Customers Battle At McDonalds, IHOP and Waffle House. Look Out!

In the video below, you will see several customer fighting each other and workers at some of your favorite restaurants, including but not limited to McDonalds, Waffle House and IHOP (International House of Pancakes).  This recession is driving folks insane.

Thanks to the great folks at VlogHog for posting this video.  They put out the best videos on the net IMHO.

If you don't know, I write songs using music software.  These songs are usually instrumentals.  With this video I created, I used one my songs originally.  However,  after I uploaded it to YouTube, I discovered that you can use songs that YouTube provided. 

Because I don't have a big ego, I decided that  Beethoveen's Sonata For Piano No. 14 Moonlight Sonata: Adagio Sostenuto  was a better fit for  a video where two guys punch each other out in a McDonalds.



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