Jim Kosek---Weatherman of The Year

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Jim Kosek, meteorologist for Accu-Weather, adheres to the number one rule of television: never be boring.

Watch as Kosek gives the weekend weather report for Philadelphia. Feel the passion. Feel the spirit. Feel the insanity.

But, he is not boring.

VlogHog: Always hot.

Woman Wrecks Motorcycle Into Car Caught On Film

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The Ghost Rider never does crap like this. Courtesy of LiveLeak is a film featuring a female motorcyclist crashing her bike into a car. She, of course, is wearing a helmet camera.

VlogHog: Never crashes.


Amy Winehouse Caught On Tape Smoking Crack

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I don't know for sure if Amy Winehouse is really smoking crack but she does have a crack pipe in this video AND she is really going to rehab.

Good luck.

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Ingraham attacks O'Reilly and Cavuto on Fox News

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Laura Ingraham calls out O'Reilly for his hypocrisy. He's looking out for you? O'Reilly is a typical male who is ashamed of being a man. I don't mind looking at women in bikinis. O'Reilly doesn't either, but acts as a culture warrior who pretends to be offended by a cafe run by women in bikinis. Whatever.

VlogHog: Looking out for bill collectors.

Kobe Bryant Sings ft. Tyra Banks - K.O.B.E

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Kobe sings. This is not a joke. Not an impersonator. The real Kobe Byrant. I wish it were an impersonator. With Tyra Banks singing back up. Maybe the Lakers should trade him.

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Woman Caught Picking Her Nose Film On YouTube

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The following video below, found at YouTube, features a woman digging for gold, silver and platinum in her nose. Thanks to Xenuvu at YouTube for posting this Oscar worthy video and doing the world a public service.

This video got me to thinking about the art of nose picking because lack of employment will get you thinking about dumb stuff. Does the act of picking the nose really bug people?

For instance, men, if Adriana Lima asks you out a date but you saw her clearly pick for kernels all the way up to her crusty elbow in public, would that bother you? Would that be a dealbreaker? Would you say no?

Finally, I'm just saying sometimes we bend our code of conduct if it benefits us. Sometimes. Well, I do anyways.

VlogHog: Adriana Lima can dig anywhere. I'm there.

Pictured above: Adriana Lima

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