The World's Largest Truck

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This video from LiveLeak features the world's largest truck: The Terex Titan. It weighs 260 tons, has a 3650 horsepower engine and is 22 feet tall. P. Diddy was seen buying one to be pimped out.

This truck is used in pit mines and to bring Michael Moore his snacks. Created by GM (that stands for General Mills), it would cost well more than you or I could afford i.e. I've looked all over the Internet and couldn't find a price for it.

VlogHog: More useless videos than YouTube and Metacafe: COMBINED.

Man Tries To Escape Police On ATV

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If you want to escape from the police, an ATV probably ain't the best way to go. If you got one of those speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi? Now, you're cooking with vegetable oil.

In the video posted below, a man (0f course) tries to escape from the police on an ATV. Why? Does it really matter?

Thanks to e4bannan for posting this at LiveLeak.

At what point did this dude think, "I got this!"

Maybe he should of went off road like the ATV is designed to take. That's just one suggestion.



Drunk Runs Over Himself In Santa Fe Police Chase

If you're drunk and you drive, you deserve to run over yourself. In the video below, you will see a drunk driver trying to escape from Santa-Fe police, nearly running into several innocence people and finally running over himself.

21 year-old Roy Aguliar was treated for minor injuries after his accident. According to the report, there was a half-gallon bottle of vodka on the urine soaked driver's seat. Yeah.

Ladies, I think he's single.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

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Driving Through A Hail Storm

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Hail storms ain't fun. Giant chunks out ice falling out the sky tearing through your ride. In the video below, watch as a driver captures giant hail smashes through a windshield on their camera.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

The person driving in this video is having all kinds of fun.

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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Thanksgiving Episode

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This is how smart I am. When The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air went off the air, I thought Will Smith's career was over. Done. Remember, this was May of 1996 and Smith only had Bad Boys and Six Degrees of Separation as his movie credits. It wasn't hating. I thought he, like many former sitcom stars, wouldn't be accepted when playing another character.

Well, this is why I don't provide stock tips on VlogHog. Without question, Will Smith is the biggest movie star in the world. No one comes close. No one.

Oh, he's has a couple of top ten songs during the time I thought his career was toast.

Hey, I was wrong and stuff.

Ashley has grown up

Season 10 Thanksgiving Episode of Friends

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NBC had this show called Friends that starred Jennifer Aniston and other people. In the video below, you will see the Thanksgiving episode from season ten of the popular comedy show.

Every season Friends was on the air, it was a top ten show. Every year. Seinfeld, The Cosby Show or Cheers can't claim that fact.

So, it was almost as big as VlogHog.

You buying that?

Happy Thanksgiving

Deep Fried Turkey Disaster

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I'm all for deep frying anything. I was raised in the South where chicken-fried steak is considered fine dining by many. Naturally, deep frying turkeys has grown in popularity over the last few years. This is the process where you take a whole turkey and drop it into scalding hot oil. Hell, yeah! With this in mind, you know that accidents will happen. True dat.

In the video below, you will see the consequences of placing a partial frozen turkey into a 500 degree deep fryer filled with boiling oil. Yeah, some people do this.

Thanks to NBC affiliate WLWT Channel 5 in Cincinnati, Ohio for producing this video.

Remember, don't be an idiot or be an idiot and film it so I can have material.

Happy Thanksgiving


Vacuum Cat

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As a VlogHog, I have to search YouTube, Metacafe or Revver for funny videos to get people to watch and stay at this soon to be award winning blog. Inevitably, I come across silly, disgusting and occasionally a good video. But, strange is the category that dominates most video hosting services. This video is in that category.

Someone vacuums a cat and decides to film it, edit it and place it on YouTube. Hmmm. Make your own judgements, I don't own ya but it seems strange to me. I could understand filming a dog trick or a talking parrot but a vacuumed cat? Could this be the next YouTube sensation?

VlogHog does not resort to stunt videos to boost viewers. Anymore.


Two Boats Crash Head On

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In the video below, you will see two boats crashing head on. There is a lot of sea out there and stuff. How does this happen? Maybe it was a big game of chicken.

Thanks to the knightsbridge at LiveLeak for posting this video.

While viewing the video, you will see that the miles and miles of water surrounding the boats. Was it intentional?

Be careful out there.

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Giant Meteor Crashes In Canada

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Somebody wake up Art Bell. A giant meteor crashes in Edmonton, Canada and it's flight is captured on a police car's camera. No one know exactly where it landed.

In the videos below, you will see several angle of this spectacular meteor crash in Edmonton, Canada.

Now, the media is saying it's a meteor. But is it? If it hasn't been found, how can they be so sure of what it is? Hmmmmmm?

Stay tuned.



89 Year-Old Woman Arrested For Keeping Football

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A football lands in your yard. What do you do? Well, don't keep it or maybe you'll get charged with petty theft like 89 year-old Edna Jester.

In the video below, an 89-year old woman is arrested after keeping a football that lands in her yard. According to this report, Ms. Jester had warned her next door neighbors to stop trespassing to retrieve the misfired pigskin. Finally, she kept the ball and wouldn't return it.

Thanks to WLWT-TV , Where News Comes First, in Cincinnati for posting this at YouTube.

Free Edna Jester.


Reporter Attacked By Cat On Air

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Animals don't give great interviews. They're animals. The reporter in this clip finds this out soon enough.

WJW Fox 8's Kathleen Cochrane tells the story of a couple who were arrested on animal abuse charges. The lowlife couple threw two cats out of a moving car and unfortunately, the cats died. The couple is then sentenced to work in an animal shelter by a judge. As the video begins, Cochrane is in the shelter holding a feline similar to the ones that were killed.

The cat is camera shy, apparently, and attacks our brave reporter.

Like a true professional, Cochrane regains her composure and continues the report. The show must go on.

Thanks to leaker010101 at LiveLeak for posting the first video and cms0678 at YouTube for posting the follow-up report.

The follow-up



Traffic Reporter Jennie Stencel Does Traffic Rap

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I can't explain this. I've talked to my lawyer, clergy and the local city council and we all don't know what to make of this. A traffic reporter from WXII Channel 12 in Winston, Salem, raps her traffic report as a change of pace.

It's worse than it sounds. Don't take my word for it, watch it yourself.

The reporter is Jennie Stencel and this clip has been featured on MSNBC, CNN and E!

Thanks to some research, I've discovered that Stencel is also a comedian.

Thank God.

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Children Day Care Doubles As Meth Lab

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If you didn't know, Missouri is considered by some to be the meth capital of America. Don't believe me? Read this. But, Missouri residents were shocked to discover that a meth lab was being run out of a children's day care.
Well, the one guy in this video acted that way on camera.

In the video below, you can view the report from KMBC-TV detailing the world's worst day care.

Thanks to KMBC-TV for posting this at YouTube.

Seriously, how low can you get? Are you that desperate for money? Is taking a second job that lame or are the profits from selling meth that high?



Britney Spears Live And UnCut Unfortunately

Singing is a true talent. Singing well is a true talent. Yet, many posers still make the charts and make millions. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Britney Spears is one of them.

In the video posted by theblue8 at LiveLeak, you will hear the former Mrs. Federline without the aid of studio magic. Raw and uncensored. Live and uncut. Unfortunately.

You have been warned.

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Hey, I warned you.

Thief Uses Forklift To Steal ATM

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The person in this video uses a forklift to steal an ATM and gets away with it. A direct crook is an effective crook, I guess. To date, no one has been arrested for this crime that took place in Montgomery, Alabama.

Thanks to barnesy at LiveLeak for posting this video.

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Adriana Lima in the Miracle Bra

What can I tell you? I like Adriana Lima. If you have been following VlogHog since day one, you would see that I do a lot of stories on the Victoria's Secret model. She and Tyra Banks may be the two most covered women in the VlogHog archives. Go and look. I dare ya.

In the video below, you go behind the scenes with Lima and the Miracle Bra. What miracles does this bra perform? Do you really care? It's a hot woman in a bra.

Thanks to the Victoria's Secret channel at YouTube for producing this video. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

(Hey, I got it in HD now --- VlogHog 2010)



Indianapolis Students Toilet Paper A Whole Mountain

Originally posted by Barnesy at LiveLeak, this video features a mountain that has been t.p.ed i.e. rolled i.e. toilet papered. A whole mountain.

According to MSNBC's Amy Robach, students toilet papered the road leading to Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. This video shows this in great detail. As far as I know, Peyton Manning has nothing to do with this.

The great tradition of the high school prank continues.

God bless America.

VlogHog: The most wonderful blog on Earth.

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Tyra Banks Interviews 50 Cent

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Tyra Banks has two television shows: The Trya Banks Show and America's Next Top Model. That's two paychecks in television. This put her in Bob Saget territory. In the video below, Banks interviews rapper/actor/water seller 50 Cent.

Tyra is the master interviewer. Watch how she make nearly every question to 50 about her. That's outstanding.

During the interview, Tyra says that 50 "has been paid leaps and bound." You don't get that kind of analysis on 60 Minutes and stuff. If she doesn't win several Emmy awards this year, there will be riots in the street.

I'd still would marry her.


Heidi Klum Talks About Her Knockers

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In the video below, Heidi Klum talks about the importance of a progressive tax rate in a captialist system. Some of her highlighted points include a how an increased tax rate on the high income earners...who am I kidding? Klum talks about her tits.

Who says that Victoria's Secret models are brainless? Personally, I don't care. But, I'm just a typical male.

Thanks to mike--ce61 at LiveLeak for posting this video and Victoria's Secret for employing Heidi Klum.

Yeah, being ugly has no upside.

Victoria's Nightmare

Britney Spears Impersonates Her Dad

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Britney Spears has many skills: acting, singing and directing. I didn't say she was any good at them but she has them. Now you can add impersonator to her many talents. Frank Caliendo better watch his ass. In the video below, Spears does an impersonation of her father.

Thanks to the hard working stiffs at Access Hollywood for providing this clip. Where would America be without our entertainment news services or blogs for that matter?

I'm not up on my Britney Spears news but isn't she suppose to be in jail or something? I mean if the courts think Kevin Federline is considered a better parent than you, shouldn't you be in lock down somewhere?

If you have an answer to this burning question, leave a comment to let me know what's up.

Britney Spears is back?


Casino Robbery Caught On Video

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Every now and again, someone tries to rob a casino. Why not? It's too tempting to some people. Money is everywhere. Who's gonna miss a couple of thousands of dollars? The men in this video rob a casino in Memphis. It all happens in less than 30 seconds.

This video was posted by Jdiscord at LiveLeak. Watch as some customers continue to play as the robbery goes down. Nothing gets between a gambler and their slots. Not even a nickel plated revolver.

According to the text posted by jdiscord, the robbers got away with $600. Yeah, $600. That's it? Well, damn! George Clooney and Brad Pitt jacked 140 million in Ocean's 11.

Step your game up fellas.



What Is Vlog Hog? Part Three

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What is Vlog Hog?

by A Lloyd

copyright 2008

VlogHog is an entertainment video blog principally designed to entertain you. I, A Lloyd, am the creator, CEO, CFO, director, music composer, editor and head writer for VlogHog. For the most part, it features video that showcases: gadgets, girls, destruction, humor and violence. Really. Look to the archives for proof. To your right.

Some of the videos are created by others such as MadTv, Mystery Science Theater, Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle and other videos I jack from YouTube, LiveLeak, Revver and Metacafe. Some of the videos are created and filmed by me on my Pentax Optio M20 Digital camera, edited on my HP Pavillion 511 w with Windows Movie Maker featuring songs that I created years ago with Sonic Foundry software. I'll upgrade when more people start visiting.

The VlogHog video channel at YouTube is designed to get people to visit and then have a percentage of those people click to vloghog.blogspot.com. It's not working.

This will not do. So I have decided to take the following steps to increase my productivity and my audience at vloghog.blogspot.com.

1. I will cut my lunch break from three hours to an hour and a half.

2. I will only steal material that people like.

3. I will re-post previous posts once a week instead of everyday.

4. I will stop visiting the cat blog.

5. I will stop playing dice with my blind neighbor for rent money.

6. I will only watch Sportscenter three times a day.

7. I will only talk to Tyra Banks once a week.

8. I will stop sending Xiaxue playa hating comments.

9. I will learn toa psell.

and finally

10. I will begin to post nude pictures of somebody. Anybody. Of legal age, of course.

My goal is to get enough people to visit here 0n a daily basis to receive a big fat check from Google each month and laugh at the common people while they drive to work angry. Ultimately, I will sit back and type innocuous comments with videos under them and count all the cheddar or keep collecting soda cans for dinner money. Whatever comes first.


some of the stuff I wrote was suppose to be funny

visit my archives and behold the glory of God


The Pink Slip Party

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You know the perfect time to party? Right after you've been fired. Think about it, wouldn't you need to loosen up after being canned? No? Well, the pink slip party is all about networking to find a new job anyway. So, it sounds kinda of boring.

The Public House of New York recently hosted an event for hundreds of unemployed folks to meet, greet, and beg employers for a new job. Yeah, drinks were served. Plenty of drinks.

Thanks to David M. Garcia of the New York Post for producing this video and YouTube for hosting it.

Yeah, I don't have to worry about unemployment. This blog supplies plenty of income for my rent plus food stamps, boosting and the Salvation Army covers the rest. So God bless me.

Apply For Your Bailout Money


Woman Jailed For Wearing Short Shorts

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Don't ever wear short shorts in Judge Janice Booth's courtroom. EVER. If you do, you might end spending three days in jail like the heroine of our next video.

Kiristie Arnold claims that it's not fair that she has to spend three days in the joint. I agree. Who made Judge Janice Booth God? Sure, the judge warned Arnold about the courtroom's dress code and maybe Ms. Arnold ran over a tombstone or two but that doesn't give Judge Janice Booth the right to act as judge, jury and executioner. Oh, maybe one of the three but not all of them.

Thanks to WKYT the CBS affiliate in Kentucky for producing this video and failblog at YouTube for posting it.

Is it time to contact the ACLU yet?



Woman Drives Through Parking Garage Automatic Door

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Does car insurance cover stupidity? I ask because it seems to me that the woman in this video drives through this automatic parking garage door on purpose. What is she going to put on her insurance forms? How is she going to explain this one.

Woman: Yeah, a giant gust of wind just blew me right through the door and stuff.
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: Yeah, I guess I got bad luck and stuff.
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: So, all I need for yall to do is pay for the door, pay for the damage to my car and emotional damage and I'll be on my way.
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: Cut me a check and I'll be outta here.
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: You don't believe me?
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: So I get nothing?
Insurer: Uh-huh.
Woman: I won't sit here and be insulted by some player hating geek. I'm gone!
Insurer: Uh-huh.

Thanks to beck64 at LiveLeak for posting this video.

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Girl With Freakishly Long Tongue

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The girl in this video has a looooooooooooong tongue. There ain't no other way to put it. Frogs are hating on her. If you have Scoliodentosaurophobia don't watch this video.

Thanks to pra4u at MetaCafe for posting the video. Pra4u has to be a man.

All I can say is she'll never be at home alone on a Friday night or any night of the week for that matter.

Who says the Internet is a giant waste of time? They lie!

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Shop Lifters Caught On Video

Shoplifters are funny. Not funny like Dave Chappelle. Funny as in strange. In this wired age, shop lifters are being caught in record numbers. Still, it doesn't stop them from doing it as this video shows.

This is a video from the TV show Inside Edition showing us EXTREME shoplifting. Children, men in wheel chairs, groups of teenagers all caught on video while shoplifting.

Thanks to zuru at LiveLeak for posting this video.

I blame all of this on Winona Ryder.


Five Tips To Help Get Traffic To Your Blog

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VlogHog is not the biggest blog in the universe. Not yet. Still, it has grown tremendously in the last few months. Look at my Alexa stats. More successful bloggers, such as Franklin Bishop, CopyBlogger and John COW all have their methods of creating a successful blog. I've used them all but have other suggestions they may not have covered. These are my five tips to get more traffic to your blog.

1. Write great descriptive titles. Writing a great title is one method of getting traffic from search engine, social media and RSS. Now, you'd think that would be obvious but from scanning some of the blog at MyBlogLog, I still see blogs with vague titles such as "Who Did This?" "Last Friday Night" or "Episode Eight." Huh? This may have worked in the late 90's when there were fewer blogs. Now, there are millions of blogs jamming up RSS readers and search engines. Get to the point! Recent blog post titles that got my attention were, "10 Things Men Must Know About Women and Shopping" by Kianah, "8 Ways To Get People To Comment" by Franklin Bishop and "What We Can Learn From E-Mail Spammers." by Dosh Dosh. Don't waste titles.

2. Tell your friends you blog. Tell your friends, family and clergy that you blog. All of your friends and family. ALL. Have them leave comments, make suggestions and contribute. When I read that a blogger is only getting ten visitors a day, I ask myself "Don't they any friends?" Get them to add your blog url to their Facebook, StumbleUpon and MySpace pages. Is it that hard?

3. Buy advertising. If your goal is to make money off of your blog, you must treat it like a business and many businesses take losses and all businesses advertise. Don't rely on word of mouth. If you true goal is to make money like John Chow, then you will have to take on advertising. StumbleUpon, Google and Yahoo all have reasonable advertising programs.

Personally, I use StumbleUpon to get visitors. It costs five cents a visitor and you get people to either look at a specific blog post or your entire page. You spend as little as a one dollar a day or as much as you want. One dollar a day will get you twenty visitors a day. Click here for more details.

4. Blog about your city. Imagine all the local press if you did an indepth blog about your city? Television, newspaper and even online media could be yours if you did an effective local blog. Blog about the local television, radio and newsprint personalities. Then, let them cover you in the local media.

5. Use stunts. Go for a world record and blog about it. Run for office and blog about it. Buy everyone at work a present and blog about it. Run a marathon and blog about it. Try out for a professional sports team and blog about it. Race a horse and blog about it. Do something that very few people are doing that's unique and blog about it. You got to do something that sets you apart from the billions of blogs out there.

Blogging for profit is hard work. Time consuming work. Unrewarding work (at first). But, it is WORK. It's a job. It's a business. It's...you get the idea.

I hope these few tips help some the bloggers who visit my site.


You may ask, why did I post a picture of Adriana Lima when I'm posting about blog tips? To illustrate another tip: posting correctly labelled pictures will get you traffic from Google Image and Yahoo Image.


Zac Efron Dies On ER

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Well, Zac Efron, star of High School Musical, really isn't dead but a character he plays croaks on the television show ER. This video is from the 8th season of the NBC medical drama.

Efron, who also stars in High School Musical 3, is only 21 and is considered one the top stars in Hollywood.

He also sings! Somehow, "What Time Is It" from High School Musical 2 hit number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Zac Efron acts, sings, makes millions and dates Vanessa Hudgens and I write a blog. Yeah, we're about even.

In the wrong business.


What Is VlogHog Part Two

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VlogHog is dedicated to finding or producing the most talked about and up and coming video on the net. Therefore, I post video I find appealing, weird, sensational or disgusting. Whatever video can hold an audience, I want it here.

There are thousands of boring videos on the net. Thousands? Check that. Millions. Trust me. I've seen most of them. VlogHog is an entertainment and news site that attempts to weed out the worst.

At the very least there will be something interesting at this vlog. Sensationalism? I only post things that catch my attention. Videos I like. Videos that are interesting to me and not what I think others will like. Therefore, I believe I can grow an audience because I believe there are millions of people like me around the world. (Actually, that's kind of scary.)

Do you have an interesting. video at YouTube, Metacafe, LiveLeak or Revver? E-mail me and let me know. If it fits the VlogHog profile, I'll post it. What's the VlogHog profile? Search the archives and see what kind of videos are posted and then suggest like minded videos. It's that easy, y'all.

If you like what you see, please, tell all or your friends, loved ones, co-workers, girls on the side, men on the side, drug dealers, teachers, dogs, cats and children about this site. (Your adult children.) Bookmark it. Link to it. Write about it and your e-mails. VlogHog is your Internet friend.


Tyra Banks Shows Women How To Use The Bathroom

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Tyra. Tyra. Tyra. So beautiful. So tall. So rich. So why are showing women how to use the bathroom? Because, it makes a great video.

Tyra Banks, star of ANTM, The Tyra Banks Show and part time singer, wants to share her secret for keeping her panties from touching the toliet seat when she goes to the bathroom with all the women around the world.

She doesn't just talk about it. She show you how to do it. Look, I wish I had th e imagination to make up something this wild.

Yo, this clip is officially sanctioned and placed on YouTube by The Tyra Banks Show. Someone didn't rip it from television and place it illegally onto the site. SHE did it. On purpose.

You think it's crude? You think it's rude? Disgusting? Well, Tyra is pulling down around 18 million dollars a year with stuff like this. I'm lucky if I make rent this month.

And her tits are real dammit.

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Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Obama

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The Simpsons have been on for a looooooooooong time. It debuted in 1989. In this video clip, Homer Simpson tries to use an electronic voting machine to vote for Barack Obama. Once again, thank God or whatever your deity you worship that this election is almost over.

This video is provided by Hulu and was posted to YouTube. Well, actually Fox and the producers of the Simpsons provided this clip and everybody else including VlogHog uses it for their own promotional purposes.

Thank to visitors to my blog and don't forget to tell your friends, family, clergy, co-workers, enemies and pets all about this site. I need them.



Alicia Keys Reminds You To Vote

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Alicia Keys, Grammy award winning singer, wants you to vote on November 4, 2008. Personally, I don't want you too. But, Alicia Keys is a Grammy award winner, beautiful, a millionaire and stars in movies. I'm just a blogger. Who are you gonna listen too? Somebody with accomplishments or me?

To be honest, I thought Alicia Keys was gonna be a one-hit wonder who only was gonna sing "Fallin" all the time. What do I know?

This video is from Keys' official channel at YouTube.


Alicia Keys

Tornado Flips Cars at Parking Lot

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In this video, the power of the tornado is demonstrated. Watch as cars and trucks are flipped around like playing cards. The next time you want to ride out a tornado, remember this video.

Thanks to butt313 at LiveLeak for posting the amazing video from CCTV. According to his post, there were people inside. Now, I can't tell from viewing but I'll take his word for it. Well, his username is butt313.

Still, what goes without question is the power of the tornado.


McCain Sign Kickers Caught On Video

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A Baltimore County family got tired of someone kicking their McCain/Palin 08 signs down and they did something about. Taking matters into their own hands, they set up surveillance cameras in their front yard and caught the culprits. Thank God this election is almost over.

Thanks to WBAL-TV 11 NBC at YouTube for posting this video. Alright, McCain ain't the greatest politician to walk God's green Earth but why kick down political signs? It doesn't accomplish anything and you might sprain an ankle. Think people.

Don't forget to go out and vote on November 4, 2008. If you already have voted, do it again tomorrow.



Vanessa Hudgens On Tyra Banks

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Vanessa Hudgens, star of Disney's High School Musical 2, isn't literally on Tyra Banks but she did appear on The Tyra Banks Show. If you didn't know Hudgens, who is 20, has nude photos of herself circulating on Al Gore's Internet.

For some reason, Disney frowns upon their talent appearing buck naked. Yeah, I don't get it either. They don't mind Donald Duck showing his white ass all over the place.

In this hard hitting interview, Tyra asks Vanessa to "tell us about the real you"and other Pulitzer Prize-like queries. This interview, however, takes place before the nude photos incident.

In an Oprah- like move to connect, Tyra shares all of her similarities to Hudgens like the fact that they are both Sagittarius. And some of you think Ms. Banks is a lightweight. That'll show you, haters!

Tonight when you pray, thank God for television, the Internet and, of course, Tyra Banks, the future Mrs. VlogHog.

We dream for a living and then die broke.

This is part one of the interview

VlogHog: The bestest blog on Electric Avenue.

Biker Films Himself Outrunning Police Car In Chase

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One of my favorite television shows in The World's Scariest Police Chases formerly on FOX but now on Court-TV starring John Bunnell, former sheriff of Multnomah County, Oregon.

Usually when watching this show I think, "This mark is not going get away?"

However, thanks to YouTube, I have found two videos of criminals who not only escape but have the nerve to film it and then upload it to YouTube.

Both escapees are on motorcycles and as far as I can tell, this is real.

Look out for the new VlogHog.


Forklift Accident Caught On Video

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In the video below, a forklift accident occurs when an employee tips over some cans. A lot of cans. For one of the few times, I can relate to what happens in a video here on VlogHog.

I've had many warehouse jobs where I had to run a forklift. (Yeah, believe or not, I haven't always been an award winning, admired by billions, multi-millionaire blogger.) At one of my many jobs, I was driving a forklift between aisles in an electronics warehouse. While I had a big screen television, a hit the up switch and broke an overhead fire sprinkler.

Water flooded the spot, the fire alarm went off and my bosses where pissed. Luckly, there was no mechandise on the racks and it was wrote off as an accident.

Video posted by beck64 at LiveLeak.

Welcome to November.

An accident waiting to happen.