Inside A New York Cuddle Party

What is a cuddle party? Do you have to ask? It's self-explanatory. Okay, it's a party where people get together and cuddle. No foreplay. No heavy petting. No sex. Hey, I don't make up these things because if I did no one would believe me.

Recently, The New York Post ran a video on a cuddle party that took place in New York.

No way do I attend a cuddle party unless Adriana Lima, Beyonce and Tyra Banks show up and even then I'm thinking twice.

Did you stop reading after no sex?


crunkyjens said...

Now that is just plain strange! Why would you want to cuddle with a complete stranger? I mean I guess it's safer than sex with a complete stranger but still.....ew!

Erik said...

videos: http://www.newsweek.com/id/209164