Drag Racing Crashes

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Read the title and dont forget to pay your car insurance.

LowRider CarShow

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The Best and the worst.

Lotus Elise racing Car

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Real life. No game. Go buy one.

Madtv iPhone

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The latest sensation...the I-Phone by Steve Jobs and Mad Tv.

Dachshund Puppy Derby Dog Smacks Camera

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The title says it all.


iPhone by Steve Jobs The Video

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Steve Jobs talks about the I-Phone. If you don't know about it, learn about it here.

Top Gear Jaguar XKR

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If you're not gonna buy me a Mercedes, a Jaguar XKR would be cool.

John Stamos' Bizarre Australian TV Interview

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John Stamos goes wild and crazy or just crazy.

The Robot Puppy

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Sega's new robot dog. Only $200.000. Buy a real one. It's cheaper.



Tyra Banks Goes Crazy

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Tyra it's okay.


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Of course they do!

MythBusters - Do Pretty Girls Fart?

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Do pretty girls fart? Watch this Mythbuster episode and learn.


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A huge tornado attacks Canada. Some guys get it on camera. Destruction always gets my attention.


Cat Barks Like A Dog

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Cats barking like dogs? The end times?

Andrew Bynum Vs Shaq

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For some reason Andrew Bynum is untradable.


Hug A Hater

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Dedicated to people who watch YouTube videos, leave a nasty comment, and then come back to watch that video over and over.


Girl fight \ 99 problems

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You know...maybe we do need after school programs or better video games.

2008 Mercedes C-Class

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The 2008 Mercedes C-Class. I own three already. Three Hot Wheels version. I can't afford the insurance payment for this car. So, get all of your friend to visit VlogHog as soon as possible.

Plane Landing

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"What's so special about a plane landing?" You might ask. Well, watch this video all the way through and then you tell me. It's only 30 seconds of your life. You can do it.

YouTube Mobile on a Helio Ocean

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If you can't get enough of VlogHog on your computer, now you can take us on the road with YouTube Mobile. This video demostrates YouTube Mobile on Helio Ocean portable player. VlogHog does endorse this product. Mainly, because they haven't paid me too.



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Tyra Banks, star of The Tyra Banks Show and America's Next Top Model is featured in this VlogHog production.


Simon Cowell At His Best

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The best of Simon Cowell. Let your dreams die.


Bus Hits Man And Man Lives

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Bus. Bicycle. Man. Rain. You get the picture.

PARIS kept under close watch! Fears she will harm herself...

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Yes, More Paris Hilton. Why not?

Chad Johnson BEATS horse in a race!!!

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Yes, Chad Johnson (WR) of the Bengals races a horse for charity. Beats my idea of eating a horse for charity.



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Paris Hilton returns to jail. President Bush do the right thing and pardon Ms. Hilton. What do you have to lose at this point?


Dave visits Taco Bell

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Another Letterman classic. Dave terrorizes Taco Bell.


Ferrari Crash

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Watch as I crash my Ferrari. Yeah, I drive a Ferrari, own a 20,000 square ft home and a Centurion Card from American Express.


new angle from exactly where kid lands when akon throws him

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Akon throws kid into audience Part Two. Better picture. Better audio. Real or not?

Nike Women Competition Pole Dancing

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Pole dancing is a skill. As valuable as MD, PhD or BS. I don't care what you think.

Rosie O' Donnell Insults Asian People

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An oldie but a classic.


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A VlogHog slideshow featuring Adriana Lima. Enjoy.

Weird Japanese Robot

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A robot created in Japan. Why. For what. For who. I don't know.

Paris Hilton In Prison

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David Letterman looks in on Paris Hilton while in prison.


Nokia N95 Video

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Nokia N95. Portable mass media player. Internet. Mp3. Video. Lots of stuff.

Breakfix Cereal Dispenser

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How lazy can you be? Introducing Breakfix the Cereal Dispenser. Good luck.

Sanjaya on Rachael Ray Show

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Sanjaya. Rachael Ray. YouTube. Go!

Akon Throws A Kid Off The Stage

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Talk about the Sweet Escape.

Apple iPhone Ad: Part Two

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More on the Apple iPhone.


America's Got Talent - Dude breaks stuff with his butt

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You know...NBC fired Kevin Reilly on May 29, 2007 as head of prime time entertainment after giving him a new three month contract. Now...this airs a few days later. Hmmmmmmm.

Gizmodo Video Review: Honda Civic Hybrid -- iPod On Board

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Ipods. Honda Hybrids. Gizmodo. Watch as Gizmodo's Charlie White connects an I-Pod to the 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. The Hybrid goes for $25,000 PLUS. Good luck with that.