Dallas Tornado RAW video Throwing Semi Trucks April 3rd 2012

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Tornadoes are the second most popular posts on Vloghog. Why? People like destruction. Well, I'll speak for myself. I like watching destruction.

Sometimes. Not self-destruction or people getting hurt.

Tornadoes  gets the second most views on this blog according to Google. The most popular posts. Posts on the Baconator.  Yea, boy!

twister the movie
I guess that's Helen Hunt. I guess.


Amazing Kennedale, Texas Tornado Video!

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Video from Tornado Videos Dot Net.

Thanks to Tornado Videos Dot Net.  I don't film the tornadoes, edit the video and put it on the net. They do.

So, thank you for posting the video.  I don't want any part of a tornado.

don't mess with Alexis Texas

Did I mail my home owners insurance check?


Astor 100 Million Dollar Fortune Set To Go To NYC Charities

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Video from the New York Post.

Vloghog will receive no money from this foundation despite being the biggest charity case on the internet.


Tyler Perry Accuses Atlanta Cops Of Racial Profiling

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Tyler Perry dresses like a woman for a living. There are worse jobs. Like being a blogger for instance.

we post videos to shock of the general media

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds".---Albert Einstein

tyler perry medea

Tyler Perry

Amanda Bynes's Mug Shot After Arrested for DUI

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DUI stands for driving under the influnece of alcohol. Why didn't they called it DUTIOA? That's just stupid.


Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.--- William Shakespeare

and some people blog---vloghog

amanda bynes red dress
Drink this in.

Amanda Bynes

Sparkle Trailer in HD | Whitney Houston Stars in Her Last Movie

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we post movie trailers for the fun of it

Supermodel Jessica White Gets Personal

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From Bitchie TV produced by Necole Bitchie: Model Jessica White.

Jessica White, according to the Internet, is 5'10 and was born in Buffalo, New York. Why do I point this out? I got to fill this space with something and I already got a picture of Ms. White.

White's middle name is Angel. 

She was also in a video for Big and Rich. Who are they? I don't know. Yes, I could look it up but why should I.

According to Wikipedia, "Big & Rich is an American country music duo composed of Big Kenny and John Rich, both of whom are songwriters, vocalists, and guitarists." March 30, 2013

jessica white playboy
"Vloghog? WTF is that?"
we love models

Jessica White

BRONZE with Kate Upton & Beach Bunny Swimwear

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Kate Upton on VlogHog. What a shock.

The expected Kate Upton backlash is happening. According to The New York Times, Sophia Neophitou Apostolou, casting director of the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show states:

"We would never use" Ms. Upton for a Victoria's Secret show, Ms. Neophitou said by telephone last week from London. And, while Ms. Upton has, in fact, modeled on occasion for the company's catalog, her look, said Ms. Neophitou, is "too obvious" to be featured in what has become the most widely viewed runway show in the world.

So, she's good enough to get paid high amounts of dollars for their catalog but not good enough for high dollars for the fashion show. Whatever.

Kate you always have VlogHog. Now someone go and walk her off the edge of that tall building.

we post videos and you comment

kate upton
Kate Upton

Kate Upton

6-yr-old Given Alcohol At Teen Party

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From ABC Action News in Florida: Two adults are in jail after serving alcohol to kids at a teenaged party.


Mass Pillow Fight in Berlin

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From the Associated Press: Hundreds of people took part in a mass pillow fight in Berlin on Saturday to celebrate International Pillow Day 2012. The flash mob event was held in front of Berlin's famous Brandenburg Gate.