Woman Drags Kid Through Verizon Store On Leash

Once upon a time in the land called America, there was a woman from Gaylesville, Alabama named Melissa Catherine Smith-Means.

Smith-Means was accused of dragging a small child through a Verizon Wireless store by it's back pack leash. I say accused because it's America and you're innocent until proven guilty. But, the video below is damaging. You decide.

Thanks to poppycock at LiveLeak for posting this video.

According to poppycock, the woman was arrested for child cruelty.



The Transcendent said...

What is so amazing about this is the fact that it is available on the internet. Our day in age is amazing, but I'm glad people like this can be shown online now.

Kids having a leash to begin with has always been horrible to me, but seeing someone literally drag their kid? This is why some people just shouldn't be parents

Prime said...

I would love to know the excuse she gave police when they asked why she did it.