Oregon Man Claims To Be Pregnant

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A man from Bend, Oregon claims to be pregnant.

I gotta throw the flag on this one.

Is it the end time yet?



Obama Talks About The Okie-Doke

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This is the first time in my life that I've heard a presidential candidate talk about the okie doke.

During a speech to his followers, Obama talks about not wanting to be Hillary Clinton's VP. Then he talks about the okie doke.


The World's Longest Ear Hair

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If you think you're ugly, weird or off beat, take a look at this video featuring the man with the longest ear hair.

Yeah, he has the longest ear hair in the world. Now you're starting to feel a little better about yourself. That's why I'm here.

I think I saw this guy on a date with Kim Kardashian.



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Don't forget to set your clocks ahead or something.



Why Can't A Blogger Make Money?

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For reasons unknown, some bloggers take offense at the thought of blogging for profit. Strangely, it disturbs them to the very core of their being that some bloggers have the temerity to turn a profit. Well, let this be known, VlogHog is a for profit blog. No doubt about it.

Several other bloggers are making money from their blogs. Damn good money. Among them are Xiaxue, John Chow and Darren Rowse. Their profit centers range from donations to Adsense to personal appearances as a blogging expert to affiliates to direct advertising. If you have a steady flow of large traffic, you will make money from your blog. How much money is up to you. Yet, this just bugs the hell out of some people on the Internet. Why?

Are there people who think the the Internet should only be a free exchange of ideas, thoughts and porn? That the Internet should be free of commercialization of any kind? Do some think that the net should be free of all advertising? Should someone slave over a hot keyboard posting, editing, creating and paying for their blog without any kind of financial reward?

It should please people, whoever these people are, to know that most blogs don't make any money at all. Not one cent. One penny. That copper thang with President Lincoln on it. Trust me. VlogHog is my sixth blog and it's in the infancy stage.

With over 73 million blogs in cyberspace, there is no way even a small minority of blogs are going to make good money. According to Technorati, VlogHog is ranked at 1,500,000. You might say, "Isn't that a good rank out of 73,000,000 blogs?" Truly, I love when people visit my blog and really love it when they return. Still, I would need several more great people visiting to make a profit. So, don't forget to tell your friends about VlogHog.

Still, some web savvy bloggers make good loot. Unfortunately, some of the bloggers I have mentioned have a page defending their desires to want to make a profit blogging. This is Xiaxue's page. Here is Steve Pavlina's page. This example is from John Chow. Is this necessary? They aren't doing anything illegal. They blog, submit and people visit. A lot. Why not make some money doing it?

Alas, once again some bloggers have to deal with people who only live to be negative. These people superimpose their fears onto others. (If they can't do it, you're can't either) They leave cussing, racist and inflammatory comments on in blog comments section because they can't pay someone to visit their blog.

Blog for profit. Don't blog for profit. Give all your blog money away. Keep it. Gamble it. Eat it. Burn it. Smoke it. I don't care. It doesn't affect me at all. It doesn't affect anybody. This is my advice to those who hate bloggers who make a profit: click off.


Pictured: Xiaxue of Xiaxue.blogspot.com, which gets about 20,000 visitors daily.

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