29 Year Old Female Teacher Has Sex With 13 Year Old Boy

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It seems that most of the female teachers who have sex with their much younger students are attractive. Even if they weren't attractive, they're women, and most women should know that getting a man ain't that hard. He may not be the best man.

In the video below, you will hear the story of Christine A. McCallum, a 29-year old teacher, who is accused of having a two year affair with a 16 year old boy who was 13 when the alleged affair started.

When you have older men or women preying on young people it points a mental problem that beyond my pay grade to figure out.


Snake Swallows Big Egg

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Do you like your eggs scramble or sunny side up? Well, the snake in the video below likes his intact.

Watch as a snake unhinges his jaw and swallows an egg whole. Thanks to CriticalThinker at LiveLeak for posting this video.

I have a question? How did the snake know that the egg was something to eat?


The Best of The Worst Of George W Bush

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Is George W Bush the worst president ever? I know a lot of people who think that he is. They're called stockholders. He was no doubt the worst speaker as president.

In the video below, you will see President Bush in some of his worst speaking performances. Thanks to Pro-Logical for posting this video at LiveLeak.



Bill Clinton Falls Asleep During MLK Day Speech

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Once upon a time, Bill Clinton was president. Now, he's an old man. Old men fall asleep every now and again. Hey, I've fallen asleep in church plenty of times. That's when I go to church.

This event took place in 2008. You think he'll be more alert this year?

VlogHog will return.

PETA Attacks Lindsay Lohan And Her Fur Coat

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PETA a.k.a People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals doesn't believe that people should wear real animal fur. People in fur coats are their number target for scorn. Often, members of PETA will throw paint on those who dare go against their wishes. In the video below, Lindsay Lohan receives the wrath of PETA.

Thanks to rangestorm at LiveLeak for posting this video.

"She wear fur!" says Lohan's attacker.



Man Almost Wins Bike Race ALMOST

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You're not a winner until you win. Yeah, I know this is obvious but some people still need to learn this.

You can brag about how much you're gonna win by or how many times you're gonna beat someone. In the end, it's all talk, just talk, nothing but talk until you do it.

In the video below, courtesy of FailBlog, you will see what happens to a bike racer when he starts celebrating before crossing the finish line.

You're not a winner until you win .


Truck Chased By Police Crashes Into Parked Car

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In the video below, you will see someone in Kansas City being chased by the police wreck into a parked car and have a total wipeout. Total.

Thanks to bellava at LiveLeak for posting this video.

People, I know when you watch a movie like The Transporter you think that you can outrun the police or damn near anybody. Hey, you can't.

Normal cars aren't made to go over 80 MPH for minutes at a time. They just aren't. Even race cars aren't can't go for long at top speeds and they're built to be tough.

So the lesson for today is don't try to outrun the cops or if you do,make sure someone films it.


2.6 Million Jobs Lost In USA In 2008

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In 2008, 2.6 million jobs were lost in the United States of America. This was the worst figure since 1945. Blogger wasn't included on any list as a job.

This video report was posted at YouTube by CBS. Anthony Mason reports.

This is a warning to all elected officials, now is not the time to ask for pay raises, take bribes or get caught up in any kind of scandals. Well, it's never time to do any of those but when times are good people aren't as bloodthristy as they would be now.

On any scale that you want to measure, losing 2.6 million jobs is terrible. Let's say you figured that half of those people found new jobs, that's still 1.3 million people unemployed.

Good luck President Obama.


Illinois House Votes 114-1 to Impeach Rod Blagojevich

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The Illinois House of Representatives has voted to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich. The vote was 114 to 1. The long midwestern nightmare has ended.

Thanks to Bloomberg Television for posting this video at YouTube.

For those who don't know or have been worrying more about your job status than a Governor with the worst looking hair in the world, Governor Rod Blagojevich is accused of putting the seat of former Illinois Senator now President elect Barack Obama up for sale to the highest bidder.

It is the responsibility of a Governor to replace the Senator who doesn't complete his or her term.



How To Tell If Someone Likes You

Have you ever wondered if someone likes you? Do you care? Of course you do and the people at HowCast have a video for you. In the video below, you will learn some techniques on the secrets of body language.

Thanks to the people at HowCast for posting this video.

Since I know that no one likes me, I don't worry about such thangs.