How Social Media Will Save VlogHog

This will be me if I don't get more folks to visit.

If you see a post, a video or a pic here at VlogHog,  please, please, please, hit one of the social buttons under this post or any post and let your friends know about it. If I had friends, I would do it so I gotta leave it up to you to do it for me.

Click one. Go ahead. It won't hurt.

With a religious like fervor, I check the stats for VlogHog everyday or every other day or whatever comes first.  In these stats, I rarely see hits from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I'll throw in Yahoo too.  With millions of blogs and websites being created, the old model of depending on search engine results for traffic will disappear.

I'm not talking about the big commercial sites, I mean blogs like mine will have to depend on the kindness of visitors like you to use social media like Twitter and Facebook to get this blog or any blog a chance of being successful.

Now, I'm not saying that you spam these sites with worthless content. I am saying if you see someone that is worthy of telling your friends about on this blog go ahead and hit one of the social buttons under any of these posts.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit VlogHog.

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