Woman Gives Man Lapdance In New Dallas Cowboys Stadium During Game

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A woman gives a man a lapdance in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium during one of the many Cowboys losses in 2010.

Thanks to Fire37Rescue for posting this video at LiveLeak.

It was the only entertainment Cowboys fans got that day as they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars 35-17.

She doesn't look half bad.

Watch as people around the happy couple try to ignore them. Only in Texas.

BTW If you consider fully dressed lapdances to be racy, then don't watch.


The World's Largest Chocolate Bar

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In the video below, you will see the world's largest chocolate bar. Hey, I'm taking Diagonal UK at their word.

Thanks to Diagonal View for posting this video at YouTube. The world is a better place because of this.

I wonder why all of this effort is put into making something so trivial?  Then I thought that someone could say the same thing about this blog.  So let it be.

If you love looking at big chocolate bars, this here is the video for you.  Watch the video to learn more about this amazing treat that you'll never get in a thousand years.

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