Los Angeles Police Chase (April 30, 2015) KTLA | KNBC (2)

FROM WWWY2000 ON YOUTUBE: Two men who ran from authorities Thursday after a leading them on a pursuit from Long Beach to Watts have been taken into custody.

The pursuit began in the area of East 2nd Street and Studebaker Road according to Lt. Chris Hays of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Aerial video from Sky5 showed patrol cars chasing a black SUV at about 11:40 a.m. when the vehicle stopped in a Watts neighborhood.

Two men jumped out of the SUV and ran from authorities, video showed.

One of the men was seen running between buildings and homes for more than 5 minutes before eventually being surrounded and taken into custody.

The second man was also in custody, Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Sheriff’s Department later confirmed.


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