How To Fry An Egg On The Sidewalk

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Finally, someone has made a video on how to fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Finally! Another reason to praise YouTube. Thank you, YouTube.

Religiously, I have watched the Food Network for hours and and hours and never once has Rachael Ray done an episode of 30 Minute Meals featuring eggs a la sidewalk.

Thanks to HowCast, I now know.  When this blogging thing tanks and I'm out on the streets, at least I'll know how to cook eggs while I'm there.

Seriously, if you're cooking your eggs on the sidewalk, why are you watching this on the Internet? Go get a job!!!

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Screaming Reporter Rides Roller Coaster

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In the video below, you will see GMTV reporter Rachel Harrison screaming as rides a roller coaster.  Do we really need a television report on a roller coaster? Isn't there anything more important going on in the world? For our entertainment purposes, Rachel Harrison of GMTV Today(London) is forced to ride a roller coaster.

What you will see is Harrison's second trip on the amusement ride. It's obvious from looking at the video that she didn't like it the first time but the show must go on and our brave reporter Rachel carries on.

The roller coaster featured in this clip, uploaded to LiveLeak, is called the Infusion and it goes over water or something.

All I have to say is I felt sorry for Rachel but laughed at her anyway.

It's a living.

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Sofia Vergara Is Proud Of Her Breasts

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Sofia Vergara, star of Modern Family, is proud of her breasts. In the video below, you will see the reasons why.  In a recent interview with SELF magazine, Vergara states,"I'm grateful I have them, and honestly, they've helped me a lot in my career...And I've always felt sexy."  Nothing wrong with that.

Are only good looking people allowed to praise their bodies? If Vergara was butt ugly, would there be some sort of uproar from the entertainment press. If, for example, Rosie O'Donnell stated "I'm the hottest woman in the world" and meant it how many late night comedians would ride that into the next year?

Hey, Vergara is a gorgeous woman.  It's okay.

The above quote was taken from this Popeater article.


California Gas Line Explosion Caught On Video

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In the video below, you will see the Pacific Gas and Light natural gas line explode in real time. Video of the current disaster was captured by CCTV at a nearby gas station.

Thanks to AP for posting this video at YouTube.

Currently, Pacific Gas and Light, who owns the natural gas line that exploded, claims that it will spend as much as 100 million dollars to help rebuild the neighborhoods in San Bruno, California that have been destroyed.  Is that enough? This is the state that just spend 578 million on one school.  One.  Seriously, I ask if this is enough money?

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The 24 Karat Gold Facial With Real Gold

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If you ignore the recession, maybe it'll go away. Just relax and look the other way as your 401k crashes and burns. To help you chill out, perhaps you need a facial. A 24 karat gold facial. All you have to do is head on over to the Le Rivage Hotel's Spa LeLa and request a facial with actual gold. Gold. That stuff that's currently over $1500 an ounce.

 If I made this stuff up, you wouldn't believe me.  For all the non-believers out there, I got video and stuff to back me up.

Thanks to KCRA 3 in Sacramento for posting this video at YouTube.

According to Stella Chung, owner of Spa LeLa, gold has anti-aging properties. Yeah.  Believe me when I say this, nothing has anti-aging properties. You age no matter what.  Sorry you had to hear it from a blogger.



Driver Just Misses Getting Hit By Train

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In the video below, you will see a driver in an SUV cross a train track. Oh, a train is coming down the track at about 80 MPHs. This driver ain't too smart.

Thanks to 3v1ld34d for posting this at LiveLeak.

Why? Why? Why!!! This person couldn't wait 30 seconds as the train crossed? 30 seconds? Come on, now.  If you lose a battle of chicken with a train, you're dead.  Period.


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Woman Dragged By Subway Train

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In the video, you will see a woman pulled along with a subway train when she won't let go of her purse that is trapped in its door.

Thanks to ColostomyGrabBag for posting this video report on LiveLeak. Yes, that's the real username. I can't make this stuff up for love or money.


Ten Ways To Support VlogHog

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If you like this blog and some of you do, there are many ways to support. In the post below, I will detail ten ways to support this blog.

* Bookmark It--- Yes, place it among your favorites in your browser.
* Re-tweet My Posts--- VlogHog has a Twitter page. If you have a Twitter page all you have to do is retweet my posts.
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Well, with the billions of webpages out there, I need all the help I could get.  So, thank you in advance,  if you do any of the listed suggestions.  Peace.


Young Man Fight Older Man At US Open

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In the video below, you will see a young man fight an older man at the US Open. At first, the young man argues with a woman then the older man steps in.  It isn't much of a fight.

Thanks to SpecialDefects for posting this at LiveLeak.

You do know that when you fight someone you can go to jail? It's not like it is in the movies and television where you fight and then laugh it off.  If you punch, push, or assault anyone in anyway, you can be charged and go to jail.   It doesn't matter if it's at the World Series, Superbowl or US Open.  Check yourself.


Jennifer Lopez Gets 12 Million For American Idol

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Jennifer Lopez will get 12 million dollars to be a judge on American Idol. Good job for Lopez's manager Benny Medina. Will she be an asset for the Fox hit show? It all depends on how much they show her ass. IMHO.

There are more details at Deadline Hollywood in a post entitled "JLo Getting Overall Fox Deal Along With $12 Million 'American Idol'  Judging Job---But Most Diva Demands Were Refused."

Hey, I was serious when I posted that this deal depends on how much they show her ass. What else is she known for? Her singing? Her acting? What?  The more tight clothes she wears the more I would want to watch.  Is she worth 12 million dollars a year for that? Ask Fox executives.

Seriously, imagine all the Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood stories there would be if the cameras would focus on her butt several times throughout the show.  More men would watch for sure.  Well, I'd watch more.



Elva Saray Hot Weather Girl Part Two

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In the video below, you will see Elva Saray doing a weather report. Without question, Saray is absolutely gorgeous IHMO.  With this in my  mind, you must realize that it doesn't matter that I don't understand a word that she is saying in this video I've posted.  Not one word.

Elva Saray is among the several hot weather reporters based in Mexico.  She's in a group with Mayte Carranco, Keren Rios, Mich Franco, Sugey Abrego and and Melissa Martinez just to name a few.

I imagine a prerequisite to report the weather in Mexico is that you must look super hot. Not that I have ANY problems with that at all.

Don't forget.  If you want to comment on the videos, this post or life in general, please post a comment in the comment section of this blog.  Keep it clean.

Or hit the Hot Weather Girl link above this post and rate the broadcasters on a scale of one to ten. 

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Yes, all the women that I linked to are weather reporters.

The World's Largest Breast Implants Removed

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In the video below, you will see Sheyla Hershey with her triple k or something sized breast. According to several news reports, she had the world's largest breast implants. She had the world's largest breast implants.  Recently, Hershey decided to have her implants removed.

According to Fox News, Hershey was forced to remove her big fake breasts because of an infection.  The infection endangered Hershey's life. 

Hershey says: "Right now, I don't have any skin left to close the hole I have there in my breast.” Ugh.  According to the video, Hershey had to go to Brazil to have her breast enlarged to the cartoonish size that they were.


Carolina Bermudez of InTouch Weekly is hot.


The World's Tallest Man Stands 8 FT Tall

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In the video below, you will see Sultan Kosen, the world's tallest man who stands at 8 feet 1 inch tall. This video is from Guinness Book Of World's Record. So you know I'm not making this stuff up.

Thanks to Guinness Book of World's Records for posting this video at YouTube.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Sultan Kosen was born on December 10, 1982 in Turkey. Turkey could of used him in the World Basketball Championship as they lost 81-64 to the USA.  Thems the breaks. Go USA!

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Car Hits Water Barrels On Highway

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In the video below, you will a car smash through several water filled barrels on a highway. Why are these barrels filled with water? I don't know. Just watch the video.

Thanks to BillyJackOnCrack for posting this video at LiveLeak. That is the name he decided to go by on LiveLeak. I don't make this stuff up.

The video doesn't show what happened to the car that made the big mess.

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Notre Dame WR TJ Jones Did Not Score Vs Michigan

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In the video below, you will see Notre Dame's wide receiver  TJ Jones  not score. Oh, it counted but in reality  TJ Jones    does not score.  Yeah, he should of scored because Notre Dame QB Dwayne Crist made a great throw and Joneses speed and skill did the rest. Except he dropped the ball at about the one yard line. For some reason, this play wasn't reviewed by the officials.  This occured during the Michigan/Notre Dame game on September 11, 2010.

They claim every play during a college game is reviewed but in this case nothing happened. The officials didn't stop the game or nothing.  Fortunately, Michigan won the game and it didn't become a bigger  controversy.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, he doesn't score. Watch the video.


Semi Truck Loses A Set Of Tires On Highway

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In the video below, you will see a set of truck tires bouncing down a very busy highway.  For some reason, somebody is filming themselves driving down the highway.  Why? I don't know. Still, while filming the journey, a set of truck tires start bouncing towards the would be filmmakers.

Thanks to jpbnw for posting this at LiveLeak.

If the tires were to cause a major accident, who would be responsible?  The trucking company, the trucker or the insurance company?  We are talking hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage potentially. That's a lot of damn money, son.  Do YOU know?


VlogHog Answers Comments Part 1: Erin Andrews Scores

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Reecently, I've decided to make regular posts of comments I answer. Yes, people do comment on the posts I make. Really. Go through the archives and see for yourself.

From Erin Andrews and the People Who Hate Her

Anynomous commented:
Erin is a no talent that ESPN has recognized could pull market share! she is no different than the Kardashians or any other no name non talent who uses their looks to advance their social position

VlogHog responsed:
If Erin Andrews "pulls market share" then she proves her worth. Talent has nothing to do with being on television or there would be no reality shows. Ratings are all that matters. Period. Good ratings means higher revenues for ESPN and Disney.  It's a business.

Television ain't art. Never has been and probably never could be. It is a business. Talent has nothing to do with who gets on television or who doesn't. Forget Erin Andrews, how many truly talented people are there on TV? I'm talking all of television.

I've said all I needed to say in the post "Erin Andrews and the People Who Hate Her."  Some people need to relax and remember what industry they are speaking about.

Erin Andrews Dances The Foxtrot on Dancing With The Stars



Man Grabs Woman's Boob On Live TV During Baseball Game

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In the video below, you will see a man grab woman's breast during a Phillies/Marlins game.  I have no idea if this man knows this woman or what.  She, however, does not seem to be bothered by it. 

Thanks to jpbnw for posting this video at LiveLeak.

Baseball needs all the help it can get.  Postseason baseball is exciting but a late regular season baseball game can be boring. If you watch a late season meaningless game,  you need anything you can to get through it. So thank the man who grabbed this woman's boob. It livened up the program.

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Man Uses SUV To Steal Laptops

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In the video below, a man uses an SUV to smash a computer store window to steal several laptops. How do I know that it was a man?  Because I can clearly see his face in the video.

Most thieves are great combination of brave and stupid.  Some are brave in that at anytime a cop could pull up on you or an angry store owner could take you out with a shotgun.  Some are stupid because, like the brain surgeon in this video, they allow themselves to be filmed on CCTV. 

Not everybody can be Robert DeNiro in Heat. Although, he was killed in that film. Spoiler alert?

Thanks to jpnbw at LiveLeak for posting this video.

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Police Chase Suspect Who Steals Metro Bus In Kansas City

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A burglary suspect steals a  metro bus and tries to escape from police in Kansas City, Kansas. A bus? A bus? A BUS? Yeah, it kinda worked in Speed but that was a movie and stuff and that bus had bombs on it.

The suspect would of been better off running away from the cops.  Still, he does get kinda far in a bus that is smoking.

What is it about Kansas City? The tv show Cops regularly features the Midwest city that has been called "The Meth Capital of The US." Is being in the middle of the United States that stressful?

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Sliding Truck Nearly Hits People On Side Of The Road

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Watch as a truck slides on the highway and nearly hits a group of people tending to a stalled vechicle.  The truck nearly hits the group. 

This is one of the scariest things that could happen as you wait on the side of the road.

Thank God everybody in this vid was kinda spry.


Phil Davison GOP Stark County Treasurer Canidate Gets Intense

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Phil Davison gives an intense speech while trying to convince GOP Stark County voters to elect him as Treasurer.  Did I write intense. I mean INTENSE. 

This is what I learned from Phil Davison, he has a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology,  a Bachelor's Degree in History, a Bachelor's in Public Adminstration and A MASTER' S DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION.

For some reason, he goes a little nuts.  A little.



Kanye West Writes Song For Taylor Swift

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Kanye West has written an apology song to Taylor Swift for interupting her acceptance speech during the MTV Video Awards in 2009. West was upset that Swift had won and believed Beyonce to be worthy of the honor.  To be honest,  I had truly forgotten about this but it's something to write about.

According to Twitter posts, West takes responsibility for his actions. Correctly, he claims that he was acting like a child.

The song is written for Swift but if she won't accept it, West claims that he will perform it himself as a tribute to her. 

West Twittered or Twitted or Tweeted or however you say it: "She deserves the apology more than anyone... Who am I to run on stage? I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down. It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. What's the point of dressing tastefully if I'm going to act the complete opposite? Yes I was that guy. A 32 year old child. When I woke up from the crazy nightmare I looked in the mirror and said GROW UP KANYE ... I take the responsibility for my actions. Beyonce didn't need that. MTV didn't need that and Taylor and her family friends and fans definitely didn't want or need that."

Better late than never I guess.  To be honest again, I thought this was something that West, MTV and Swift maybe had planned together but now I see that I was wrong. Not that I gave it that much thought.

President Obama even weighed in on the subject calling Kanye West a jackass for doing it. So West had that going for him.

Below are videos of the whole incidents.



I apologize for nothing.


What's Next At VlogHog?

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In the upcoming days, I will link to videos of stupid people calling 911, popular hot women doing stupid things and stupid people trying to outrun police. The usual but great stuff.

Plus, I will debut yet another new design for VlogHog. Why? Why not?It's free.

Plus, the race to get 500,000 more visitors to the blog begins. Then I will be able to post that over ONE MILLION people have visited VlogHog. Most of them were legit too.  Most.

The race to get this blog to the next level begins also.  To be honest, I'm not happy with the amount of visitors I get. I am happy with the visitors I do get but I want more. A lot more.  A whole lot more.

So, if you love this blog, do what you got to do to promote it.  Keep it legal.


Man Has Caught Over 3000 Foul Balls At Baseball Games

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Zack Hample has caught close to 3000 foul balls at major league baseball games according to Katie Couric of CBS NEWS.

Now, that's absolutely wonderful, but, who has time to attend that many baseball games? Now, a smart-ass would say Barry Bonds but I'm talking about fans. Well, Zack Hample was the man to do it and now has a successful blog, is publishing a book and has appeared on CBS NEWS.

According to Hample, he can ask for a ball in several different languages including sign language. Baseballs, you lames.

Thanks to rangestorm at LiveLeak for loading this video. Rangestorm may or may not work for CBS.

Visit Zack Hample's blog.

I like to feel special too.


A VlogHog PSA

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Hi, this is a VlogHog public service announcement. When you upload something to the Internet, in today's Internet, it stays on the Internet. Pictures, recipes, videos, your favorite songs lists and all that jazz.

So, when you're thinking about uploading that video of you outracing cops, getting a dry hump from a dog, or hurling on your best friend's lap, just remember, it stays on the Internet FOREVER to haunt you like a bad high school yearbook picture.

Yeah, I and billions of others get a kick out of the strange videos flowing out of YouTube, Metacafe and LiveLeak and the other video hosting sites but don't become a victim of a bad decision made to get Internet fame. Don't post that embarrassing video. Even when you take the video down, someone somewhere has downloaded it. Especially if it's good or what someone considers good. Believe it or not, you can download a video from YouTube, LiveLeak and Metacafe. Millions of people do it everyday. So, avoid the risk and keep that video on your desktop.

So, think once, twice, three times before uploading that personal video. Yeah, people like Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian get a career boost and make millions of dollars when someone posted their sex tapes online. Still, they didn't want it out there. Well, maybe they didn't want it out there. Hell, I don't know.

The point is, if you don't want me, your next door neighbor, the creepy guy that lives down the street, that woman with a thousand cats, or all of your exes who live in Texas to see the video of you drunk at the church social, keep it off the web.

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Lloyd




Cheerleader Dropped During News Broadcast

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Cheer leading is a dangerous and  stressful job. You have to be a size zero, have a flat stomach and negative 20 percent body fat. Do you qualify? The real danger comes from having to be flipped by rank amateurs.

In the video below, a cheerleader experiences one of the dangers of being a high school cheerleader.  High school cheerleaders are like the minor leagues of cheer leading. 

Hey, who am I kidding. I don't know anything about cheer leading but I got two paragraphs by faking it.

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