record holders had groupies?

If that's the case, I'm entering the Guinness Book with the World's Longest Delinquent Loan. Do a story on that ABC News..



Martha Stewart Makes Baby Food Out Of Real Baby

Martha Stewart has gone crazy or should I say crazier. She actually makes baby food out of real babies. I knew prison would mess her up.

Thanks to beck64 for posting this video at LiveLeak. Of course, Stewart doesn't really become a cannibal but what she actually does with the infants in this video is much much more weird. And, as usual, the audience of her show cheers her on.

Memo to The Martha Stewart Show future audiences, she don't give away cars like Oprah.



The Most Sausages Swallowed In One Minute

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No, this isn't a post about Paris Hilton. The video below features a man attempting to swallow the most sausages in one minute. His parents gotta be proud. No doubt.

Posted at YouTube by GuinnessWorldRecords, Jimmy Skold of Sweden will try to swallow the most sausages in one minute for your pleasure or his or for a world record or for money, I guess.

Jimmy Skold had a dream. He wanted to swallow the most sausages in one minute. People laughed at him. People mocked him. People thought he was crazy. Skold ignored them and continued to pursue his dream.

He practiced, he endured, and he finally got his opportunity to achieve his goal.

We all can take a lesson from Jimmy Skold.

It's too easy

Weatherman Talks About Sex On Broadcast

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Live TV is great. Anything can happen. Okay, there is a seven second delay on most broadcasts, still, anything can happen. Local television news go live every night and for the most part there is no delay. So, weathermen can say anything when sometimes they should shut the hell up.

On this broadcast, a weatherman from WCCO, a CBS affliate in Minnesota, talks about his personal life a little too much.

Now, is it weatherman, weatherperson or meteorologist? The staff at VlogHog does not want to offend anyone, unless it results in a huge spike in web traffic and then we'll apologize later.


Pictured: Jackie Guerrido a weather person


Meet The Kitten With Two Faces

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A kitten was born with two faces in Grove City, Ohio. As far as I know, a nuclear bomb didn't go off in Ohio. So, there has been no recent radioactivity there.

The producers at Diagonal View at YouTube have posted this video of the odd cat. No hoax. No bull. A kitten with two faces.

According to the video, both mouths meow at the same time. Hmmmm. I'm going need more evidence out there that it's not the end times.


Fox News Freaks Over Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover

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I like Fox News. I like Newsweek. I like Sarah Palin. I'm not voting for her but I respect what she's done in Alaska as Governor. Still, Fox News reports that recently released Sarah Palin cover of Newsweek is unretouched or air brushed. It shows all of her flaws and imperfections of her face and stuff. Really.

In this report, a Republican media consultant is angry that the photo isn't retouched and complains that a Barack Obama (D) Newsweek cover makes him look angelic.

Now, the stock market has dropped over 3000 points in the last month, 401k's are losing double digit values, jobs are being slashed, the American tax payer is being asked to pay 700 billion dollars to bailout Wall Street and someone at Fox News suggests to do a story on a Sarah Palin Newsweek cover and it get the thumbs up?

Palin seems pretty tough to me and whatever the cover shows, I think she can handle it.

I link. You watch.


Semi-Truck Nearly Hits Police Car

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In the movies, cops are usually portrayed as bumbling, fumbling dumbasses. This is because,most of the time, there can only be one hero in a movie. If the cops, military or boy scouts were competent, there would be no need for Bruce Willis, Christian Bale or Denzel Washington.

But, in real life, most cops are pretty smart. Not that they're dealing with a lot of Bill Gates' out there. Still, the officer in this video had to think quick or he would be dead now.

Watch as a semi-truck goes out of control and towards this officer in this video posted by d at LiveLeak. (That's the person LiveLeak username...d.)



Kim Kardashian's Booty Booted Off Dancing With The Stars

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Kim Kardashian was recently yanked off of Dancing With The Stars. It breaks VlogHog's heart to see this.

This video shows her first meeting with Mark Ballas, her dancing partner as they practice the Foxtrot. During this video, Kardashian mentions that she is best known for being a reality tv star. Now, I don't think she is best known for being a reality tv star unless the reality show she was talking about was the sex tape she made.

Also, Kardashian mentions that for some reason she is unbalanced. For some reason? Hmmmmm. I wonder what could be throwing her balance? For the life of me, I can't figure it out?

Well, she'll be missed by the VlogHog staff. No pun intended.

I would meet with her without pre-conditions.

The Entire Televised 2008 Vice-Presidential Debate (Complete)

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John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D) are running for president in the year 2008. If that's news to you, that's really sad. Their vice-presidential candidates are Governor Sarah Palin (R) and Senator Joe Biden (D). Below is the entire televised debate between Palin and Biden. If you don't know them, well, can you name the last ten losing vice-presidential nominees? Hey, don't Google it. That's cheating!

Despite all the attention and criticism of Sarah Palin (R) some warranted and most not, Joe Biden(D) is the one making the most gaffes on the campaign trail. IVHO. (In VlogHog's Humble Opinion)

But, you get the make the call on which of the vice-presidential candidate makes the better case for the top of their tickets.

Below is the entire debate between Palin and Biden. Uncut. Uncensored. No added text. No babbling before and after commentary. No VlogHog opinions.

C-Span provides this video.



Three Thieves Try To Steal ATM

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I'm broke. I think the average VlogHog visitor has more money in their pocket than in my bank account. So, I can understand wanting to steal an ATM. Now, I wouldn't do it or condone such an action. Unless, of course, I got my cut of the cheese.

The three men in this video obviously have less money than me and that's saying something, bra.

Now, if you have followed VlogHog for the last year and a half, you may have noticed that I link to videos of a lot of wanna-be thieves. Why? In this digital age and stuff I ask why do people try to steal at places where there are tons of cameras? Plus, failed robberies are funny.

Thanks to jdiscord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Hey, if you need a couple of bucks, I'll loan it to you.
Do you take post-dated checks?