Sebastian Janikowski's 61 Yard Long Field Goal

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Go out and try to kick a ten yard field goal, without 11 athletes ready to break your legs. Go. NOW!!! Are you back? Wasn't easy was it? Now maybe you'll appreciate Sebastian Janikowski's 61 yard long field goal for the Oakland Raiders.

Thanks to Niza1982 for posting this video on YouTube.

Happy New Year!!!!



Woman Almost Drowns At NBA Halftime Show

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Kirsten Johnson, half of the Ridgeway and Johnson Grand Illusion & Escape Show, was suppose to escape from being chained underwater at a Oklahoma City Thunder NBA halftime show. (Yes, there is an NBA team in Oklahoma City) Johnson, however, runs into a problem and almost drowns.

Thanks to Loose Cannon at LiveLeak for posting this video.

What a way to make a living. Yes, Kirsten Johnson is fine and will be performing more life threatening stunts in the future. No doubt.

Happy New Year.



Lauderdale Christmas Light Show

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Merry Christmas and enjoy this video light show.

Thanks to Jeff Ostroff at YouTube for posting this video and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

by Paul Grafton





Worst Game Ever? Bin Laden VS USA

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They say that 90% of everything is junk. Well, I think they say that or something like that. Anyways. There is a lot of garbage out there for sale. In the video below, you will see an actual hand held video game called "Laden VS USA." Yeah, that Laden.

Thanks to Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia for posting his review of the toy at YouTube.

If this toy is the only toy on the shelves for you last minute Christmas shoppers, go ahead and give your child socks.


49ers Fans Pelted With Snowballs At Philadelphia Eagles Game

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The San Francisco 49ers played The Philadelphia Eagles on December 20, 2009 losing 27-13 at Philadelphia. Two unfortunate 49ers fans decided to support their team by wearing team jerseys and sitting in the center of some rowdy Eagles fans. In the video below, you will see the brave fans get pelted with snowballs.

Thanks to biggles9 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Of course, the only sane respond to this insane act is to pelt the stupid ass 49ers fans with snowballs. Right? Who's with me?

Imagine if the Eagles had lost?


Oakland Raiders Player Loses Pants During Tackle

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Never get caught with your pants down unless you're making a tackle to stop a touchdown. In the video below, you will see Tommy Kelly, a defensive end for the Oakland Raiders, lose control of his pants after assisting in a tackle.

Thanks to killingtime2010 for posting this video at LiveLeak.

The most important thing to remember is that Oakland won the game. One of the few games they have won this year as they are 5-9.

He did for the team. He did it for the team.


What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas By The Emotions

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What the lonely do at Christmas? Let's hope you never find out! In the video below, you will hear "What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas?" By The Emotions.

The Emotions are best known for their 1977 Billboard Hot 100 Number One song "Best of My Love" (written by Maurice White and Al McKay) and was an inspiration for Mariah Carey for her hit "Emotions."

Don't be lonely this Christmas.


Happy Christmas (War Is Over) By John Lennon

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year. Remember the spirit of Christmas is giving. So give a little and you'll receive a lot.

Thanks to John Lennon for recording this song.

According to Wikipedia:"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" is a Christmas song by John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band. It was recorded at Record Plant Studios in New York City in late October 1971, with the help of producer Phil Spector. It features soaring, heavily echoed vocals, and a sing-along chorus. The children singing in the background were from the Harlem Community Choir and are credited on the song's single.

Although the song is a protest song about the Vietnam War, it has become a Christmas standard and has appeared on several Christmas albums.



Contestant Fail

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In the video below, you will meet an adult who ain't smarter than a fifth grader. The question is, "Budapest is the capital of what European country."

Thanks to FailBlog for posting this video at YouTube.

To tell the truth, I didn't know either but the comedy comes from what the contestant says. Sometimes saying "I don't know" is the best answer.

Thanks to recording artist Kellie Pickler,featured in the video, for being a good sport.


Will Silly Putty Blend?

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Have you ever wondered if Silly Putty could blend in a blender? Me neither but the video of it is only one minute and thirty-nine seconds. What do you have to lose by watching?

Thanks to Blendtec for creating and posting this video on YouTube.

I would love to blend stuff for a living. Even if the pay is only minimum wage.

And don't try this at home. Not because it's dangerous because people will think you're a dork.


Man Kills Rabid Bobcat With Bare Hands

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An Arizona man recently fought and killed a rabid bobcat with his bare hands. I bet he didn't have that in his daily planner.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting the video of this story at YouTube.

I have a theory about people. I believe everybody wants interesting stories to tell about themselves. The more interesting stories about yourself you have to tell, the more interesting life you lead.

When you tell someone you beat down a bobcat with your bare hands they've got to pay attention.



Appalachian State Player Gets Drilled

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In the video below, you will see University of Montana Player Keith Thompson hammer Appalachian State player Matt Cline in the FCS semifinals game.

Thanks to goblue6212 for posting this video on YouTube.

Merry Christmas, Matt Cline. You're famous.



Ashley Dupre Gets Job At New York Post

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Ashley Dupre, former escort who was involved with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, has a new job at The New York Post as a sex and relationship columnist. I didn't know the Post was hiring?

Thanks to The New York Post for posting this video at YouTube.

You see some people can make it ahead in this recession. There's a bad joke in that sentence but I'm not going to point it out.



Alicia Keys and Elmo Sing For Christmas

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In the video below, you will see Alicia Keys singing "Do You Hear What I Hear?" with Elmo from Sesame Street. It  is almost too cute.  If you have diabetes, do not watch this video.

Thanks to AliciaKeysJRecords for posting this video at YouTube.

All I want for Christmas is Alicia Keys. Is that too much to ask for? Yeah? There's always next year.

(Just found out that Alicia Keys is now married and expecting a child. Oh, well. Shit happens. Always to me)


Alicia Keys

Home For Christmas By Daryl Hall & John Oates

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In the video below, you will see Daryl Hall and John Oates perform their original song "Home For Christmas" on the Today Show.

Thanks to HallandOatesForever for posting this video at YouTube.

Please, if you can, donate a toy, a can of food, a couple of bucks to charity this year for Christmas. Or, plan ahead for next year.

Merry Christmas.



Fans Fight Over Hockey Stick At Ducks Game

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According to HockeyPacific at YouTube, "Scott Niedermayer of the Anaheim Ducks passes his stick to a little girl in the crowd but a man tries to grab it and a fight ensues. The man in the crowd who throws punches at the guy that tried to grab the stick is professional skateboarder Mike Vallely. Mike V. had a blog on ducks.nhl.com which was pulled after the fight. "

Thanks to HockeyPacific at YouTube for posting this video.

Really, it's just a hockey stick. Is it really worth all of this drama?


NYC Teachers Suspended Over Alleged Naked Romp

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Recently, a janitor at James Madison High in New York City, allegedly saw two female teachers naked in a classroom, he alerted school officials for some odd reason. Can you believe it?

Thanks to The Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

Seriously, do hotel rooms in New York City cost that much? Let me do a quick Google search of hotel prices in NYC. Hmmmm. Well. Couldn't they have done what they allegedly did in the backseat of an tinted SUV?


Soccer Goalie Takes Pee During Game

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Recently, soccer goalie Jens Lehmann decided to pee during the game. Of course, cameras caught all of it. In his defense, sometimes you just don't care where you go when you got to go.

Thanks to juhann at YouTube for posting this video.

Well, he didn't wash his hands afterwards but he was wearing gloves. Is that better or worse?


Driver Wrecks Into Wrecked Car On Highway

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In the video below, you will see a car wreck into a car that is already wrecked on the highway. Double jeopardy doesn't apply to automobile accidents.

Thanks to beck64 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

This is the kind of thing that would happen to me.



Deep Fried Turkey Blow Up

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Americans love fried foods. In recent years, the fried Turkey has become more popular. A whole fried turkey. The whole thing is dunked in hot oil like a corn dog. In the video below, you will see the dangers of frying a whole turkey.

Thanks to vhvideo.com for posting this video at YouTube.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Obama Pardons Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone visiting. In the spirit of the holiday, President Obama continues the tradition of pardoning a turkey.

Thanks to the Jimmy Kimmel Show for providing this clip on YouTube.

Don't forget to thank the cook or cooks of your Thanksgiving meal.


Did Philly Fan Offer Sex For World Series Tickets?

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In case you don't know, the Philadelphia Phillies and The New York Yankees are in the 2009 World Series. Tickets to this event are at a premium so fans are willing to do anything for admission.

According to a Craig's List ad, a woman named Susan Finkelstein, who described herself as a buxom blond in the ad, was in desperate need to score some World Series tickets. But was sex implied? Well, Phildelphia police sent an uncover agent to meet Finkelstein. Shortly, after the meeting, Finkelstein was arrested.

Your tax dollars at work.

In the video below, CBS NEWS gets to the bottom of this hard hitting story.


Power Line Explosion In Hollywood

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In the video below, you will see a power line explode. Explosions are popular on VlogHog.

Thanks to foxunit at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Remember to turn your clocks back three hours this weekend. Yeah, I know that you're suppose to turn them back an hour. But I want to gain an extra three hours of sleep.



Bus Fight In San Francisco

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Two women battle on a San Francisco bus. The reason? One of the women was taking up two seats where the other wanted to sit.

Thanks to Songun of LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to Songun, this particular bus is 60 feet long. The bus driver, allegedly, didn't report this to the proper San Francisco Municipal Railway officials. It's possible that he couldn't see the fight.


Most Roaches Eaten In One Minute

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Is eating a roach worth the publicity? Well, in the video below, you will see a man trying to set a record for eating the most roaches in one minute. Before you see the video, can you guess the gender of the person attempting this sick record? Come on, you got a 50/50 shot at it.

Watch as _____ Edwards tries to eat the most cockroaches in one minute. Thanks to Guinness World Records for posting this video at YouTube.

You know, I'm knocking this but if doing something like this would get me more blog visitors then pass the roaches on the left hand side.

Hey, the roaches were cooked. As if that makes a difference.

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Woman Drags Kid Through Verizon Store On Leash

Once upon a time in the land called America, there was a woman from Gaylesville, Alabama named Melissa Catherine Smith-Means.

Smith-Means was accused of dragging a small child through a Verizon Wireless store by it's back pack leash. I say accused because it's America and you're innocent until proven guilty. But, the video below is damaging. You decide.

Thanks to poppycock at LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to poppycock, the woman was arrested for child cruelty.



Inside A New York Cuddle Party

What is a cuddle party? Do you have to ask? It's self-explanatory. Okay, it's a party where people get together and cuddle. No foreplay. No heavy petting. No sex. Hey, I don't make up these things because if I did no one would believe me.

Recently, The New York Post ran a video on a cuddle party that took place in New York.

No way do I attend a cuddle party unless Adriana Lima, Beyonce and Tyra Banks show up and even then I'm thinking twice.

Did you stop reading after no sex?


Video of President Obama Calling Kanye West A Jackass

In the video below, you will see President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass for interrupting Taylor Swift's accept speech at the MTV Awards.
For those who don't know, Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for best female video at The MTV Awards. He believed that Beyonce should of won the award. The posted video shows President Obama's reaction to the event.

Thanks to wet501 at LiveLeak for posting this video from CNN.

This was IMHO a publicity stunt for Kanye that went waaaaaaaaay wrong.


Fox 5 News Anchor: "Keep F*cking That Chicken"

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Believe it or not, I have all the respect in the world for the men and women who do live news broadcast. It's hard. Don't think so? You try it. Still, when they mess up, usually it's funny. In the video below, a New York Fox 5 anchor says, "Keep f*cking that chicken." to the weather person. Why? I don't know.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

As I mentioned before, I have respect for news people. They can do 1000 stories right and get one fact wrong on one story and everybody jumps down their throats. I wish people would hold bloggers to the same standards. Other bloggers.


Woman Leaves 6 Year Old Child To Babysit Family

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When you can't afford a babysitter, get a family member to do it. Unless, the family member can't spell their own name. In the video below, you will see the story of a six year-old who was left to babysit its younger siblings. Yeah, younger siblings.

Thanks to WISH TV Channel 8 for posting this video at YouTube.

The mother of the child was charged with felony child neglect. Makes you wonder what misdemeanor child neglect could be? Making you child watch Hannah Montana all day?



Quentin Tarantino Attacks Guy Filming Him

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Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino , director of Inglorious Basterds, attacks a guy who is filming him when he was out getting a cup of coffee. The wanna-be paparazzi, sensing a big payday, goads the acclaimed director on. Does Tarantino falls for it? Tune in to the video to find out.

Tarantino has directed some of my favorite films including Kill Bill, Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction. If you had someone filming your every action (going to the store, going to the club, going to your friends house), wouldn't you get tired of it? Or is it the price of fame? I'm asking a lot of questions in this post.

Thanks to TASc for posting this video at LiveLeak.


Man Struggles On Wheel Of Fortune

Hey, Wheel of Fortune is hard. All those letters, the pressure of being on television and stress of looking at Pat Sajak makes Wheel of Fortune one of the most diffcult games ever.

The man in the video below struggles like a cat in a pillow case to get the puzzles correct.

Hey, I feel ya. I feel ya, man.

Solving life's puzzles. One post at a time.

Girl Falls Into Sewer While Texting On Cell Phone

In the video below, you will learn of 15 year-old Alexa Longueira who falls into a sewer while texting on her cell phone. Imagine having the skills to walk and text at the same time. Can you do it?

Thanks to panties4275437 at YouTube for posting this video. Yes, that's the real username. Chris Wragge and the beautiful hotness known as Kristine Johnson bring you this news report for CBS Channel 2 of Staten Island.

According to this report, Alexa lost a shoe.

Now, I'm not the brightest bulb on a Lite-Brite set but even I'm going to see an open manhole cover. But, I ain't everybody. What do you think?

watch your step


Florida Couple Pay $155,000 For Cloned Dog

It's not a recession if you're rich. To prove this point, a Florida couple has decided to pay $155,000 for a cloned dog. Hey, they're dog people.

Now, if you had an extra $155,000 to clone your dog, you would do it. Don't lie to me! You know you would do it! Maybe.

The dog is a clone of the couple's dog named Sir Lancelot who died in January 08. Well, that's what the company told them after the $155,000 check cleared.

To to jdischord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Remember, it's not a recession if you're rich.


Man Backs Car Over Policeman

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People gets speeding tickets everyday. Most of us have gotten at least one. Sometimes it's warranted. Sometimes it ain't. The man in this video, apparently thinks that it ain't and he's not gonna take it.

Thanks to karenbuguu at Metacafe for posting this video. You get to see courtesy of a cop cam, the normal routine of giving a speeding ticket gone waaaaaaaaaaaay wrong.

To be fair, I've thought of doing this many times but I only thought about doing it. Eventually, I counted to ten, envisioned myself in prison garb and thought "to hell with that."

The man in this video didn't have my composure and stuff.



Megan Fox Talks About Dating Rumors

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Megan Fox ,star of Whore, recently discussed dating rumors concerning her and Transformers 2 co-star Shia something or other.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube and to Fox for being so open...with her feelings and all.

According to reports across the Internets, Transformers 2 has made over 400 million dollars in the USA alone as of August 18, 2009. 400 million. That is a lot of cheese. Imagine if it had good reviews.

Are you people that desperate for entertainment? Is this recession that mind blowing? Is Megan Fox that hot?

Well, maybe she is.


Huge Mudslide Destroys Two Houses

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Mudslides apparently are commonplace in Brazil, birthplace of Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen. In the video below, you will see a giant mudslide destroying two houses. Ain't nature a bitch!

Thanks to Jdiscord at LiveLeak for posting this video. As I said before, I don't where jdiscord and other get these videos, but I'm glad they do.

In the video, you will hear a woman screaming at the destruction.

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Two Boats Crashes Head On



Criss Angel Removes Bra With Magic

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Criss Angel is a magician. That's one of those profession that either feast or famine much like musician, bowler or blogger. That being said, Angel stepped his game up and now has an A & E television show, Chris Angel Mindfreak.

In the video below, Criss Angel magically removes bras from two different ladies. Once again I ask myself, "Why do I do this when I could be doing that?"



News Reporter and News Anchor Fight On-Air

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As I stated before, live television is the best television because anything can happen. Now, most of the times nothing unexpected happens but when it does, it usually great television.

The clip submitted by LiveLeaker PirateCopy is from Good Day New York. The news reporter tries to get to bottom of a dispute between an apartment tenant and the landlord. Watch after the the news anchor chimes in.

Local television news shows are great sources for the unexpected. Most of the times they have no answer when something goes wrong. Most broadcasters probably rue the day YouTube and LiveLeak were invented.

Fight On


Boy Rides Go-Cart Attached To Car At 40 MPH

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An unnamed boy is sought by Shropshire (a county in England) police for uploading a video to YouTube. Not just any video, a video of the boy riding a go- kart attached to a car going about 40 miles per hour.

According to Sky News, Police have slammed the stunt, saying it risked the lives of those taking part as well as other road users.

Yeah, horses too.
Thanks to komakazzi at Liveleak for posting this video.

Is this how Danica Patrick got started?

To be honest, if I were a kid and someone offered me the chance to ride a go-kart like this, I would. But, I would be an immature kid. What else would you expect? It looks like fun but it is dangerous.

No responsibilities at all


Teacher Crystal Defanti Mails Her Sex Tape To 5th Graders

Don't you hate it when you accidentally send your sex tape to children? Man, how many times have you done that? None? I didn't think so but the teacher(named Crystal Defanti) in the video below apparently doesn't have our good sense.

5th grade students at Isabelle Elementary, located in Sacramento, California, were shocked when a DVD that highlighted various activities over the school year also featured their teacher having sex on a couch with her boyfriend. Defanti created the DVD and mailed it to the parents of the students and claims it was an accident.

Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

This has to be one of the funniest news video I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. From the parent describing the video to the fuzzed out portions of Defanti having sex shown repeatedly by the local news that's too graphic but we're going keep showing it anyways.



San Francisco Trolley Accident

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Recently, one San Francisco trolley rammed into another. In the video below, you will see the accident.

Thanks to jdiscord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to jdiscord, The National Transportation Safety Board investigators said the video is part of their examination into what happened and why. The crash sent four people to the hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries. 43 others were less seriously injured.

Watch the ho-hum actions of the people on the train platform. Oh, look at the trolley wreck. You'd think that kind of thing happens everyday.


Miami Supermarket Shootout

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On July 14, 2009, three unidentified men broke into a supermarket in Miami and began shooting at the store clerk. The video was captured on CCTV and released by the police. Not going out like a punk, the store clerk returns fire.

Thanks to jdiscord at LiveLeak for posting this video.

In the video below, you will see the shootout. The clerk takes a bullet and is currently recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

How much money can you get a supermarket? Really? Don't they know where the money is? Banks! Oh, wait a minute. Nevermind.



Girl Falls Face Down On A Segway

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Remember the Segway? Remember how it was supposed to change the universe? How it was suppose to change how we think of transportation? Do you know anyone who owns a Segway? Have you ever seen groups of people on Segways? If you ask someone what a Segway is, would they think you meant Subway?

Anyway. One of the girls in the video below demonstrates one of the reasons why the Segway Human Transporter may never take off.

Once again thanks to beck64 for posting this video at LiveLeak.

These things are still over $5000? You ever heard a bicycle? A skateboard? Roller skates? Feet?

Check out the Segway PT i2 Ferrari at $10,000. If you're gonna waste money, waste it in style.



News Reporter Laughs At Murder Suspect On-Air

The reporter sees the mug shot of the supected murderer and loses it during a live report. Hey, it happens. It gives me more material to use. On air personalites screwing up on live television is one of my favorite types of video to post.

Thanks to FailBlog for posting this video at YouTube.

You know the station issued an apology the next day.

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Dallas School Accused Of Staging Steel Cage Fights

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I'm old enough to remember paddlings at school. Now, some schools deal with kids by staging steel cage boxing matches. I don't think this is an improvement.

According to this Associated Press video report, at South Oak Cliff High School in Dallas, troubled students would settle their beefs through steel cage fights. Allegedly, these fights were approved by the school's principal and several teachers. Thanks a lot public education.

Thanks to AP for posting this video.

Let's see, Science Club, Math Club and now Fight Club.

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Warehouse Destroyed After Earthquake Caught On Tape

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Without guilt, I wish this would of happened in one the many warehouses where I worked. In the video below, you will see several fully loaded racks at a warehouse destroyed in the aftermath of an earthquake.

Thanks to Rubicon Cube at LiveLeak for posting this CCTV video.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who logs onto VlogHog. I don't care if it was by accident, through a link, Stumble or court order. Thank you.

2009 will be a record year for this blog.



Obama And The 16 Year Old Brazilian Girl Video

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The picture to the right has the Internet all buzzing. It appears that President Obama stares at the ass of a 17 year-old Brazilian delegate named Mayora Taveras. I thought in the age of the Internet that people would wait until video evidence appeared. NO! Blogs around the world are naming this scandal something as tired as Bootygate.

In the video below, you will see the truth. Remember that? You will see that absolutely nothing happened.

Thanks to MSNBC for posting this video.

I thought this was 2009. In this age of Photoshop, do people still get hot over pictures? It could have been a fake. Without question, I would have waited for the video to appear. I did.




The S & M Workout For $150 An Hour

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For the low low price of $150 an hour, you can get Mistress Victoria's S & M workout. Yes, S & M as in sadism and masochism. I don't have to lie because I have video to back me up.

Thanks to Diagonal View for producing this video and placing it on YouTube.

You know, I put in a lot of hours into blog. Believe it or not, putting together this blog is a lot of work. Really! But, this Mistress Victoria is making $150 an hour to insult and whip people with this S&M workout scam. Shockingly, a lot of people pay it.

As usual, I'm in the wrong business.


Man Claims To Have Eaten 23,000 Big Macs

According to the AP, Wisconsin resident Don Gorske, has eaten over 23,000 Big Macs in the last 36 years. Now, how does the AP know this? They know because Gorske has kept all of his MacDonald's receipts in a box. Hey, it's a free country, man.

Forget the 23,000 Big Macs, Don Gorske or all the special sauce in his colon, answer me this: How did this story make it to the AP?

Does Gorske have an agent who peddles his story to news outlets? Was it a slow news day? In 2008, rarely has there been a slow news day. How did this man get his 15 minutes of fame?

I ask because I'm spending hundreds of dollars, hours of my life, creating carpal tunnel syndrome just to get people to view this blog. (All of whom I love and will put in my will as soon as I get some assets and stuff.) How do I get the AP to do a story on VlogHog?

Sure eating 23,000 Big Mac is interesting and strange. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have posted the link to the video. But is it worthy of the AP?

So, if you know how this happens, post a comment on to enlighten me and others.

God bless America.

Fat free


Employee Runs Over Co-Worker With Forklift

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I've worked in many warehouses. (No, I haven't been an award winning blogger all my life.) There have been many times that I've wanted to run over my co-workers on purpose. Many times. In the video below, you will see a warehouse employee run over a co-worker by accident. I think.

Thanks to Rubicon_Cube at LiveLeak for posting this video.


many times


Joey Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest

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On July 4th, 2009, Joey Chestnut won the Coney Island Hot Dog eating contest for the third year in a row. He ate 68 hot dogs in twelve minutes. 68. I don't think I could eat 68 hot dogs in 12 months. On a recent ESPN program, Chestnut claims to make over 100,000 dollars a year in eating competitions. Everybody makes money except me.

In the video below, you will see highlights of the 09 contest. Yeah, it's disgusting.

Thanks to Major League Eating for posting this video at YouTube.

Yeah, there is Major League Eating. Seriously, I don't make this stuff up.

If Wikipedia is correct, Chestnut, a competitive eater, once ate 103 Krystal burgers in 12 minutes at the Krystal Square Off in Chattanooga, Tennessee.



Bomb Made Out Of 5000 Sparklers

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Is this why I can't buy fireworks in Alabama? Over at LiveLeak this gem of a video was discovered by the VlogHog staff.

Someone (more than likely men) has gathered over 5000 sparklers and decided to make a bomb. A bomb. This is the kind of stuff that gives explosions a bad name. Look, I like a good bang like everyone else but if you buy that many sparklers, soon you'll have people making laws restricting the sale of fireworks. Be inventive. Make a bomb out good old fashion baking soda, chewing gum and Vagisil like MacGyver would do. That would be way more impressive than 5000 sparklers tied together or whatever.

Happy Fourth Of July

making the world safer and cleaner.

Tornado VS Freight Train Video

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Watch as a freight train attempts to roll past a tornado. A freight train weighs tons and should go through a tornado with ease. Right? Right?

Thanks to fecks at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Watching this video just reminds me how powerful a force nature is. When I hear that man is causing global warming, it just makes me laugh. Man has the power to destroy a planet? This ain't Star Wars.

The Earth has been around millions of years. It'll be alright, Al Gore.

still standing

Two Guys Microwave Fireworks

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Is it a good idea to microwave fireworks? The two guys at IDEO Productions did this experiment last year to find out and for your viewing pleasure filmed it and put on the Internets.

Thanks to the guys at IDEO Productions for posting this video on YouTube.

"Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?" is one of the segments at the IDEO Productions page on YouTube. To date, they have microwaved a toaster, a nerf gun, silly putty, Transformers and a dildo among other things. They have over 100, 000 subscribers at their channel. Really.

God bless the microwave.

done in 30 seconds


Girl Shoots Bottle Rocket Out Of Her Mouth

Happy Independence Day.

This is why Al Gore invented the Internet. News? No. Google Maps? No. Porn? Maybe. The correct answer is this video featuring a girl shooting a bottle rocket out of her mouth.

This is not a fake. If it is, it's a damn good one. The girl in this video actually shoots a bottle rocket out of her mouth and then has the nerve to film it. Not that I'm complaining. This is marriage material for some men.

The video was posted at LiveLeak by Fuqitol .

Now, being of sound mind, I know what some of you are thinking, "Aren't you irresponsible for posting a link to this?" " Why show this when it might make other kids do the same?" and, "Don't you have a real job?"

Happy Fourth of July

What Is Vlog Hog Part Two.


WNBC's Sue Simmons Curses On TV

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During a promo for the WNBC news, Sue Simmons, anchor, curses at someone for doing something she didn't like. What word did she use? Watch the video and learn!

Thanks to FailBlog for posting this video at YouTube.

Cursing television news anchors get a free pass to the front page of VlogHog. This is why the Internet was invented. To watch news anchors lose their cool live on television. More power to Sue Simmons.


Feel Free To Comment On VlogHog

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Leaving comments on this blog is encouraged. Feel free to use the Post a Comment feature at the bottom of all posts. To all who have commented, thank you. Without visitors, doing a daily blog is pointless.

There are some rules to commenting on VlogHog.

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Sarah Palin Resigns As Governor Of Alaska

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Today, July 3, 2009, Sarah Palin (R) resigned as Governor of Alaska. In the video below, she gives part of the reasons why. You won't have ole Palin to kick around anymore.

Thanks to Fox News for posting this video at YouTube.

Let this be known Republican women around the world. There is a double standard. You will be judged more harshly than your Democrat counterparts. It don't matter if you're a woman. You're a Republican and the press will rip you to pieces. In the recent presidential election, Joe Biden (D), our current vice-president made more gaffes than Obama, McCain and Palin combined. (Look through my archives to see how Biden videos I linked to) Still, large parts of the media was obsessed with destroying Palin. So if you're a Republican and a woman and want to achieve high success in office watch your weakside.

in 2012

Man Creates Giant Breast Sculptures

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In the video below, you will learn about Shu Young,the artist who creates giant sculpture of breasts. And I don't mean chicken breasts.

Thanks to Diagonal UK for posting this at YouTube.

Some of our greatest works of art are of naked people. Truth be told, I can't think of them right now but I know I've seen sculptures of naked men and women that my teachers would say were art.

Bigger is better

Dallas Police Chase Ends In Wreck

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Watch as Shepard Smith narrates this Dallas police car chase. According to Smith, the officers were making a routine traffic stop and somehow detected drugs and off the driver went.

Thanks to crazymman at LiveLeak for posting this video.

I've posted this before but I'll post it again: you can't outrun the cops. Yeah, it looks cool in the movies when someone does it but that's fantasy. In real life, car engines burn out, tires explode, people get in your way, cops lay down spike strips, you run out of gas, your transmission locks up and all kinds of other stuff that doesn't happen on the screen.

But, you do have a story to tell your grand kids and other felons in the joint.

Speed Demon


Reporter Steve Ryan KTNV Slaps Man Live On TV

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Steve Ryan, reporter for KTNV, wants to do a report on the death of Michael Jackson (1958-2009) in Las Vegas but a drunk idiot keeps interrupting him. So, Ryan does what comes naturally and slaps him.

Thanks to bellava for posting this video at LiveLeak.

Without remorse, I post sensational videos at VlogHog so I cheer for people to interrupt live newcasts. Hey, do you want to watch boring videos? I don't.

punch drunk

Michael Jackson's Face Morph Video

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It's no secret that Michael Jackson (1958-2009) received several plastic surgery operation. The video below shows how Jackson's face changed dramatically over the decades.

Thanks to simon0712 for posting this video at Metacafe.

Michael Jackson deserves to placed among the greatest musicians of all time. His songs will be played for an eternity. Unfortunately, one of his enduring legacies will also be how he changed his appearance over the years. This is inevitable. Hopefully people won't forget the music.

Always changing

Motorcycle Racer Wipes Out Photographer

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Watch as a motorcycle racer wipes out a photographer. The racer begins to shake, then all hell breaks loose.

Thanks to slovenac81 for posting this video at LiveLeak. You have my permission to go see all of their videos at LiveLeak. Just be back home before the street light comes on.

Watch out!


Paula Deen's Pants Fall Down On Stage Video

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Daytime Emmy award winning Paula Deen is one of the most popular personalities featured on The Food Network. In early March 09, Deen appeared at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami to promote her various products bearing her name. While walking across the stage to show off a microphone that was attached to her back, her pants fell down.

Thanks to MiamiNewsTime for posting this video at YouTube.

Some of you may be thinking, "What kind of perv are you." Well, excuse me, pants falling down is a comedy staple along with tripping, slipping and vomiting. Okay, I made up some of that stuff but Paula Deen laughed at herself and the world goes on.

Lighten up, Francis.

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Red Hair Girl Dances Like Michael Jackson At Wedding 2007

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This is why the Internet will never die. This clip features a red headed girl dancing to Michael Jackson's song "Beat It" (1983) from the album Thriller. I think this was filmed in 2007. Does it matter? Making an ass out of yourself in public is timeless.

Who am I kidding? I'm just going bite her moves away.

As you now know, Michael Jackson(1958-2009) recently passed from cardiac arrest. All that needs to be said about his music legacy is that Thriller (1982) has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. To compare, if a CD goes platinum, for the most part, it is considered a huge success. Platinum is over 1,000,000 copies sold. Thriller did that 50 times over and continues to sell hundreds of thousands units worldwide today. Put it this way, the sales of Thriller gave Michael Jackson enough money to buy the a large portion of the Beatles song catalog in 1985 for 47 million dollars. If you tried to buy the Beatles catalog today, your looking at 200 million or more dollars. Way more.

Jackson wasn't a niche artist. In his prime and afterwards, he appealed to the world. Everybody. You don't sell over 50 million copies of an album to one group of people. This was intentional. He wanted to entertain everybody. He wanted mass appeal. He wanted Thriller to be the biggest selling album ever while it was being recorded. For better or worse, he achieved his goal.

His music will be missed.


Kendra Wilkinson Gets Married At The Playboy Mansion

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Kendra Wilkinson

Today June 27, 2009 Kendra Wilkinson, former star of Girls Next Door and current star of Kendra! on E! will marry Philadelphia Eagle wideout Hank Baskett, who was once on one of my Fantasy Football teams. You still reading this?

Wilkinson and Baskett will marry at the Playboy Mansion. Really.

Will it go off without a hitch? Will Hef object? Do you care what Kendra Wilkinson does with her clothes on? Stay tuned.

Thanks to ITN for providing this video clip of Kendra as she discusses her big day.

The blog next door


Look For Changes To VlogHog In July

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Look for major changes for VlogHog, a video blog that post the most sensational videos on the net, beginning in July. Serious changes. Changes that will rock the entire Internet. Changes that will affect the universe and stuff.

What kind of changes? Look for more original content, wilder videos, prizes, interviews by me, giveaways, blantant promotion, Adriana Lima nude, longer articles, lawsuits, uncensored videos and all kinds of stuff.

Also, on the horizon, will be a major design change in this blog. You will be able to trackback, Comment Luv, LinkLuv and all that within the next months as this blog will become a .com and a not a blogspot.

The changes will come fast and furious but the main purpose of this blog will remain the same: to post the most sensational videos on the net.

So, stay tuned and keep watching.

Anthony Lloyd

Pictured: Jennifer Love Hewitt who has nothing to do with this post or blog.

No, Adriana Lima is not going to appear nude on this blog. I just wanted to see if anyone actually reads what I write.


Man Threads Snake Through His Nose

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This video was labelled "Guy Eats 200 Worms Live" at YouTube. Now, the man named Mano does that in the first part of the video but the real highlight is what he does afterwards. After finishing off the last slimy worm, Mano threads a snake through his nose and pulls it out of his mouth.

Now, I told you what's going to happen. If you watch and get grossed out, don't blame me. You've been warned and stuff.

Thanks to Diagonal View at YouTube for posting this video.

Again, if you don't like watching gross stuff, don't watch this video.



Amazing Bat Trick By Josh Womack

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Watch as Josh Womack, an outfielder for the AAA Long Beach Armada, performs a release and catch trick with a legal baseball bat.

Thanks to Jay Boulware for posting this video at LiveLeak.

Yeah, it looks easy but go out and try it. Then when you try it put it on video and post it to YouTube, LiveLeak or Metacafe.

Remember, Josh Womack is in AAA ball. One step before The Show aka the major leagues. So go out and buy his baseball card before it goes up.

No tricks

Miley Cyrus Racy Pictures On Twitter?

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Miley Cyrus, 16 and a half, recently had pictures that some consider too sexy for a 16 year-old to expose. The Last Song director, Adam Shankman (I never heard of him either), posted these alleged racy pictures on his Twitter account.

Thanks to CelebTV for posting this video at YouTube. You will the pictures that are causing the stir up.

Not that long ago, Jamie Fox, star of Ray and Miami Vice, got into a lot of hot water for comments about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana which included telling her to go make a sex tape. Not long after, he was raked over the coals like ribs on the Fourth of July. Will little unknown director (at least to me) Adam Shankman get the same media beatdown for these alleged racy pictures?

Stay tuned.


Police Officer Dragged And Run Over

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Yet another reason I ain't becoming a police officer. On a routine traffic stop, a Villa Rica police officer was dragged and run over by an unlicensed driver.

Thanks to Jay Boulware of Gainesville, Florida for posting this at LiveLeak

According to Boulware, the Villa Rica, Georgia officer is said to be at home recuperating from injuries.

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Father Buys Son 88 Million Dollars Powerball Ticket

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Recently, Bill Wilson, a King's Mountain resident, bought his son Jeffery a Powerball ticket as a gift. And sure as shooting, the quick pick selection hit for 88 MILLION DOLLARS.

Thanks to WCNCVIDEO out of Charlotte, North Carolina for posting this video at YouTube.

The take after taxes for the Wilson's was 29 million dollars according to this video report. That's right. 59 million in federal, state and local taxes. That a lot of bailout money.

I wonder what Jeffery got his father for Father's Day?

Absolutely Worthless

Bottled Tap Water To Be Sold In New York

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This has to be one of the coolest scams in all of the universe and it has to be one of the greatest. A company will bottle New York tap water and sell it back on the market. Some people will pay for what they can get for free at home. God bless the U S of A.

Now, I don't like telling people what to do but how some people react to the question, "Would you buy this?" asked by a New York Post reporter.

The New York Post posted this report online at their site at YouTube.

Captialism is beautiful.
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The 100 Million Dollar High School

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Meet Antelope High School, the $100 million high school. ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Ultimately, it was financed by a bond measure. If you live in Antelope, California, you should go visit. There is valet parking and a five-star restaurant I believe.

Thanks to KCRA , where news comes first, in Sacramento for the video.

Democrats are always claiming that public schools need more money. Well, this school has enough cheese to feed rats until the end time. So, it should be a great school that produces the future leaders of America. Right?

Ultimately, I'd love to see the graduation rate at this public school.

Worth billions

Repo Men Making A Killing During Recession

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There are a lot of recession proof jobs: bill collector, soup kitchen worker and now repo man.

In the video below, you will ride along with a repo man, a person who repossesses vehicles from people behind in payments, in Atlanta and learn that business is booming.

Thanks to CBS for posting this video.

Hey, don't feel too bad for these people. You get to reap the benefits as the vehicles repossessed are sold at auction to dealers and then to people like you and me at a discount.

We all win.

You buy that?

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Mattress With A Million Dollars Thrown Out

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A family recently brought an elderly relative a brand new mattress as a gift. The old mattress was thrown out in the trash. Forgotten like yesterday's blog post. Unfortunately, the old mattress had the elderly relative/s life savings in it. Over a million dollars in savings.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

Be honest. If you came across this mattress somehow, and knew the story behind it, would you keep it? Would you take some money but give the mattress and some change back? Would you give the entire mattress and the fortune back and call it a day?

You decide.

Take time to visit my new blog at Electric Swag. You can win top tech gadgets from Panasonic, Samsung, Verizon and other top tech companies. This new blog is exclusively for bloggers. Check it out.


Drug Dealers Throw Cash Onto Highway During Police Chase

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Talk about making it rain. During a recent high sp e eed police chase, two drug dealers decided to throw thousands of dollars onto a San Diego highway while they were being chased.

We are not talking about one dollar bills. Hundred dollar bills were being tossed around like beads during Mardi Gras. Hundred dollar bills.

So what do the civic minded people of San Diego do when they see hundred dollar bills flying through the air? They do what I would of done, they go after the cheese.

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Forklift Driver Nearly Crushed

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From apperances, it looks like the forklift driver barely bumps the rack that he knocks down but from my experience from driving a forklift, it don't take much to knock down anything. In the video below, a forklift driver is nearly crushed by a rack that he bumps.

Thanks to michi-player at LiveLeak for posting this video. According to post, the driver wasn't hurt.

Being a former forklift driver, I can tell you, the person should be driving backwards with the load behind them. Maybe I'm in the wrong business. Clearly I should be teaching industrial arts.



Kim Kardashian In Bikini at the Beach

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In this video, Kim Kardashian tries to hide her ass from the paparazzi while at the beach. Now, this is like Shaquille O'Neal trying to hide his legs, Angelina Jolie trying to hide her lips or Bill Gates trying to hide his money. Kim Kardashian, however, tries anyway.

Why is Kim Kardashian, who has a sex tape that she approves of, ashamed of showing her rear? First, she's in a bikini. Second, she's in bikini. Lastly, she's in a bikini.

Never try to hide how you look. If God gave you a big ass, learn to live with it.

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Car Crashes Through Bakery Hits Baby

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According to beck64 , who posted this video, no one in this accident was injured. You will have to judge for yourself if you watch.

In the video below, a car crashes through a bakery and nearly severely injures a woman and an infant.

Thanks to beck64 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

A warning. This is a shocking video and at first it seems the child is crushed.



An Oklahoma City To Regulate Toy Guns

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You learn something new everyday as a blogger. I didn't know that there was a federal law that toy guns that look real must have an orange tip. Well, in Edmond, Oklahoma some people are removing that orange tip and making toy guns look real.

Thanks to KOCO in Oklahoma City for posting this video at YouTube.

Some toy guns made in modern times do look similar to real guns. I guess the days of using two fingers to make a gun just looks goofy now. Kids want authenticity. Spoiled bastards.


Lingerie Football League To Charlotte?

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Did you know that there is a Lingerie Football League? Don't be shocked, I didn't know either and I'm suppose to know about these things being a male chauvinist pig. Well, Atlanta once had a Lingerie Football League called the Atlanta Steam and it ran out of steam and now wants to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube.

The another thing I learned is how many people you have to get "approval" from before moving a Lingerie Football League team to a city. The city council, the Charlotte Sports Commission, the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and other people with fake jobs all have to give this team their stamp of approval. Well, at least in their minds they have to.

It's a bunch of women playing football in lingerie. RELAX.

The league kicks off in September 2009.



The Little Mermaid Rectal Thermometer

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Merchandising knows no bounds. How's The Little Mermaid rectal thermometer for ya? You know that someone in promotions department at Disney got a laugh out of this.

Thanks to Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia at YouTube for creating and posting this video.

Is Disney so hard up for money that a Little Mermaid rectal thermometer gets the thumbs up? We will come out this recession eventually. What asshole approved this?



Domino's Employees Face Criminal Charges

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Remember that adorable couple of young people from Conover, North Carolina who put a video of themselves on YouTube tampering with food at a Domino's Pizza? Yeah, those assholes. Well, one of them, the woman named Christi Lynn Hammonds, was a registered sex offender. Well, on the bright side, the couple turned themselves in the police and the local Conover health department closed down that Domino's. Oh yeah, the two were fired.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube. Will Domino's Pizza ever be the same?

Truth be told, there are a lot of former criminals working at many fast food restaurants. Many. You know it's true. Fast food used to be a haven for high school kids but now many of your favorite fast food joints have illegal aliens, ex-cons and current cons. Look it up.


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Should You Microwave Twinkies?

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Should you microwave Twinkies? Yeah, I know you can but should you? I haven't had the guts to actually put one in a microwave oven but some kids at YouTube have and even made a video and stuff.

Thanks to Ideo Prouductions at YouTube for posting this video.

The urban myth is that a Twinkie can last forever like roaches and Madonna's singing career. Since forever hasn't existed, how anyone knows this is beyond me. Does that make any sense?