Taco Bell Uses Real Beef Dammit!

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In the second video below, you will see Craig Creed, CEO of Taco Bell, explain that Taco Bell uses real beef in their foods.  Why would he have to do this? A law firm in Alabama claims that the beef in Taco Bell isn't 100% and that it's oats, soy beans and some other stuff and that mixture reduces the beef content to 35%. (See the first video)

Creed now claims that the beef in Taco Bell is 88% beef and the kind of beef that you and I buy in the store which clears up nothing because many people have their doubt about store bought beef too.

How easy is it to sue someone?  How far will this lawsuit go? To the Supreme Court? Will God have to get involved?

Stay tuned and find out.

Thank to the Associated Press and Taco Bell for producing these videos and placing them on YouTube for a blogger to use.

100% BS

Sugar Daddies and the Women Who Want Them

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Being ugly never has paid off. Trust me, I speak from experience. But do good looking people get breaks that ugly to average people get? Yes, sir!

Fortunately for you, I'm not going to link to study that proves this. No, all I'm going to do is ask you the reader to rely on common sense and life experience.

Have you ever paid for a co-worker's lunch because she was cute? Bought a  birthday gift for a stranger because he had washboard abs? Followed someone on Twitter because their posted picture was hot? Well, have you?  Of course,  you have. Look, I can't be the only one out here doing this kind of stuff.

In the videos below, you will see John Stossel do a report on sugar daddies and the women who want them.  According to this report, the website  Seeking Arrangements, has over 3 million women looking for men with benefits.

Who says there are no more opportunies in America? 

Sugar free


The Arrest History Of Charlie Sheen

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If people think Sheen is going to get fired from Two and a Half Men for his latest rehab stint, think again. The show is in the top five and is going to make hundreds of millions of dollars in syndication. Sheen is the highest paid actor on TV earning 1.9 million for each episode of Two and Half Men. They don't him that money because he's fun on the set. The show is a hit and making tons of loot. So, everyone will tolerlate Sheen until it's cancelled. Then, all the stories of his on set behavior and how the producers really feel about him while come out while their counting the millions that he helped them earn.----vloghog jan. 1, 2011

Who knew?---vloghog june 16, 2012

do I have some stock tips for you!!!!

Turkey Attacks Mail Truck

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In the video below, you will see a turkey attack a mail truck. Why? Who cares! It's a turkey attacking a mail truck. Enjoy it for what it is.

Thanks to Br33Z4H at Liveleak for posting this video.

The man filming the video and the mail carrier both are afraid of this turkey.  Maybe they're kidding. I hope. It's a turkey. Turkey are so stupid that many drown when it rains. Seriously. I read it on Wikipedia and everythang. 

Maybe there some ban on killing turkeys in this town.


Texas Senate Passes Voter ID Bill

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The Texas senate recently passed voter ID bill. What's a voter ID bill? For now on, in local, state and federal elections, a Texas citizen must show a photo id to prove they are an American citizen. VlogHog is educational as well as entertaining.

Thanks to KXAN in Austin for posting this video at YouTube. KXAN is the greatest NBC affiliate in Austin. No question about it, dog.

The cute anchor who does this segment says that the bill is controversial? Why? In Alabama, I have to show my driver's license to vote. What's the big deal? Do YOU find offense in having to show an ID to vote? Can someone explain the controversy to me?



Ohio Woman Sent To Jail For Sending Child To Better School

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Ohio woman Kelly Williams-Bolar has been arrested for sending her children to a better in her father's district.  Ohio officials say that she is defrauding the school district out of tax money.  Williams-Bolar will serve 10 days in jail and might face a fine of $30,000 for back tuition and taxes.

Thanks to News Channel Five in Arkon for posting this report. Plus, watch the Good Morning America news segment which goes into greater detail.

The government has a monopoly on schools. Period. Many government officials and many in the teachers union fight school vouchers and oppose any government money going to private school. So what are we the people stuck with? A government school monopoly. So, if the schools in your district are terrible, to hell with you.  If you try to send your child to school in a better district watch out for the government gestapo.

Monopolies are suppose to be illegal and immoral.  In the case of the government school, a monopoly is accepted and enforced by the gun.  Don't believe me? Ask Kelly Williams-Bolar.

This is a serious issue to Democrats  in this country. Private schools and government vouchers are hated by the majority of Democrats in the House and Senate.   Don't expect them to come running to Kelly Williams-Bolar defense in this case.  Many Dems, true be told, will end up applauding the efforts of the Ohio bureaucrats. 

They will either ignore the story or support their local Ohio government.

Kelly Williams-Bolar should of never been arrested.  I don't care about the law. The law is wrong.

Neal Boortz on The Kelly Williams-Bolar Situation



Why Is Gambling Legal In Some Places But Not Others?

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You can't steal someone's car in one state but not in others.  Likewise, you can't murder someone in one state but not another and believe it or not, you can't kidnap someone in one state but not another.  All of these are illegal and are punishable but the law.  Society, that is you and me, are very consistent on this.  It is wrong, immoral, illegal, and not very ladylike to murder, rob and kidnap people.  However, society and government haven't come to a conculsion on gambling.

If I go to Nevada, Mississippi or Missouri among other states, I can gamble my entire life savings away. No problem. There will not be any news story that night if I lost my car note on a hand of blackjack.  Nobody will care.  Yet, as you will see in the video below, if I play Texas Hold em  in my own home where I take bets, police have the right to arrest me and seize my property.  Why?

If gambling is bad in Virginia, then it's bad in Vermont, Wyoming, Georgia and other states that I know how to spell. Why can't a man or a woman bet on poker in their own homes?

The law has to be consistent. If federal, state and local government hate the thought of gambling so much, why do they sponsor Mega Millions, Powerball and Lotto?  You gamble just as much with a stracth off as you with a game of poker with friends. 

Some will agrue that the  money from state sponsored lotteries go to help fund education in the various states and that's a good thang. So, if gambling has a so-called good purpose, then it's okay?  Yeah, right.  What's a better purpose than helping myself so that others don't have too? If I win money from my friends in a hand of poker, who does it hurt?

I don't expect any rational answers to this question of why gambling is legal in some places but not others.  Truth be told, I like to vent and see where people stand on this issue.  Where do you stand?

Thanks to WAVY for posting this video at YouTube.

No risk at all


Los Angeles Public School Costs $578 Million

I once posted about a high school costing 100 million and thought that was over the top but you ain't seen nothing yet.  The Robert F Kennedy Community Schools in Los Angeles cost $578 million dollars. One school. One.  There is a recession going on isn't there?

Why on Earth would a public school cost this much money? Is Lady Gaga performing every weekend? Is there a five star restaurant on campus?  Does every student get a personal trainer?

True be told, I don't really give a damn what's inside it. That is too much to pay for a public school.   Don't even bother to post comments trying to convince me it is worth it. Teachers are being laid off by the thousands in California. The thousands.

First the federal government spends close to a trillion dollars bailing out Wall Street, now local California government gives the thumbs up to a half a billion dollar public school.  What the hell is going on?

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Video: Fox News Report On The Robert F Kennedy Community Schools


Several Icy Road Accidents Caught On Tape

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In the videos below, you will see people trying to drive on ice.  Yeah, I know you're not suppose to drive on ice but people do it anyway.  If they didn't, I wouldn't have these great videos to post and would have to come up with original content and stuff.

I know I'm just a blogger but take my advice and try to avoid driving on ice. But if you do go out on the slick roads, take a video camera with you just in case. 

Try to remember that even if you're a good driver there are several people out there who ain't and more than likely they don't one nickel of auto insurance.

Remember, all of this is because of global warming.

Hot Weather Woman Sagay Galindo

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In the video below, you will see WAVY meteorologist Sagay Galindo give the five day forecast or something. Truth be told, the only reason why I posted this video is Galindo is one of the many hot weather women on YouTube.  Posting such videos seems to bring in the viewers and you got to give the people what they want.

Thanks to NBC affiliate WAVY for posting this video at YouTube.

According to Galindo's bio, she has a Master's Degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University and once attended Old Dominion.  I can't even spell Old Dominion. Seriously, I had to spell check it twice.

If you know of any other hot weather women on YouTube, please send me a link because I'm lazy and don't want to look it up myself but will gladly accept all the visitors that posting such videos bring.

I misspelled Mississippi too.


Mega Millions Winner May Have To Split 190 Million Lottery Winnings With Estranged Husband

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An Idaho woman Holly Lahti,  who won over $190 million dollar in the Mega Millions lottery, may have to split her winnings with her estranged husband, Joshua Lahti.    The two are seperated but not divorced.  Damn. This happens to me all the time.

The 190 million dollar jackpot is the second largest amount ever won.  Of course, I didn't come close to winning it.

Thanks to KXLY in Idaho for posting this video at YouTube.  Sharing makes the world go round.

Watch this video and learn about Idaho's community property laws and marriage.  So, what do you think? Should this man get 80 million dollars? Forget the law, what's your opinion?


Now The Weather From Mayte Carranco

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Mayte Carranco does the weather for MTY television in Mexico.  After watching this and other of Carranco's clips, I have to ask why do we have to put up a fence across our southern borders again?

In the video below, you will see a typical Carranco weather report for MTY. Believe it or not, this is one of her more tame outfits. No wonder Carranco was once voted the hottest weathergirl in the world.

Are there any American weather women who can compete? Of course there are! If you know of any, please post a link in the comment section of this blog. 

Thanks to MTY television in Mexico for not having a gestapo like FCC watching over it.

Yes, she speaks in Spanish but I really wasn't listening that much.

In the video above, Mayte Carranco does the weather. Is she a meteorologist? No. Does she have a ceritificate from the National Weather Association? I don't know. Is she a jouralist? Probably not.
Is she hot? Without question. Why else would I post someone doing the weather?


Police Officer Mandy Curfiss Cuffs Stranger In The Night

Mandy Curfiss
Meet Officer Mandy Curfiss of the Cincinnati Police Department.  In the video below, you will see Curfiss cuff a suspect leaving an apartment building. This suspect calls officer Curfiss everything but a child of God.

The video is from TLC's new show Police Women of Cincinnati.

Thanks to TLC for providing this clip for lazy bloggers such as myself to embed on their sites.

Needless to say, Mandy Curfiss is a very good looking woman. Very good looking. But, believe it or not, that's not why I posted this clip. The suspect in the video is clearly the star.  Just watch and make your own judgement.

I misspelled Cincinnati three times while typing this post. Thank God for spell check.

If you like what you see, don't forget to use the social media buttons to share this post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace et al with your friends in Cincinnati or wherever. If I had friends, I would share this with them. 


The New Push Up Bra From Victoria's Secret

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adriana lima push up bra
Push up

Any chance I get to post Adriana Lima videos,  I do it. In the video below, Lima models the new bra called the Love Push Up.  There are a couple of other models in the video, if you know their names, feel free to post them in the comment section of this blog.

Thanks to Victoria's Secret for posting this material on YouTube for everybody to see and embed on their blog.  Plus, thank God for making Adriana Lima so hot.

Unfortunately, Lima is still married. Damn. AND has a child. Damn. Damn. Oh, well.

BTW don't be shy. Feel free to post your comments, questions, opinions or facts in the comment section of this blog. If it meets my high standards, it will be posted. So, get to it.

Also, don't forget to set your clocks sideways this weekend.


The 100,000 Dollar Bill

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Did you know there used to a $100,000 bill? Did you know that some still exist? In the video below, you will see one of the few $100,000 bill in existence.

Thanks to C-Span for posting this video at YouTube and allowing us poor bloggers to embed it on our websites. Thank you.

According to this video, if you have a $100,000 bill it's a fake. Well, what about this $10,000 bill a man from Kenya sent me as a payment? All I had to do was give him my bank account number so he could hide some of his treasure from his government.



Teacher Accused Of Punching Two Elementary Students

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In Sarasota, Florida, an elementary school substitute teacher has been accused of punching two students.  The teacher, who we will call William Amory  because that's his name, was arrested by Florida police. Sarasota Police spokesperson Wendy Rose says the teacher went MMA on em or something like that. Watch the video.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this story at YouTube and allowing me to embed it on my pitiful little blog. WBAL could take lessons from the AP on how to better serve lazy bloggers such as myself. Seriously, WBAL, would it kill you to allow me to embed your news videos? 

Amory's bail is 30,000 large if you want him at your school as a sub.


Taking UpSkirt Pictures Soon To Be A Felony In Indiana

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Indiana lawmakers are debating a bill that would make taking upskirt pictures a misdemanor and putting them online a felony.  Current Indiana law does not permit people from taking  upskirt pictures and distributing them.  Yes, even if you don't have that persons permission.   

Thanks to the beautiful and gracious people of WANE for posting this news story at YouTube for a lazy contentless blogger like me to post and comment on.

Your local government at work.  Seriously, unless you have a person's permission, why would you want to take an upskirt picture? Unless you're mentally disranged. Right.

A side note. The investigative reporter Aishah Hasnie is gourgeous. A beautiful professional woman. Yes, even though it sounds like she's sneezing when she says her name at the end of this video.


Woman Claims She's Addicted To Buying Shoes

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In the video below, you will hear the story of 27 year-old Rebecca who claims that she is addicted to buying shoes.  That's her story and she's sticking to it.  This doesn't seem like an addiction to me but what the hell do I know I'm just a blogger. If I had a medical degree, I sure as hell wouldn't be doing this.  Nothing about this seemed weird to me until she said that she thinks her shoes have feelings. Hmmmmm.

Thanks to TLC for posting this video at YouTube for this lonely blogger to embed onto his barely worthy site. The name of the show in the video is called My Strange Addiction.

Rebecca is hot. Yeah, I said it. Of course,  you know that most men will look past her addiction and still want to have any kind of relationship with her.  In fact, she is engaged. Men. As predictable as ever. What's a little mental illness when she has a body like that? Can I get an amen!

The only addiction you'll ever need

Indianapolis Landlord Could Face Up To $300,000 In Fines

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A landlord in Indianapolis could face up to $300,000 in fines if he doesn't correct the 50 violations of the 15 properties that he owns.  City prosecutor Helen Marchal, who took time out of her busy schedule to appear on camera for the local news, says that the landlord has been a violator for 10 years and that his breath smells like an elephant's ass or something.

Thanks to WISH TV8  in Indianapolis for posting this video and allowing me to embed it on my blog unlike those greedy bastards at WBAL.

The landlord did make mention of the fact that he did fix one of his properties at 2321 North Lasalle street. So give him some credit for doing something right. One of out 15 ain't too bad.

 Now, you be the judge, take a look at this Google Map image of this man's property at 2321 LaSalle and tell me what you think. Keep in mind that the image might be waaay older than this post. 

View Larger Map



Maryland Group Wants $10 An Hour Minimum Wage

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WBAL's Sandra Shaw

A group in Maryland is lobbying for a $10 an hour minimum wage.  They argue that no one can raise a family on the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour among other issues with the current wage.  Now, how can you raise a family on $10 an hour? Why not lobby for a $20 an hour minimum wage? What's wrong with $25 an hour? Speaking from experience, $10 an hour is not enough to raise a family.

Thanks to WBAL for posting this story at YouTube.

What wrong with $30 an hour? Nothing. Well, it would put several companies out of business but who cares about that, right? Businesses exist to give us jobs, right? To hell with profit. All business should hire as many people as possible and pay them the highest wages possible plus four weeks of vacation, three weeks of sick leave, and one week of personal days. Why not? Every state should lobby for the $40 an hour minimum wage.  Right now, dammit.  Put down that iPad, iPhone or X-Box and get out there to get what you deserve!

Link To Video Maryland Group Wants To Raise Minimum Wage

I just found out while typing this article that WBAL does not allow their videos to be embedded on other sites.  Wish I had researched this before I started typing. Oh, well.