Woman Caught Picking Her Nose Film On YouTube

The following video below, found at YouTube, features a woman digging for gold, silver and platinum in her nose. Thanks to Xenuvu at YouTube for posting this Oscar worthy video and doing the world a public service.

This video got me to thinking about the art of nose picking because lack of employment will get you thinking about dumb stuff. Does the act of picking the nose really bug people?

For instance, men, if Adriana Lima asks you out a date but you saw her clearly pick for kernels all the way up to her crusty elbow in public, would that bother you? Would that be a dealbreaker? Would you say no?

Finally, I'm just saying sometimes we bend our code of conduct if it benefits us. Sometimes. Well, I do anyways.

VlogHog: Adriana Lima can dig anywhere. I'm there.

Pictured above: Adriana Lima

VlogHog will return soon.

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