Some ot the Dumbest Family Feud Contestants Ever

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Hey, I don't mean to impugn these contestants on Family Feud but this is very funny. The question is "Name a country that starts with A." That's the question. Watch the answers.

Family Feud has another host? Whatever happened to the guy that used to be on Home Improvement? You know...that guy with the beard? He used to host Family Feud back in the day? Was he fired or something? Oh well.

VlogHog is a video blog that showcases video. Some are made by me and some are made by others. This video is from I-Film a.k.a. the first YouTube.

Visit the VlogHog archives or I will X you.

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Why Doesn't Google Have An AdSense Debit Card?

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Google (owner of Blogger and YouTube) wants to be on the forefront of cutting edge technology, leaders of the innovation of the Internet, and the top rung on the ladder for tech companies. Yet, if you are part of Google AdSense program you get paid like it's the 1990's.

What is AdSense? AdSense is a program that webmasters use to make money for their websites. How? A webmaster or a blogger signs up and places code into their web templates and Google uses it top technology to send relevant ads to that site. For instance, if you have a cat blog and have AdSense ads on your site, Google will probably send text or image ads that relate to cat products. When someone clicks on ad, you get paid. Payment varies on how much each ad pays.

When do you get paid? You're paid when your balance reaches over $100.00. Google either sends you a check in the mail or direct deposits it to your bank account on the 15th of each month. How 90's of them.

If, for instance, you have accumulated $2000 in AdSense revenue from the 1st of the month to the seventh, you must wait until the 15th to receive it in the form of a check or direct deposit. Why?

Google is a multi-billion dollar company whose stock sells for five-hundred plus dollars a share. It's the number three most used website. It's creators are billionaires. Why is the AdSense program so low rent when it comes to payments?

Why not introduce a Google AdSense debit card? A card you can use to get your AdSense money anytime you desire it?

If you 'Google' debit cards you will see hundreds of small companies offering them. With most debit cards that are not issued by banks, you pay a monthly fee and get to deposit and withdraw your money.

If Google is worried about defaults, they could issue several types of cards, one for smaller websites and one for corporations. The smaller companies or blogs that make a profit could only use the card for cash withdrawals. Although, it should be noted that PayPal allows you to withdraw cash and purchase products.

A Google AdSense debit card makes sense to me but I'm just a blogger. Webmasters, who are successful, will not have to wait until the 15th to receive payment. Google AdSense is a great program that could be made better by this addition in my opinion.
VlogHog: Get a thousand of your closet friends and ask them to visit.

No Need To Defend Rachael Ray, Defend Yourself

"No Need To Defend Rachael Ray, Defend Yourself"

As the sun sneaks through the clouds, birds sing their morning songs while Alanis Jordan's Optimus radio/tape player/alarm clock hums. Her husband, Tavis, stands, stretches and comptemplates his day.

"I know David is going want me to finish Hall's taxes today." He says.

"He's a pill. Ain't he?" says Alanis.

"Yeah. What you got planned today, sugarfoot?"

"I'm going to my Rachael Ray Sucks Community board and write about what that hoe was wearing yesterday. Tacky with a capital t." says Alanis.

David kisses his wife on her pimply forehead and enters the bathroom praising God for creating marriage.

Is this the scenario every morning in a hater's home? Is this close? And by hater, I'm not talking about the usual suspects: the KKK, the Taliban or Russell Crowe. No, I speak of another form of hate: player hating.


I shouldn't be surprised that there are so many websites, blogs and songs dedicated to hating innocuous people such as Rachael Ray, Britney Spears and Santa Claus but I admit that I am.

The Internet is now a home those who crank call radio talk shows, who write letters to the editors and to those who say "we" when they talk about their favorite sports team. Now, the jackasses leave misspelled profanity filled comments under a YouTube video. Yeah, them folks.

What in the Wide Wide World of Sports has Rachael Ray done to upset the people who the run the Rachael Ray Sucks Community? Why spend any of God's precious time typing copy, editing comments, and uploading pics to a hate site? You got porn, illegal gambling sites and blogs written by cats to occupy your time. Don't let them go to waste. According to Al Gore (D-TN), we only have about four or five to months to live. So live.

The usual haters rant always includes how such and such is always doing this and that. When anyone asks,"Why do you continue to watch them?" The answer usually is some variation of, "They're everywhere. I can't avoid them." or "I got see what they do next." No, you don't. Really. Ya don't. Take my words for it, brother.

Go Fug Yourself, The Superficial and Rachael Ray Sucks Community all thrive on hate. The webmasters won't admit to it. (Well, maybe they would, I ain't never talked to them.) The common theme between these sites may be that the owners are tired of the media shoving these icons down the throats of America and the stars need to be taken down a peg or two or three.

Yeah...Rachael Ray showed me how to make beef gravy; send her to Guantanamo immediately.

To sum up, it's irrational to hate someone who has no affect on your life whatsoever. Some say it's irrational to hate anyone but those don't go to the Post Office.

Rent a life.


The names in the story were made up and stuff.



Tiger Woods Hitting A Tree With His Club

There is nothing funny about Tiger Woods. Some have accused him of being a robot. Even Al Gore thinks he stiff. It is funny to see Tiger hit a tree with a golf club. That's what I was thinking when I saw him do it at the 2007 Masters. Surprisingly, I didn't think so many other people would too.

This video, edited by me with a Pentax Optio M20 digital camera and Windows Movie Maker, was on YouTube's most watched page and was the number one video in the Sports category for a couple of days. Number one. Don't ask me why. All of my semi-successful videos on YouTube have been by accident. If I knew 100% how to get 100,000 plus views with a video, I'd tell you. Wait a minute. I do know. Brazilian female oil wrestling.

VlogHog: No longer Tiger-proofed.


Deer Caught In The Act Of Eating Prize Roses

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Hey, I didn't know animals could eat roses. After a little research (i.e. typing "are roses edible" in the Google search engine), I discover that they are. Hell, I didn't know.

Not only are roses edible, so are clovers, carnations and English daises. So, the next time a bum asks you for food, point him to the nearest botanical garden and tell him to get to cookin'. Then, go back to eating your Big Mac.

The deer in the video below is eating someone's prize roses. What are prize roses? Roses you get in a Cracker Jack box, lame.

VlogHog: Saving lives.

250 Ways To Increase Traffic For Your Blog

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Everybody wants traffic for their blog. Everybody. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody.

If you don't want traffic for your blog, it's easy. Trust me. All you have to do is post about your daily life and no one but your friends and family will visit and most of them will lie about reading it anyway. The very act of putting a blog on the Internet means you want people (other than the ones you know) to read it. So, everyone wants an audience for their blog.

The following links contains over 250 ways to increase traffic to your blogs. Most of authors of the links have very successful blogs, such as John Chow, Darren Rowse and Rand Fish.

Read, live and learn.


1. Seth Godin

2. Priya Shah

3. Yvonne Divita

4. Dave Taylor

5. Ryan Lewis

6. Tinu Abayomi-Paul

7. Paul Stamatiou

8. Rand Fish From Seomoz.org

9. Angela Booth

10.Guy Maclaren

11. Neil Patel

12. Jason Preston

13. Pawel Reszka

14. Erin Kurwicki

15. George Manty

16. Gaman

17. Tom Sherman

18. John Chow

19. Andy

20. Cameron Olthuis

21. JerkyBeef

22. Leonid Shalimov

23.Daniel Sitter


25. Superblogging

My number one method of getting traffic? Get a million of your closet friends to visit your blog once a month.

P.S. If all of the tips don't add up to 250 ways to increase traffic. Visit all of the links, count them up and leave a comment on my page. Then, tell all of your friends what a big liar I am on every discussion boards that you can. Don't forget to link back to this page for the evidence.


Good luck.


Miss Teen USA 2007--- Ms. Teen South Carolina Speaks

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As long as your great looking, you will have a better shot at success. Learn to live with it, fellow ugly people. How many of you were on NBC the other night? So,  Ms. Teen South Carolina ,Caitlin Upton,  is ahead of the game. Beauty contests are for lookin' at!
Yes, it's superficial. But all people are superficial to a degree. It's not an American thang.

So when you laugh at this young ladies answer (and you will. I did), just remember all the women who get executive assistant jobs that pay high five figures because of their figure. I'm not saying it's right.

The question is asked by actress Aimee Teegarden and I assume that's her real name.

This is Caitlin Upton, not to be confused with the buxom Sports Illustrated Cover Girl Kate Upton or Upton Sinclair who wrote "The Jungle." 

VlogHog, out.

(It is funny, though---VlogHog 2010)

Caitlin Upton
Caitlin Upton

Van Struck By Lighting Video and Pictures

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One of my greatest fears in being struck by lighting. This is due to the amount of lies that I tell on any given day. The man in this video claims his van was struck by lighting.

There is a lighting strike in this video but I'm dubious about the van being hit. Well, you watch the video for yourself and make up your own mind. Still, the video of the lighting strike is impressive.

This video was originally posted at LiveLeak.


The Art of The Booty Clap

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The booty clap is a technique used by strippers and exotic dancers to juice men out of their hard earned money. Once the booty clap is employed, most men at strip clubs decide that it's more important to see it continue than to pay their rent on time.

The video below shows what the booty clap is and why it's importance to the strip club culture.

You get an education at VlogHog. A B.A. in human behavior, and much like a B.A. in liberal arts, it's worthless.

Video: YouTube Girl.

YouTube Girl song download at MySpace

Grandma Ghost Rides The Whip

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In case you haven't heard, a new sensation is sweeping across America like Hurricane Katrina. It's bigger than the iPhone, bigger than Microsoft, bigger than Michael Moore. It's called ghost riding the whip.

You put your car in neutral, get out of it and dance around it. Or, if you're really fly, you get out of your car while it's moving and dance around it. Did I mention that your car must be moving while this happens? It's the shit.

This video demonstrates how to ghost ride your whip. It's educational. It's the bomb. It's on VlogHog.

Everything taste better with VlogHog.


The Richest Rappers In The World

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VlogHog revenues are up %100 since 2006. Now averaging $2.00 per month.


The Top Five Dumbest Sports of All-Time

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Some say all sports are silly. They might be. Still, you need a degree of skill to play most games. Some so-called sports, however, are so weak they don't really need to be classified as sports. Which ones? Thanks to your friends at VlogHog, we have taken time to classify the top five dumbest sports of all time.

Ultimate Fighting- Ultimate fighting isn't boxing or wrestling. It's street fighting. Two people get into a ring and beat the hell out of each other by all means necessary. Is that it? Yeah, that's pretty much it, son. Can I kick him in the nuts? Yeah, it's all good.

Extreme Cheerleading- Cheerleading competitions are popularity contests like American Idol, The Golden Globes or presidential campaigns. If your victory is determined by judges, in my mind, it ain't a sport.

Dog Fighting- Let me get this straight. You get two dogs angry at each other and let them fight to the death or until one is left standing. Somehow the dog's owner is declared the winner. The "owner" did jack shit.

Cock Fighting- Let me get this straight. You get two chickens angry at each other and let them fight to the death or until one is left standing. Somehow the chicken's owner is declared the winner. It would be more of a sport you cooked the chickens to see which one tasted better.

Midget Tossing- Yes, this is considered a sport. Really. You get a little person and strap them up and toss them like used tissue. Hey, look at the video below for an example. IMO, a wet tee-shirt contest is more of a sport. Put that on ESPN ASAP. Now, I'd pay to see that. Midget tossing? Get real.

Suddenly, I have new found respect for dudes in their twenties who play Dungeons and Dragons. Not much.

Why Does Jason Giambi Get A Free Pass From New York Yankees Fans?

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New York Yankees fans have a chance make a statement about steroid abuse by booing Jason Giambi, admitted steroid and human growth hormone user, but they haven't.

Yet, Barry Bonds is booed on the road every time he takes a cheese fart while Giambi, who won the 2000 American League MVP award, gets a pass from most baseball sports writers and a large mass of New York Yankees fans. Why?

Some point out that Bonds hasn't been nice to fans, baseball writers, fellow teammates and other bullshit and that's why he gets the negative feedback. Of course, the main reason Bonds, who is the all-time home run leader, is demonized is that he allegedly took steroids to boost his stats and career. These same fans claim that any player using steroids is a cheater and should be punished.

These fans take valuable minutes out their lives to print up posters that defame Bonds, call radio talk shows demanding he should be banned and think all of his records should have an asterisk next to them. Yet, Jason Giambi, who has admitted to taking steroids by the way, gets a pass from everyone from New York Yankees fans to the anchors on Sportscenter, who can't wait to report the size and smell of every one of Bonds bowel movements.

Some New York Yankees fans, like most hypocritical fans, support Giambi because he's on their team. Of course, if he played for the Boston Red Sox he would be booed back to the stone age.

Either Bonds, and all players who take steroids, are villains that should be punished or they are not. It shouldn't matter that Giambi has done "...a lot of public service work" as baseball commissioner Bud Selig, who will not suspend Giambi, has stated. Hell, most baseball players do public service work. Yeah, believe it or not.

So, it's time for all of the investigations of all baseball players to end if all baseball players have to do is "public service work." It's time for all baseball fans to stop booing Barry Bonds or start booing Jason Giambi, who by the way has admitted to taking steroids which, according to most fans and Bob Costas, is worse than beating your wife, children and dog.

It's time for ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and the San Francisco Chronicle to stop their investigative pieces on Barry Bonds or risk being called racist or at the very least give Giambi the same anal treatment that was given to Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa and Rafael Palmeiro, who claimed at a congressional hearing that he never EVER used steroids or performance enhancing drugs but later failed a performance enhancement drug test.

Will Jason Giambi get negative feedback from New York Yankees fans? I ain't holding my breath.

BTW Did you know that Jason Giambi has admitted to using steroids and human growth hormones?


Those Amazing Animals: Dog Version

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Dogs are the greatest animals ever. IMO. You have cadaver dogs, guide dogs, and guard dogs just to name a few. Some people call their friends dawg. Some women say all men are dogs and some men don't take it as an insult. Dogs are great. Dogs are funny too.

This clip shows a Pug that reacts funny when he hears a blender. "Those Amazing Animals" is a regular clip feature on Vlog Hog. Therefore, I find some of the funniest amimal clips on YouTube or whoever's video hosting service and post them here.

See related article: "Those Amazing Animals Part One"

Visit the archives.


Dave Chappelle At Radio City Music Hall part one

If I had a tenth of the talent of Dave Chappelle, I wouldn't be doing this blog for damn sure. This is bootleg video of Dave Chappelle from Radio City Music Hall talking about why he left his show, the game and Planet of the Apes.

Bring back Chappelle's Show.

Visit the archives. Give me love.

Mad TV Clip Of The Week: John Madden's Popcorn Popper

Underrated Frank Caliendo portrays John Madden who is trying to film a popcorn machine commercial in this Mad-TV Clip of the week.

Visit the Vlog Hog archives for more funnys.


Wayne Brady Vs Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle produced Chappelle's Show one the funniest half-hours in the history of television for Comedy Central, home of Joe Dirt among other fine motion pictures. This (the video below) is one of my favorites skits from the now defunct show that features Chappelle and Wayne Brady. Brady, known for his wholesome, rated-G material, demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?


Video of Old Men Fighting

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Fighting is wrong. There is too much violence in the world. Violence never solved anything and all that stuff. But, old people fighting each other is funny so just ignore everything I just wrote.

This video is courstey of I-Film shows what happens when civility breaks down and you have to throw down. VlogHog loves the violence. Peace.


You Do Have High-Speed Don't You?

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VlogHog is a video blog that features videos that make you laugh, smile or hurl. Sometimes I make them but most of the times I find them from sites such as YouTube, LiveLeak or Metacafe. The best method of watching videos on the Internet is with a high-speed connection.

I thought I was the last idiot without a high-speed connection but I may not be. (I had Betamax until the late 90's so who knows?) So, it goes without saying that you must have a high-speed connection to enjoy this blog to the fullest. Some might say the only way to enjoy the Internet is with a high-speed connection. Knowing how to read won't read hurt either. (And, of course, by "enjoy" I mean illegally downloading music and porn.)

I'm currently paying $45.00 dollars a month for high-speed service with Comcast. (If you know of a cheaper service let me know.) Is it worth it? Yes. (Not counting the occasional dropped signal but that's a whole other post). Once you go high-speed, you'll never want to go back. Never. Never. Never.

In any case, if you have a 56k modem, go to one of your friend's house with high-speed to watch this video below and see how fast it loads. If Tape Girl doesn't convince you to upgrade, nothing on Earth will. ( I'm assuming you have friends. I mean I know I don't.)

Everything goes better with VlogHog.

Cute Women Sexually Harassed By Cowardly Losers On YouTube

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If you're a good looking women who vlogs on YouTube, you catch hell from losers who leave comments under your video.

For those who don't know, to be a member of YouTube all you need is the ability to write. You could conceivably have thousands of accounts on YouTube. This has emboldens losers all across the world to post comments to female vloggers that they wouldn't say to them to their face.

We're not talking about the usual "You suck" type of comment I believe most could deal with. Unfortunately, the vile and disgusting comments that some post only belong in a porn movie. Not that I've seen any.

YouTube doesn't police the comments so it's up to the video producer to handle them. As of now, there is a flood of vile profanity laced comments spreading across the site (mainly aimed at women) and those losers aren't going anywhere.

However, vloggers can combat this; you aren't powerless. Take advantage of the control that allows the YouTube user to approve a comment before it goes public. Ingeniously, some people will cry censorship but they need to learn that the Constitution limits the power of government to censor not the people or companies. So, I can censor out all of the rude and crude comments that I want.

This is one of the reasons I don't allow comments here. (Not that anyone would want to comment here.) Spammers are running wild in the Internet and now some people pay others to comment on blogs.

The only other method I can conceive to combat the useless commenter is that YouTube should start charging people to join their site. If you are a paid subscriber, YouTube could then identify you. As of now, anybody can join for free and use as many faceless identities as they want. Paying a subscription fee would eliminate many of the vile comments and most of the spam.

The video below features a YouTube user named The Resident who is female and is subject to the harassment I wrote of above.

Give your friends or family members the gift of VlogHog.

Vegetable Oil Used To Power Car And Get 700 Miles to the Tank YouTube Video

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The price of gasoline doesn't bother me at all. Not at all. While you other marks complain and bitch about $3.00 a gallon, I relax and chill as I sit on the passenger side of my best friend's ride. You see, I don't have a car (one that actually runs) so gas prices don't mean a thing to me.

But for those who aren't automobile challenged, this video may be of use to you. Believe it or not, there are some cars that run on vegetable oil and get 700 miles to the tank. They call the fuel biodiesel.

Why aren't biodiesel fuel raging across the world? One reason, barely mentioned in the clip below, is that it's made out of such foods as corn, sunflowers and soybeans. The great thing about petroleum oil is we don't eat it. To make biofuels, we (yeah, like I'm out there doing it) would use tons of foods such as sunflowers, soybeans and corn. Thus, there would be less feed for food producing animals like cows, sheep and chickens. Oh yeah, there would be less for humans too. This, among others reasons, is why biodiesel fuels are slow to catch on.

Thus endeth my high schoolish summation.

Still 700 miles to the tank!!!

There is VlogHog and there is everybody else.


Woman Uses Olive Oil To Pull Supermarket Scam

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The old Slip-N-Fall. You drip some kind of liquid on the ground or on a restaurant floor, a rich neighbor's bathroom, or the most common: a supermarket; then walk through and pretend to fall and finally, scream like a bitch. Back in the day, this scam would sap some poor pop and mom store for a lot of loot. Way back in the day. Now? Now they have these things called digital cameras and it can film stuff ( after it steals your soul). Really. I got a couple of cameras myself and zero percent soul.

Someone should of warned this lady in this news video from LiveLeak. Why? Inevitabley, they captured the caper on film from beginning of the scam to the bitter end.

It's the 20th century, people. Try a new scam like sending someone an e-mail asking for their bank account number to send them 6 million dollars from Nigeria so terrorists won't get it. Step your game up!!!

VlogHog makes the best birthday present.


Biker Chicks Compete To Swallow The Most Hot Dogs

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Takeru Kobayash has nothing to do with this. It's called the Wiener Bite. Really. Biker chicks try to take as much of a hot dog that they can take. I KID YA NOT.

Whenever I heard people complain about this being the worst of times, how things have never been worse than what they are or that the Earth is about to be destroyed. I go to LiveLeak to watch videos like this and think, "It can't be all that bad. Look at these biker chicks."

This was on the Speed TV. An actual network on television. When I first saw the headline, I thought someone had filmed it with a camcorder. No. This was a television show with slo-mo replay and everything.

"And Stacy Case your winner by three quarters of an inch."

God Bless America and VlogHog.

Drag Racing Snowmobile Crash With Helmet Cam

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First of all, there is no snow. Not one inch of snow anywhere. No even a little bit. Unless you count the dandruff on the heads of spectators. Second, they are drag racing snowmobiles in this clip. Snowmobiles. Not cars. Not monster trucks. Snowmobiles. Finally, someone decided it was a great idea to put a camera on top of their head. Well, it was.

Thanks to Zuru over at Liveleak, we have this wonderful display of man vs machine vs idiot.

After some research (i.e. Googling snowmobile racing) I discover that snowmobile racing is common. Still, I thought snow would be involved somehow.

If you want more information on snowmobile racing. Visit this page at the Open Directory Project and soak it all in. And if you do decide it a worthwhile occupation, don't forget to film all of your races. Esp. the crashes.

Still, there is a part of me that thinks this is kind of cool. No pun intended.

Welcome to VlogHog. We hope you enjoy your stay.


Web Pages That Have Helped Vlog Hog

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VlogHog wasn't created in a vacuum. To get the viewers that I have so far, I had to read hundreds of "How To Improve Your Blog" type articles. If you want to be a blogger, I suggest you read as many or more. You wouldn't want a doctor who hasn't read the latest medical journals, a tax accountant who isn't up to date on tax laws or a lap dancer who hasn't been with a lot of men.
A blogger must read how other successful bloggers have done it. As the old EPMD saying goes, "Hang around with nine broke friends, you're bound to be the tenth one."

The following is a list of articles that helped get me off the ground and on my way to becoming the most successful blogger in the history of the universe.

1. "10 Ways To Make Yourself A YouTube Star" by TechDigest. I've written about how YouTube has boosted my traffic ranks in the Vlog Hog article "Increase Your Blog Traffic With YouTube." Discover how to be a star with this article.

2."How To Get Traffic To Your Blog" By Seth Godin. Godin's blog is in the top 100 blogs according to Technorati. Do you know how many blogs there are? Over 71 million and growing. He's doing a lot of things right.

3. "How To Make Money From Your Blog" by Steve Pavlina. A detailed article with several examples and great advice.

4. "18 Lessons I've Learnt About Blogging" by Darren Rowse. Two lessons I've learned is, Rowse is no overnight success and every blogger needs patience and flexibility.

5. "The #1 Dumbest Adsense Mistakes" from Xedant. Adsense, a blog and high paying keywords don't necessarily mean $10,000 dollars a month.

6."26 Steps To 15,000 Visitors A Day" by FlaminTiki. The more I blog, the more this makes sense.

This is just a small example of some the articles I've read. To be a successful blogger, I suggest you read hundreds of similar articles. To this end, I will continue to read from successful bloggers and will continue to do so even if I get a million unique viewers a month. By then, I could pay someone to read them to me.




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Watch the best meltdown ever!


What is Vlog Hog?























Bad Girls Of YouTube Part Three

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To be a bad girl you have to have no shame. Not an ounce. As this video demonstrates, this girl qualifies.

Well, this video proves once and for all that women do fart. And some of them can do weird stuff with their arms too.

This is the type of video that gives the Internet a good name. Why waste time with Google Maps, Wikipedia or Myspace? THIS is what you should be watching. Don't forget to tell your friends that VlogHog is an asset to the Internet. NO. An asset to the world.

Visit the VlogHog archives for love and money.

Bad Girls Of YouTube Part Two

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This is tokenblackchic (hey, it's her real name she uses on YouTube) talking about bad girls.


Girlfight In Orlando, Florida

This CNN report details a fight between two seventh grader girls in Orlando, Florida. The CNN reporter tries to make it seem like the teacher just stood back, watched and sold concessions on the side. However, the teacher, who was a sub, followed school protocol and called administrators and a female teacher to break up the fight. Of course, VlogHog has the video.

Forget that. Girls fight funny. What's up with that windmill stuff that you do with your arms and the hair pulling? This kind of stuff happened every week at my high school. The only difference was that nobody had cell phone cameras to record it. I'm 100 years old.

Visit the Vlog Hog archives or God will punish you.


Beyonce Falls Again

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The Beyonce Falling Down video was taken down at YouTube but there are other video hosting services out there and stuff. Believe it or not.

VlogHog Saving The World, One Video At A Time


Baseball Fan Gone Wild

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The next your hear someone booing Barry Bonds, remember, the people in this video from LiveLeak are the type of people booing him.

VlogHog presents this clip featuring a woman throwing a beer on a baseball fan in Toronto. Watch the adults play. These are the same type of fans that want athletes to sign more autographs, not take steroids and be role models to their kids. Throwing beers at other fans? That's alright. It's part of the fan "experience."

And don't give me the "these are the exceptions for fans." BS. Most fans are like this. Most. Don't believe me? Watch the rebellion if they ever stop serving alcohol at games.

Somewhere a meat head sports reporter or personality is defending this while ripping Bonds a new ear hole.

Funny Signs

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Funny signs and stuff. Posted by masterale666 at YouTube.

rocket gone WRONG!!!

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Kids and bombs. What a beautiful world.

Funny Dogs^^

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Dogs are great.