Meet The World's Tallest Man

Who's the tallest person you've ever met? Was that person 8 foot tall? I doubt it.

Leonid Stadnyk is 8 foot 4 inches tall and doesn't play in the NBA. Shocking isn't it. According to Diagonal UK, the 37- year old Stadnyk is the world's tallest man.

Thanks to Diagonal UK for posting this video at YouTube.

Unfortunately, people this tall usually suffer from many health problems and this video details several maladies for Stadnyk.

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Cindy said...

i just watched Oprah show featuring a 7'4'' 12 year-old boy last night, didn't know there is actually someone taller than he out there!

Erik said...

I always wanted to be taller, but that's gotta suck.

VlogHog said...

A 7'4 12-year old? Wow.