Hot Anchor Women Distract News Watching Men

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According to a study by Indiana University, the hotter the female anchor is the less information a man will remember. Really, Indiana University? You commissioned a study for this?

Thanks to Dangeroso at YouTube for posting this story done by NBC Channel Five in Chicago.

Why do you think I post so many hot female weather girl videos? They get the most attention. To date, I've posted 652 posts on VlogHog about many subjects ranging from taxes, school choice, the war, elections and bad weather. Guess which posts get the most search engine traffic? The ones featuring hot women. 

Yes, I seek these videos out but it's not the only type of posts I have.

So, the students of Indiana University better hope that this study wasn't done with tuition money because this is where common sense should have saved the day and a lot of dollars.

The most distracting news anchor for me is Robin Meade. Without a doubt, the hotness she radiates melts my brain. I haven't heard a word Meade has ever said.