Text Messaging While Driving

Are there people who really text message while they drive? Really? Texting while the car is moving? Do you have to have human contact 24/7? Come on now!

In the video below, you will see a report from WISN in Wisconsin on the dangers of text messaging while driving.

Didn't civilization go on just fine without text messaging? Do you text while driving. I literally mean while the car is moving, do you try to text someone?


Is this why Twitter is so popular?



Anlina S. said...

Not only do people do it - it seems to be extremely common. I know people who text message while driving, especially on long highway drives. They find the drive boring and being in contact with people makes it more interesting. Scary and dangerous though.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

oh, my husband does this and it drives me nuts! I am ever so tense while he is doing it.


Stormdrane said...

Not to scare you, but many truckers/trucking companies have SATCOMs(computer keyboard with small display to send/receive data, load information, driving directions, stops/pickups, etc..) installed in their trucks. You may have seen the little domed object on the upper back side of an 18 wheelers cab, that's the receiver/transmitter.

Many use these while they're driving. They're not supposed to, but that doesn't stop them. A little light comes on when a messege is received and the driver will reach over and grab the SATCOM to read the messege and may type in a response if required(sometimes while driving).

Although most accidents involving big rigs are the fault of smaller vehicles, I would imagine some might be caused by a distracted driver. Most of the 2 million+ truckers are responsible safe drivers, but it only takes a few involved in major accidents to tarnish the view of all of them.

VlogHog said...

I saw a person today driving an SUV while texting. They had their phone on the steering wheel while using both hands to drive.

I didn't think anyone would do this.

Anyone with a brain.