Teen Sues DA Over Sexting Case

If you don't know, if you have naked pictures of underage people on your computer, cell phone, under your bed ETC., you are in possession of child porn. That's illegal. Yes, even if you're a teenager who is sexting another teenager.
Still, that does not stop Marissa Miller, who is facing child porn charges, from suing the district attorney who is making her life hell.

In the video below, Julie Chen of CBS interviews George Sumanick Jr, the district attorney in this case.

Julie Chen acts as defense attorney for Marissa Miller.

Is the law going overboard?

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1 comment :

VlogHog said...

Is this DA going overboard? I think so. Still, you've got to be careful when sending anything into cyberspace: credit card numbers, bank account info and nude picutures.

Let's be careful out there.