Paula Deen's Pants Fall Down On Stage Video

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Daytime Emmy award winning Paula Deen is one of the most popular personalities featured on The Food Network. In early March 09, Deen appeared at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival in Miami to promote her various products bearing her name. While walking across the stage to show off a microphone that was attached to her back, her pants fell down.

Thanks to MiamiNewsTime for posting this video at YouTube.

Some of you may be thinking, "What kind of perv are you." Well, excuse me, pants falling down is a comedy staple along with tripping, slipping and vomiting. Okay, I made up some of that stuff but Paula Deen laughed at herself and the world goes on.

Lighten up, Francis.

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Red Hair Girl Dances Like Michael Jackson At Wedding 2007

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This is why the Internet will never die. This clip features a red headed girl dancing to Michael Jackson's song "Beat It" (1983) from the album Thriller. I think this was filmed in 2007. Does it matter? Making an ass out of yourself in public is timeless.

Who am I kidding? I'm just going bite her moves away.

As you now know, Michael Jackson(1958-2009) recently passed from cardiac arrest. All that needs to be said about his music legacy is that Thriller (1982) has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. To compare, if a CD goes platinum, for the most part, it is considered a huge success. Platinum is over 1,000,000 copies sold. Thriller did that 50 times over and continues to sell hundreds of thousands units worldwide today. Put it this way, the sales of Thriller gave Michael Jackson enough money to buy the a large portion of the Beatles song catalog in 1985 for 47 million dollars. If you tried to buy the Beatles catalog today, your looking at 200 million or more dollars. Way more.

Jackson wasn't a niche artist. In his prime and afterwards, he appealed to the world. Everybody. You don't sell over 50 million copies of an album to one group of people. This was intentional. He wanted to entertain everybody. He wanted mass appeal. He wanted Thriller to be the biggest selling album ever while it was being recorded. For better or worse, he achieved his goal.

His music will be missed.


Kendra Wilkinson Gets Married At The Playboy Mansion

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Kendra Wilkinson

Today June 27, 2009 Kendra Wilkinson, former star of Girls Next Door and current star of Kendra! on E! will marry Philadelphia Eagle wideout Hank Baskett, who was once on one of my Fantasy Football teams. You still reading this?

Wilkinson and Baskett will marry at the Playboy Mansion. Really.

Will it go off without a hitch? Will Hef object? Do you care what Kendra Wilkinson does with her clothes on? Stay tuned.

Thanks to ITN for providing this video clip of Kendra as she discusses her big day.

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Look For Changes To VlogHog In July

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Look for major changes for VlogHog, a video blog that post the most sensational videos on the net, beginning in July. Serious changes. Changes that will rock the entire Internet. Changes that will affect the universe and stuff.

What kind of changes? Look for more original content, wilder videos, prizes, interviews by me, giveaways, blantant promotion, Adriana Lima nude, longer articles, lawsuits, uncensored videos and all kinds of stuff.

Also, on the horizon, will be a major design change in this blog. You will be able to trackback, Comment Luv, LinkLuv and all that within the next months as this blog will become a .com and a not a blogspot.

The changes will come fast and furious but the main purpose of this blog will remain the same: to post the most sensational videos on the net.

So, stay tuned and keep watching.

Anthony Lloyd

Pictured: Jennifer Love Hewitt who has nothing to do with this post or blog.

No, Adriana Lima is not going to appear nude on this blog. I just wanted to see if anyone actually reads what I write.


Man Threads Snake Through His Nose

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This video was labelled "Guy Eats 200 Worms Live" at YouTube. Now, the man named Mano does that in the first part of the video but the real highlight is what he does afterwards. After finishing off the last slimy worm, Mano threads a snake through his nose and pulls it out of his mouth.

Now, I told you what's going to happen. If you watch and get grossed out, don't blame me. You've been warned and stuff.

Thanks to Diagonal View at YouTube for posting this video.

Again, if you don't like watching gross stuff, don't watch this video.



Amazing Bat Trick By Josh Womack

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Watch as Josh Womack, an outfielder for the AAA Long Beach Armada, performs a release and catch trick with a legal baseball bat.

Thanks to Jay Boulware for posting this video at LiveLeak.

Yeah, it looks easy but go out and try it. Then when you try it put it on video and post it to YouTube, LiveLeak or Metacafe.

Remember, Josh Womack is in AAA ball. One step before The Show aka the major leagues. So go out and buy his baseball card before it goes up.

No tricks

Miley Cyrus Racy Pictures On Twitter?

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Miley Cyrus, 16 and a half, recently had pictures that some consider too sexy for a 16 year-old to expose. The Last Song director, Adam Shankman (I never heard of him either), posted these alleged racy pictures on his Twitter account.

Thanks to CelebTV for posting this video at YouTube. You will the pictures that are causing the stir up.

Not that long ago, Jamie Fox, star of Ray and Miami Vice, got into a lot of hot water for comments about Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana which included telling her to go make a sex tape. Not long after, he was raked over the coals like ribs on the Fourth of July. Will little unknown director (at least to me) Adam Shankman get the same media beatdown for these alleged racy pictures?

Stay tuned.


Police Officer Dragged And Run Over

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Yet another reason I ain't becoming a police officer. On a routine traffic stop, a Villa Rica police officer was dragged and run over by an unlicensed driver.

Thanks to Jay Boulware of Gainesville, Florida for posting this at LiveLeak

According to Boulware, the Villa Rica, Georgia officer is said to be at home recuperating from injuries.

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Father Buys Son 88 Million Dollars Powerball Ticket

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Recently, Bill Wilson, a King's Mountain resident, bought his son Jeffery a Powerball ticket as a gift. And sure as shooting, the quick pick selection hit for 88 MILLION DOLLARS.

Thanks to WCNCVIDEO out of Charlotte, North Carolina for posting this video at YouTube.

The take after taxes for the Wilson's was 29 million dollars according to this video report. That's right. 59 million in federal, state and local taxes. That a lot of bailout money.

I wonder what Jeffery got his father for Father's Day?

Absolutely Worthless

Bottled Tap Water To Be Sold In New York

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This has to be one of the coolest scams in all of the universe and it has to be one of the greatest. A company will bottle New York tap water and sell it back on the market. Some people will pay for what they can get for free at home. God bless the U S of A.

Now, I don't like telling people what to do but how some people react to the question, "Would you buy this?" asked by a New York Post reporter.

The New York Post posted this report online at their site at YouTube.

Captialism is beautiful.
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The 100 Million Dollar High School

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Meet Antelope High School, the $100 million high school. ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS. Ultimately, it was financed by a bond measure. If you live in Antelope, California, you should go visit. There is valet parking and a five-star restaurant I believe.

Thanks to KCRA , where news comes first, in Sacramento for the video.

Democrats are always claiming that public schools need more money. Well, this school has enough cheese to feed rats until the end time. So, it should be a great school that produces the future leaders of America. Right?

Ultimately, I'd love to see the graduation rate at this public school.

Worth billions

Repo Men Making A Killing During Recession

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There are a lot of recession proof jobs: bill collector, soup kitchen worker and now repo man.

In the video below, you will ride along with a repo man, a person who repossesses vehicles from people behind in payments, in Atlanta and learn that business is booming.

Thanks to CBS for posting this video.

Hey, don't feel too bad for these people. You get to reap the benefits as the vehicles repossessed are sold at auction to dealers and then to people like you and me at a discount.

We all win.

You buy that?

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Mattress With A Million Dollars Thrown Out

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A family recently brought an elderly relative a brand new mattress as a gift. The old mattress was thrown out in the trash. Forgotten like yesterday's blog post. Unfortunately, the old mattress had the elderly relative/s life savings in it. Over a million dollars in savings.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

Be honest. If you came across this mattress somehow, and knew the story behind it, would you keep it? Would you take some money but give the mattress and some change back? Would you give the entire mattress and the fortune back and call it a day?

You decide.

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