The Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool

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The Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool has a lot of people in it. Hundreds of people. Thousands of people. This wave pool may have a million or more folks in it. That's a lot of pee.

Thanks to terrorific at YouTube for posting this video.

If you look at the video closely, it appears that there are more people in the pool than water. Hey, it could happen.

we post videos and you decide or something

Video Of Oil Leaking Into The Gulf Of Mexico

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In the video below, you will see oil that is leaking from a damaged oil rig belonging to BP. Some people want to blame BP and some people want to blame President Obama. Someone will have to pay. Those who want Obama to do more, must realize that any and all federal response will be paid by the u.s taxpayer. Of course, the federal government will take more of a responsibility in the clean of the coast. Just remember it will cost the American taxpayer.

Thanks to EneryBoom at YouTube for posting this video.

BP will owe the American taxpayer big time when this is all over.



John Wall Leaps Over Cheerleaders During UK Game

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Former University of Kentucky point guard John Wall is one the most talked about players in the country. It is assumed that he will be a top five pick or possibly the number one pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. In the video below, you will see Wall's jumping ability on display as he leaps over the world famous Kentucky Wildcat Cheerleaders.

Thanks to agharazi at LiveLeak for posting this video.

Wall could have been in the NBA at age 18 but there is a stupid rule that says that an potential draft pick must A. Be at least 19 or B. Play one year at a college. Why? I don't know. What difference is one year going to make? You have professional baseball players in the professional minor leagues who are 18 or 19. Why does the NBA have this arbitrary rule?

On May 18, 2010, the Washington Wizards won the rights to the first pick in the NBA draft. Most experts say that John Wall will be that player.



Sarah Palin As Sportscaster At KTUU-TV In 1988

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Did you know that 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin(R) was once a sports broadcaster? Yeah, she was.

She she used to, as Matt Drudge once said of Keith Olbermann, expertly read scores.

The video below is from LiveLeak when Sarah Palin, the hottest vice-presidential candidate ever, was known as Sarah Heath and worked at KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1988.

Recently, Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska and several people have speculated about her future. Let me throw in my one cent: I believe she is going to go the Mike Huckabee route and get a talk show on the Fox News Channel. She has worked in television before, looks great on camera and is popular. It's less stressful and more lucrative than being a governor. But, she might have to deal with Bill O'Reilly. So there is a downside.


Rachael Ray Defends FHM Racy Photos

Rachael Ray did a photo shoot for FHM magazine waaaaaaay back in 2003. During a Nightline interview, Ray was asked about the photo shoot. Nice and timely, Nightline.

In the video below, CelebTV shows parts of the interview. Thanks to CelebTV for posting this video.

Ray is interviewed by a hater...I mean reporter who has to put on her glasses to view the photos for a better look.

Drama queen reporter.

Rachael Ray defends her FHM shoot with style and her beautiful smile. Yeah, I'm bias and stuff.

It's back

Really Nightline, it was in 2003.

Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Maxim
Rachael Ray

Woman Crashes Truck Into Store Front Door (VIDEO)

How many people have confused the brake and gas peddles? Raise your hands. Well, how many have done this while sober. The woman in this video obviously got something wrong.

In the video below, a woman walks out of a convenience store, jumps into her truck and crashes directly into a store.

She ain't old, blind or part of Al-Qaeda as far as I can tell.

Thanks to the great beck64 at LiveLeak for posting this video.  I don't know where he or she gets these videos, but I'm glad he or she does.

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Watch As People Get Injected With Botox

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To be honest, I have nothing against plastic surgery. Nothing. Everybody has something about them they want to remix. Everybody. For me,  I need a personality change and as soon as science comes up with a personality change procedure, I'm there.

Still, the act of Botox injections bugs me. First, Botox is derived from the botulism bacteria or the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. After all that crap that we heard about how to avoid botulism, now we have people who purposely inject themselves with it.

Remember botulism? As the toxin spreads from botulism, muscles become weak all over. Many people feel queasy and may throw up or have diarrhea. Other symptoms can include:

difficulty swallowing
difficulty speaking
droopy eyelids
double or blurred vision
trouble breathing

I guess making you look fabulous is implied.

The other reason Botox bugs me is, after a while most women (and some men) who inject it start to look like Rocky from the movie Mask (not to be confused with Jim Carrey's The Mask).  Now that I think about, maybe the Jim Carrey character comparsion is not too far out there.

All I'm asking is, "Is there a better way?" There has to be a better way. Hey, I'm just a blogger what do I know.

VlogHog:Making You Feel Young.


Erin Andrews & The People Who Hate Her

It's time for people in sports media to realize that professional sports reporting ain't that deep. I'm sorry to break the news. With basic knowledge and the ability to write well, anyone can be a sports reporter. Anyone. It's not on the same level of general news which is why it's on the ass end of most local news. Rarely does a sports story lead the local news or headline a newspaper.  However, being a sports personality takes on different responsibilities.

No doubt, Ms. Andrews works hard in the high stakes world of television where one mistake can brand you for life. The stress alone will wilt most people.

As you may or may not know, Erin Andrews (pictured to the right), reporter for ESPN, had her privacy violated when someone videotaped her, through a peephole, walking nude in some hotel room. The video has been circulating the Internet for months and she had threatened to sue the bum who filmed her without permission.  Allegedly, the bum was trying to sell this video to the TMZ.

The bum, named Michael David Barrett, was sentenced to 27 months in prison after pleading guilty to interstate stalking in March of 2010.---added by vloghog 2010

This has given haters of Andrews an avenue to spout off yet again about how she is only popular because of her looks and not her talent. They talk about how she's not a real sports journalist. They talk about how she has gotten ahead because of body.

Without doubt, many commenting on this saga will inevitably say that she brought this on herself for flaunting her sexuality. In fact, Christine Brennan, columnist for USA Today posted on her Twitter account, "Women sports journalists need to be smart and not play to the frat house. There are tons of nuts out there. The Erin Andrews incident is bad, but to add perspective: there are 100s of women sports journalists who have never had this happen to them."

When did someone appoint Christine Brennan queen of all female sports reporters?

Yeah, Erin Andrews got some breaks because of her looks. Shocker! Stop the presses! Mothers mind your skirts! ESPN is a television network that has a large male viewership and many of those men love to look at her and other hot woman.( Fox News figured this out a long time ago.) The way this peephole story gained national attention proves how popular she is.

Of course she dresses to be seen and not heard because she's on television! As hard as it is to believe, some people get paid six or seven figures a year for looking good on television while doing much much much less than Andrews.  Ask Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune.

Do the haters of Andrews have the same type of scorn for someone like Jon Gruden, former NFL head coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs, who will get the Monday Night Football announcing gig without ANY type of broadcast experience?

What kind of questions can Andrews (or any sideline reporter) ask in one minute of a football game that hasn't been asked a billion times? People act as if other ESPN reporters ask hard hitting relevant questions to athletes. For the most part, they don't. Well, not to their faces? Why? They don't want to get shut out of the hot interviews. So, they usually pepper athletes with softball questions. Andrews isn't the only one guilty of occasionally pandering to athletes. Not by a long shot.

It's obvious to me that some are jealous of Andrews when their arguments against her lack any real substance.

My post is a response to this blog post from Chicago Now:
Wherein I Defend A Naked Erin Andrews---Sigh--- A League of Her Own

VIDEO: Erin Andrews on The Big Idea (CNBC)