ESPN SportsCenter's Not Top Ten - 09-26-14

from MEH SPIN on YouTube:

ESPN SportsCenter's Not Top Ten for September 26, 2014
10. When you play a game at Sanford Stadium in Georgia it's "Between The Hedges," literally in this case.
09. The ref loses his balance at the Eagles vs. Redskins game.
08. The Tulane long snapper needs to work on his height.
07. A ref loses his balance while throwing a penalty flag at the Nebraska and Miami game.
06. At the Rangers game, a fan catches a foul ball and gives a high five to the fan waving for attention at the camera.
05. Tulane REALLY needs to practice their special teams a little more.
04. Arkansas State Quarterback Fredi Knighten attempts the trhow but ends up with an empty hand.
03. Army Linebacker Stephen Ricciardi flops like no one has flopped before. No flag.
02. Cuba Gooding Jr. goes nuts after winning the Blackhawk's "Shoot the Puck" game.
01. The Lion's Stephen Tulloch, sacks Aaron Rodgers, does the Discount Double Check and blows out his knee. (This one should stay on the list for the foreseeable future.)
WORST OF THE WORST: In an attempt to distract Miami players during a fake punt, Gunner Booker Mays of Arkansas State, plays dead and faints, fooling no one but himself.

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