Best News Bloopers (JANUARY 2014)

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from News Be Funny on YouTube: Funny news bloopers that hit the internet in January 2014.

Once again we have highly paid professionals getting embarrassed on local, state and national television.

While I love a good photo bomb as much as the next blogger, I don't like when reporters are assaulted, touched or threatened.

Except when it's paparazzi. That's different.


GRTA Bus Slides On Connector In Atlanta (WSB)

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from WSB-TV:Watch as a bus slides down the highway in Atlanta.

According to several news reports, Atlanta citizens were stuck on icy highways for at least 12 hours.

I know what you're thinking: how did they use the bathroom?

The entire VlogHog staff is scanning the entire YouTube archives to find people who will be honest about it.

Stay tuned.



North Korea's Black Market Starves for Choco Pie (CNN)

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from CNN: A marshmallow pie is so popular in North Korea that people are buying it for up to a day's pay on the black market.

This isn't a story about Dennis Rodman, you troglodyte.


The Choco Pie

Best Fails of the Week 3 January 2014

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from FailArmy on YouTube: 4 minutes of fail.

Yes, most of these are funny but I've noticed something in this particular video. Most of the fails are from people being active. Swimming, sailing, rollerblading or whatever.

Yes, when they fall down or whatever, it is funny but at least they're moving as opposed to planting their asses and playing Call of Duty, Madden 13 or World of Warcraft.

Back in the day, this is what most young people did for fun. Get hurt.


Laura Velasquez Hot Midwest Weather Girl (WOOD-TV)

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from WOOD-TV 8 in Michigan: Laura Velasquez. (AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval)I don't know what any of that means.

Why do we have a feature called Hot Weather Girl on VlogHog? The same reason that program directors hire them: viewers.

These meteorologists are highly educated, work long hours, and are passionate about their work. No doubt they deserve their positions.

How many people were interviewed for the WOOD-TV weather position before Ms. Velasquez was hired? The competition is tough for the very few weather broadcaster slots available in any local market. For comparison sake, anybody can blog. Anybody. No college degrees necessary.

That being said, looks are a variable in the hiring process. It's not the only one but it is one.

Whenever I post a Hot Weather Girl post, the hits to my blog go up. Always. No matter who it is.



Courtney Love Wins Defamation Twitter Case (ABC NEWS)

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from ABC NEWS: The grunge rocker was being sued by a former lawyer for a tweet she sent on the social media platform.


Amy Freeze Hot NYC Weather Girl (WABC)

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from WABC in New York: Amy Freeze does the weather.

After much investigation, the VlogHog research department (i.e. the Google search engine) has discovered that Amy Freeze is her real name. You can now all relax.

Her ego is so big that she has two Twitter accounts. TWO. I capitalized the word two and that means that I'm serious about something.

The Twitter accounts are @AmyFreeze and @AmyFreeze7. No wonder she works in New York. It's the only city that can contain her massive ego. TWO TWITTER ACCOUNTS.

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Amy Freeze. Amy Freeze.


Orlando Has 2nd Highest Utility Bills in US

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from WPTV in Orlando, Florida: According to a new report, Orlando has the second highest utility bills in the country with an average of $293 a bill.

Moral of the story: don't move to Orlando.


Erica Kato Hot San Fran Weather Girl (KRON-4 California)

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from KRON-4 in San Francisco: Erica Kato. Hot weather girl.

Dear KRON 4 producers:

When I watch your news clips, I watch with the intent of seeing people broadcast relevant news. Currently, you employ Erica Kato, Jacqueline Bennett and Janu Arasu among other talented broadcasters.

I assume you also employ make-up artists (I don't know their politically correct name) to make your broadcasters worthy of airtime or if you don't I assume the talent must take their valuable time to plaster on cosmetics.

The average median salary of a broadcaster in the USA is about $65,000 give or take a few dollars. Since this is television, I assume you want your paying your talent to be seen.

However, when I turn load up a KRON-4 clip, I see two temperature graphics, a stock market ticker, a top stories banner, a huge StormTracker 4 banner and a garishly colored digital map and one Erica Kato buried underneath all of this high tech crap.

For a weather segment, you need two elements, a map and a broadcaster.

That's it.


Erica Kato without graphics covering her.


Woman Jumps Off Bridge After High-Speed Police Chase

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from ITN: An Oregon woman, who led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen car, ended it by jumping off a bridge into a freezing cold river. Rebecca Humphries, 26, of Troutdale, ran numerous red lights and stop signs while leading police on a dangerous car chase before she jumped off a bridge. The chase lasted several miles and reached speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. Just moments after jumping into the freezing Sandy River, the 26 year old was pulled from the water and taken to hospital with minor injuries. Humphries was cited for numerous traffic crimes while she was admitted to hospital. Report by Andrea Lilly.

The woman realized she was in Oregon and couldn't take it anymore.

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Gisele Bundchen Responds to ATV Backlash

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from HollyScoop: Gisele sparked outrage among most when she was spotted riding an ATV with her one-year-old daughter in her arms, and no, the baby was not even wearing a helmet or any kind of protection. Now Gisele responds to the backlash.

To be honest(and why would I lie to you), I just wanted an excuse to post some pics of Gisele. Hot women seem to bring in the most visitors to this blog for some reason.

So the child wasn't wearing a helmet. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Gisele Bundchen


Peyton Manning Explains 'Omaha' Call

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from the Associated Press: Peyton Manning can't stop shouting about Nebraska's largest city. The Denver Broncos quarterback used the word "Omaha" loudly and often during a playoff victory over the San Diego Chargers.

Will Peyton Manning win his second SuperBowl? Haters stay tuned.


Russian Car Crashes Compilation # 208 - January 2014

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from Car Crash Compilation: Car and truck crashes. What else would it be? A video of how to make pork chops?

No wonder Communism was once popular in Russia. Who wants to drive to work in these icy conditions? Plus who wants to deal with the other drivers?

Why work when the government could cut you a check?


POV Hong Kong Disneyland Toy Story Ride

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from Theme Park Review: A bizarre but fun shuttle coaster based on the Toy Story movies at Hong Kong Disneyland!

No one was hurt, maimed or killed during this video.  Unfortunately.



Winter North America Car Crash Compilation

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from Fast Car Crashes on YouTube: North American car and truck crashes.

Does your car insurance cover you when you drive on icy roads? Should it?


More News Bloopers and Mistakes

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from Amazing Life 24/7: News bloopers and mistakes.

Laugh people. Laugh. Highly paid professionals are making mistakes on live TV.

They need someone to take the piss out of them once in a while. This blog has left my bladder drained for years.



Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe Debuts at County Fair

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from Buzz 60: A new doughnut-based sandwich makes its debut. The Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe was sold by Chicken Charlie's at a county fair in California. Chef Charlie is the self-proclaimed 'deep fry king.' Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) takes a look at some of his other creations.

People will eat anything. Where can I get one?

This was originally posted from Buzz 60 back in June of 2013. But you know they are still selling them somewhere.

If you have eaten one, let us in the comments sections.

Doughnuts minus Sloppy Joe

Kristin Clark Pretty In Pink Hot Weather Girl

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from Weather Nation on YouTube: Hot Weather Girl Kristin Clark.

If you don't know, Ms. Clark's parents are active television meteorologists. So it's a good thing they weren't crack dealers or it would be a tragedy.

Of course, you're not reading anything I write or really paying attention to the videos I post or you would notice that this particular vid is from 2012.

It's okay because I know the most popular posts on this blog are the ones featuring the attractive weather women.

Back in  2011, I wrote detailed account of how the United States government can reduce the deficit with prudent spending cuts and reduced taxes but all you want to do is watch pretty women.

But you're not reading this anyway.


Kristin Clark

Adriana Lima Behind the Scenes Video Profile | MODTV

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from Adriana Lima and Mod-TV: Adriana Lima is the hottest supermodel on the planet, and is one of the highest paid models in the business. Here is our exclusive look at this superstar in action on her latest campaign shoot for Maybelline New York.

It's four minutes of close ups of Adriana Lima. Why are you even reading this? Seriously, why bother reading something about Ms. Lima when you could be watching her? Are you still reading this? Damn, son.


Adriana Lima

New York City Mayor Eats Pizza With Knife and Fork

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from the Associated Press: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio got a bit of a scandal on his hands, once he put his fork down: how to eat a slice of pizza. He used a knife and fork to nosh his slice at a Staten Island pizza joint Friday.

He should resign immediately. Immediately.


Car Crashes On Ice

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from Accidents and Crashes on The Road on YouTube: Check out the latest dashcam accidents videos and accident compilations from around the web: http://dashcamaccidents.altervista.org.
Also visit: http://failblog.altervista.org. All crashes in this video are non-fatal. Take this video as a learning tool (to make you aware of the danger of the road so you know it just happen very fast sometimes).

Just don't drive anywhere. Walk. It's cheaper and healthier for you.


Storm Destroys Condo Complex

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from Headline News: The weather in north Georgia and the Carolinas has been pretty out of control this weekend, but one man captured it on film in a way we're not likely to soon forget.HLN affiliate WRAL received a video from Ed Braz, a man who happened to be near to his window during a storm watching the winds blow. As his phone rolled video, the buildings outside rolled too ... into a collapsed pile of boards on the ground.

Damn. I had a fourth mortgage on that thing.


Detroit Man Buys House For $500

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from Buzz 60: Drew Philip is determined not to abandon his home state of Michigan. He bought an abandoned house in Detroit for $500 to do his part to keep the city alive. Mara Montalbano (@maramontalbano) has the story.

Would you buy a house for $500? In Detroit?

On the one hand, if you spend $40,000 (for example) to fix it up, you own your home with no mortgage or payments for 30 years like most people.

On the other hand, it is in Detroit.

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10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries

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from All-Time 10's on YouTube: "10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries
Planning a summer vacation abroad? Then don't offend the locals. Here are 10 seemingly innocent ways of offending people in other countries. Music = Hot Club Swinger by John Etheridge"

Yes, I'm planning a summer vacation to Iran. The beaches there are lovely that time of year.


What Is The Polar Vortex? (Kristin Clark)

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from Weather Nation: Meteorologist Kristin Clark goes over the Polar Vortex and why it's having such an impact on the weather in the Lower 48. Good news, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Hot Weather Girl Kristin Clark explains the Polar Vortex not to be confused with The Polar Express starring Tom Hanks. That was a movie. The Polar Vortex is cold reality.

Just remember all of this is caused by Global Warming. How? That's for another post at another time.



10 Shocking Facts About McDonald's

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from All-Time 10's on YouTube: From pink slime to Guantanamo Bay, find out what goes on behind the golden arches with 10 shocking facts about McDonald's. Song:Junk in the Trunk by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins.

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Florida Lawmakers Seek To Ban Tanning Beds For Teens

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from WPTV in Florida Channel 5: Florida lawmakers seek to ban tanning beds for minor teens.

Let me get this straight. Some politicians support birth control for teens but don't want them to tan?

The "they're going do it anyway rule" doesn't apply to tanning?

Plus, in a sort of related way, it's okay to vote at 18 but not drink alcohol legally. In another story, it's okay to send young men at 18 to war but not drink?



Kristin Clark Hot Weather Girl (Weather Nation)

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from Weather Nation: Meteorologist Kristin Clark goes over the latest lake effect snow event. It was the first blizzard warning in Buffalo in 20 years! How do these systems set up? What causes 3"-4" snowfall rates per hour? And what area can get almost 300 inches of snow in a single winter?

I don't care. I live in Alabama.

Ms. Clark parents are meteorologists. Thus she continues the family tradition by broadcasting the weather.

Much like I'm continuing my family tradition of public failure.

Happy new year.

Kristin Clark

The Self-Driving Car of the Future

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from Bloomberg: Don't wait for the arrival of the autonomous car, it's happening already. For example, Audi's concept car can perform highway driving by itself and park itself without the driver in the car. Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart checks it out at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.

I can't wait for the first drunk driver to crash his car into a building and then sue his own self driving car for causing it.

It will be glorious.


Dylan Dreyer Hot NBC Weather Girl

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from NBC's The Today Show: Dylan Dreyer. Not Dillion or Dillon. Too hot for the morning.

I guarantee you that her nickname is double d around The Today Show set. If I'm wrong, who gives a damn. Dreyer is hot.

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Dylan Dreyer

Dylan Dreyer

Astrid Braunschmidt Canada's Hot Weather Girl

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from CTV-VI: Canada's Astrid Braunschmidt is as hot as she is classy.

If you have read other posts on Ms. Braunschmidt(and why wouldn't you), you have noticed my rambling about the temperatures and how cold it is in Canada. Usually, I would write something about the single digit temps.

Well, Canada doesn't count temps the way I do in America. Canadians go by celsius not fahrenheit like in the United States. Thus, 8 degrees celsius is 46 degrees fahrenheit.

I'm not making this up. Here is a conversion chart I found.

I apologize to all Canadians.

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Astrid Braunschmidt

News Reporter Passes Out In The Snow On Live TV

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from Amazing Life 24/7 on YouTube: News reporter passes out in the snow on live TV.

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LeBron James Gives a Fan a Kiss (ESPN)

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from ESPN: Miami Heat F Lebron James gives a courtside fan a picture and kiss.


Wisconsin Hwy 41/45 Pileup Captured on Video

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from WISN Channel 12 NEWS: Dept. of Transportation camera capture the 5 minutes it took for a pileup on Highway 41/45 to occur and to shut down the highway Sunday.

With all the money in taxes we pay, this is the best picture quality we get?

A flip phone camera can get take better pictures.

Come on, Department of Transportation. GYST.


Truck Accidents Compilation Winter 2013

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from Winter Crashes Compilation on YouTube: Truck accidents of winter 2013.

Some 18 wheeler trucks weigh over a ton. So, when you impatience compact car drivers cut them off, don't be surprise if you're eating a truck sandwich a few minutes later.

Yes, truckers cause many accidents with their bad driving which is why you must be extra careful around them in your four door SUV. It don't matter whose fault it is. The truck usually wins the battle.

Let's be careful out there.



New Year's Eve F-Bomb Blooper

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from Tripping Over Funny on YouTube: Drunk girls scream 'We're Gonna F*ck Sh*t Up!' on LIVE TV.

To all future broadcasters, don't interview drunk people on TV. Drunk people will actually say what they mean and we know how PC you television people are.

So when you ask smashed folks questions on live TV, you get what you deserve.

Public service announcement over.


California Police Chase White Lexus December 30, 2013 #cops #Cali

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from So Cal Police Pursuits: California cops chase white Lexus on December 30, 2013.

If you have ever successfully escaped police pursuit, please tell me about it in the comments section below this post.

Then I will look this up on the Internets to verify it. It is public record after all.



Shiri Spear Hot Weather Girl (Fox 25 Boston)

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from Fox Channel 25 in Boston: Introducing Shiri Spear.

Not everybody can be a Hot Weather Girl. First, you have to be hot and seriously how many women out there are truly hot? Second, you have to be a meteorologist. Being a meteorologist ain't like working at Arby's.

So the Hot Weather Girl is a rare honor.

If I believe it, it must be true.

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Shiri Spear

Araksya Karapetyan Hot Weather Woman (Fox 11)

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from Fox 11 in Los Angeles: Araksya Karapetyan

She's not dancing in this one. Still, she is beautiful.

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That is if you really like her and not just some kind of phony.



Araksya Karapetyan


Florida Raises Minimum Wage 14 Cents

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from Channel 5 WPTV: Floridians upset with minimum wage rate hike.

Politicians will never do anything that will make people less dependent on them. If they really want to help low wage workers, they could lower the gasoline tax, lower the price of licenses, lower property taxes, eliminate the capital gains tax, stop taxing social security benefits etc.

But that would lessen their power so it ain't happening.


Best Weather Bloopers of 2013

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from News Be Funny on YouTube: The best weather bloopers from 2013.

No one was hurt. These are highly paid professionals so it's okay to laugh.

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