An Oklahoma City To Regulate Toy Guns

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You learn something new everyday as a blogger. I didn't know that there was a federal law that toy guns that look real must have an orange tip. Well, in Edmond, Oklahoma some people are removing that orange tip and making toy guns look real.

Thanks to KOCO in Oklahoma City for posting this video at YouTube.

Some toy guns made in modern times do look similar to real guns. I guess the days of using two fingers to make a gun just looks goofy now. Kids want authenticity. Spoiled bastards.


Lingerie Football League To Charlotte?

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Did you know that there is a Lingerie Football League? Don't be shocked, I didn't know either and I'm suppose to know about these things being a male chauvinist pig. Well, Atlanta once had a Lingerie Football League called the Atlanta Steam and it ran out of steam and now wants to relocate to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube.

The another thing I learned is how many people you have to get "approval" from before moving a Lingerie Football League team to a city. The city council, the Charlotte Sports Commission, the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority and other people with fake jobs all have to give this team their stamp of approval. Well, at least in their minds they have to.

It's a bunch of women playing football in lingerie. RELAX.

The league kicks off in September 2009.



The Little Mermaid Rectal Thermometer

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Merchandising knows no bounds. How's The Little Mermaid rectal thermometer for ya? You know that someone in promotions department at Disney got a laugh out of this.

Thanks to Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia at YouTube for creating and posting this video.

Is Disney so hard up for money that a Little Mermaid rectal thermometer gets the thumbs up? We will come out this recession eventually. What asshole approved this?



Domino's Employees Face Criminal Charges

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Remember that adorable couple of young people from Conover, North Carolina who put a video of themselves on YouTube tampering with food at a Domino's Pizza? Yeah, those assholes. Well, one of them, the woman named Christi Lynn Hammonds, was a registered sex offender. Well, on the bright side, the couple turned themselves in the police and the local Conover health department closed down that Domino's. Oh yeah, the two were fired.

Thanks to WCNC Video for posting this video at YouTube. Will Domino's Pizza ever be the same?

Truth be told, there are a lot of former criminals working at many fast food restaurants. Many. You know it's true. Fast food used to be a haven for high school kids but now many of your favorite fast food joints have illegal aliens, ex-cons and current cons. Look it up.


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Should You Microwave Twinkies?

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Should you microwave Twinkies? Yeah, I know you can but should you? I haven't had the guts to actually put one in a microwave oven but some kids at YouTube have and even made a video and stuff.

Thanks to Ideo Prouductions at YouTube for posting this video.

The urban myth is that a Twinkie can last forever like roaches and Madonna's singing career. Since forever hasn't existed, how anyone knows this is beyond me. Does that make any sense?


Jennifer Love Hewitt In Maxim Magazine

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A few months ago, the entertainment press were shocked that Jennifer Love Hewitt had put on a few pounds. How dare she! Unflattering pictures of her at the beach made there way around God's Internet and some people were totally disgusted at Hewitt. Now, she is a few pound lighter and appears in Maxim magazine.

Thanks to Maxim for posting this video at YouTube.

The funny thing about all noise made about the weight gain was not the reaction of the press but of men. Yeah, men. You had men hating on Jennifer Love Hewitt because she put on a few pounds. As if these men wouldn't kill to be with her for a few minutes even with a muffin top. As if these men (the kind that leave disgusting comment under certain videos at YouTube) were dating top models and were put off by the whole weight thang.

Get a life.

Loving JLH at any size


Domino's Pizza Worker Posts Disgusting Video On Net

Are you terrified when you order out for food? In the video below, you will see a Domino's Pizza worker who, among other things, put cheese into his nose and then onto a sandwich. The most stupid thing? He and a co-worker from Conover, North Carolina film this and puts it on YouTube on purpose.

Hey, when I say he does other things...he does other disgusting things that are waaaaaaay worse that shoving cheese up his nose.

Thanks to josh 97501 at LiveLeak for posting this video at LiveLeak.

You will never look at fast food the same again. Trust me.

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Teens Poison Teacher's Coffee

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Haven't we all wanted to poison a teacher at some point in our lives? Come on, let's keep it real! You haven't? Well, live vicariously through the two Auburn, Washington teens who poison their teacher's coffee with ipecac syrup to try to induce vomiting.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

Were the kids trying to make their teacher hurl or was it something more sinister? This is what the prosecutors of Auburn,Washington are going to have to decide.

Think of the worse prank you pulled on a teacher. Was it something that would of got you prosecuted. Well, shame on you!

You can post a comment on what you did below this post. Hey, I'm curious.

Save Our Teachers

Dish Detergent Smuggled Into Washington?

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Why are Washington citizens smuggling dish detergent into the state? Well, in 2008 dish detergents containing phosphorus was banned by force of law in the state of Washington. Now, citizens are taking matters into their own dirty little hands and smuggling detergent out of Idaho.

Why banned detergent? According to the genius Washington lawmaker, banning phosphorus containing detergents will help the environment. How? Phosphorus can foster algae which can damage waterways. Hey, I don't make this stuff up.

Thanks to the Associated Press for posting this video at YouTube.

How long have we had detergents? Has it really been that big of a problem? Does your state face the possibility of this ban in the future?

Stay tuned.

Ain't Washington next to an ocean or something?

Tornado Destroy Electrical Sub Station

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Tornado videos are a staple at VlogHog. They're powerful, they're fast and they're windy. Truth be told, any kind of destructive video is going to get my attention.

Tornadoes look slow and benign. But, it is one of the most dangerous forces created by nature. Next to Lindsay Lohan.

In the video below, you will see a tornado destroy an electrical sub station.

Thanks to lildan69us at LiveLeak for posting this video.



Woman Collects Sponge Bob Memorabilia

The news in Iowa is so boring that KCCI ,Iowa's news leader, did a story on a woman who collects anything and everything Sponge Bob related.

Now, I don't see the big deal. People collect lots of things: collect baseball cards, comic books and some collect rare art. For example, I collect overdue notices from creditors.

Sponge Bob appeals to all ages.




Orange County High Speed Police Chase

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If you think you can get away from cops in a hi-speed chase like they do in the movies, watch this video. A woman recently was pursued by several Los Angeles police on the 241 southbound highway and avoids traps several times before being caught. It makes for great video. Dangerous for her but great to watch.

Thanks to KTLA for posting this video at YouTube. Of course, this chase occurred in Orange County, the center of all crime in the universe.

Note to KTLA, post more videos like this. This one made it to the front page of YouTube. You're in LA. Stuff happens there.



Burger King's New Cologne For Men Called Flame

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At first, I thought this video was a joke. Then, after a little research (very little), I discovered at was true. Burger King has come out with a new fragrance for men called "Flame." Yeah, it's true.

Now, really, would you buy this? Go ahead tell the truth. Well, I would...for folks I don't like.

Thanks to CNN for producing this video and Burger King for making this crap.

P.S. It's suppose to smell like meat. True dat.

I couldn't make up this up for love or money and I'm suppose to be creative and stuff.


Woman Tries To Sell Her Virginity Online

CNN did a report on a young woman who is trying to sell her virginity online. Seriously. I can't make this stuff up.

Sacramento State grad Natalie Dylan is the 22 year-old enterprising woman featured in the video below. She is selling...wait...I can't continue to type this. CNN actually did a report on this? All the money I'm spending to get people to visit this blog and CNN does a report on an escort?

We got a recession, several hurricanes, a failing stock market but CNN does a report on a prostitute?

Well, this video features Natalie Dylan and her quest to enter grad school. You ever heard of a student loan, Nat?

This was a serious story on CNN. Plus, according to Fox News, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Yeah, I'm hating.

Total sellout

3 Year-Old Girl Nearly Falls Off 150 Foot Cliff

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Children aren't little adults. They're kids. Remember when you were a kid and all the energy you had? Remember how you could play all day long? Remember how you never wanted to go to sleep? Kids are a bundle of energy like Electro. Keep your eyes on them at all times. The mother in this video will watch her kids like the IRS from now on.

In the video below, a 3-year old named Alaina nearly falls off a 150 ft cliff in Oregon. By the grace of God and the quick thinking of her cousin, her life is saved.

This video posted at LiveLeak by komakazzi and is from a news report from KATU in Portland, Oregon.

Be careful out there.



How To Date During The Recession

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The current recession has been blamed for everything from the hair loss to the Cubs never winning the World Series.

Hey, it's not the Great Depression. Not yet. Still, The Early Show feels the need to dedicate a segment of valuable air time on how to date during a recession.

If you can't take a date to McDonald's and split a McDouble, then she's not worth your time, partner.

Thanks to the Early Show for posting this video on YouTube.

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Meet The World's Tallest Man

Who's the tallest person you've ever met? Was that person 8 foot tall? I doubt it.

Leonid Stadnyk is 8 foot 4 inches tall and doesn't play in the NBA. Shocking isn't it. According to Diagonal UK, the 37- year old Stadnyk is the world's tallest man.

Thanks to Diagonal UK for posting this video at YouTube.

Unfortunately, people this tall usually suffer from many health problems and this video details several maladies for Stadnyk.

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