Tyra Banks Feels Up Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee of American Idol, the runner-up to Taylor Hicks, was on The Tyra Banks Show and, of course, McPhee had to discuss her breasts. It's only natural. McPhee is upset that some people think her breasts are fake and I'll let the video take it from there.

Television (and YouTube) seems to be bring out the worst in some people or it brings out the best, depends on your point of view. Finally, I'll say this, if it's this easy to cop a feel, forget blogging, I want a television show.

Do bloggers have groupies?


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VlogHog said...

Tyra Banks is the best interviewer in the universe. If this clip with Katherine McPhee doesn't prove it, nothing will.

Shoes off. Crusty foots on the couch. Perfection.