Antonella Barba and Tara Conner

Why all the drama over Antonella Barba and Tara Conner? Barba, a former contestant of American Idol, was criticized for having "lewd" pictures of herself postered over the Internet. These pictures, IMHO, look like the ones an old boyfriend posted to get his 10 minutes of fame. Conner, 2006 Miss USA, was discovered to be a wild partier who liked Coke more than Pepsi.

The drama was schadenfreude at its best and hypocrisy at its worst. Do you honestly think all Miss USA and American Idol contestants are as pure as the Olsen Twins? Most rational people don't.

Is it that some people think pretty girls don't do 'wild' stuff like kiss other girls, do drugs and rob banks. At first, the idiots in the media blamed the wild nightlife of New York sucking in Conner and turning her out. WTF? They don't have crack and meth heads in Kentucky(Conner's home state)? To be fair, Conner did correct the media when she said that she was the way she was before she smelled New York air.

Yes, people some good-looking girls do wild things. It's normal. They aren't influenced by MTV, their friends or Bill Clinton; it's the way they are. Don't hold them to some higher standard than yourself.


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