Tornado Destruction

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Tornado. Cows. What else do I need to type. This video is Helen Hunt free.


Miss Universe 2007 Champion - Riyo Mori Japan

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Ladies and gentlemen, my ex Riyo Mori crowned Miss Universe 2007. I'm so proud. You buy that?

we post videos and you care

riyo mori with crown
Riyo Mori


Sony's flexible, full-color OLED

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A television that is broadcast on plastic. Great. When are they gonna cure baldness? Enough with the tv's.


Toll Booth Crash...Egg Harbor NJ

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Watch as a car crashes into a toll booth in Egg Harbor, New Jersey. According to the US Census, there are 4497 people in Egg Harbor. See, you can learn something at VlogHog.


Man Tries To Steal ATM

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I've been broke in my life. In fact, I'm broke now. Really. I shouldn't be blogging. I should be working somewhere. Cutting grass. Bussing tables. Selling girl scout cookies. Something. Anything. This VlogHog stuff ain't making me jack.

Still. I've never wanted or desired to steal from anybody. Even from an ATM. The guys in this video don't share my morals. They try to steal an ATM. Watch this video from LiveLeak.


Robert Horry -vs- Steve Nash - Ouch!

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Steve Nash gets nailed by Robert Horry. This is the funniest NBA video ever. Ever. Get up, Nash.

The Natasha Galkina Story (Part One)

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The Natasha Galkina story. Where she's from, who she married, etc. Yes, this my final post about her.

Natasha Galkina Wins America's Next Top Model

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I predict that NG will win ANTM. Other VlogHog predictios: Kerry in 04, Chicago Cubs in 03, and Grindhouse will make 200 million dollars. But this time I'm right.

Natasha Galkina - Part 1

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She will be America's Next Top Model. Count on it. This and 15 dollars will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.


Natasha Galkina - Hot Mama

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Happy Mother's Day to all the hot mamas out there like Natasha Galkina of America's Next Top Model. Yes, I watch it sometimes...with the sound turned down.

Happy Mother's Day

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You're my mom, whether you like it or not.


The Worst Slam Dunk In History

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This is the worst slam attempt in history. You decide. Well, if it isn't, this clip sure is funny.

Trump Vs. Rosie

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Donald Trump disses Rosie O'Donnell. Again. I thought being a billionaire meant that you were busy. I guess Trump has a lot of time to appear on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and Larry King. Oh, well. More motivation for me to be a billionaire. I'm one billion short right now.


INCREDIBLE TORNADO VIDEO!! May 4, 2007 - Ellis Co., OK

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Watch as Stormchasers film a live tornado. It doesn't say where they are but I assume it's somewhere in the Midwest. And, no, this doesn't have Helen Hunt in it.

David Hasselhoff Eats A Burger While Drunk (Full Version)

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Is this the end for the Hoff. The man that brought us Knight Rider, Baywatch and Baywatch Nights. That hamburger does look good though.

This video was filmed by Hasselhoff's daughter.


Baby Plays With Snake As People Watch and Laugh

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Watch as a child, about 1 years old, plays with a cobra. No, I'm not making this up. A kid, a blanket and a snake all together on one video. The video is brought to you by LiveLeak member SGT__USMC.

I blame this on Snakes On A Plane. If that movie didn't make playing with snakes look like the bomb, this probably wouldn't have happened. Thanks Samuel L. Jackson. You don't have to be in every movie that's offered to you.

Please, do not try this at home. But if you do, film it and put it on the Internet.
A public service message from VlogHog.


Paris Hilton Goes To Jail

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Paris Hilton is going to jail for 45 days for violating her probation. Why is she on probation? According to Sandy Cohen of the AP: "She (Paris Hilton) testified she believed her license was initially suspended for 30 days and that she was allowed to drive for work purposes during the next 90 days. She said that when an officer who stopped her in January made her sign a document stating her license was suspended, she thought he was mistaken and did not actually look at the document."

Look for a lot of backlash to Hilton on this story. And, of course, VlogHog contributes to this. Why the backlash? Hilton is an heiress to a billion dollar empire. A billion dollar empire. The second her license was suspended, she should of planted her butt into a limo until her license was reinstated.

I have been the recipient of lenient judges in traffic court. Trust me. But Paris Hilton deserves her sentence. She got her break and blew it. No pun intended given her history.


Guy Puts Phone Number On YouTube and Becomes A Star?

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I love YouTube and I would love VlogHog to become famous worldwide but I don't know if I want to go as far as some people have.

On April 20, 2007, a YouTubian named RyanTwin20 posted his cell phone number on YouTube. He has received over 5000 calls since. Then, he got linked from CBS News, Hip Hop Universe, MSNBC, a Today Show appearance and 5 picture movie deal with Dreamworks, I think.

The first video posted here on VlogHog is the YouTube video and the second is his appearance on The Today Show that is edited. RyanTwin20's cell phone number is 774-253-1962 in case you want to call him.

I knew my anti-social behavior wouldn't pay off.

The VlogHog number is 770-232...awww forget it.