Attacked by Wild Turkeys in Davis

From TheFreakNj: This was literally an hour ago today, while I was riding my bike to work. I came across a flock of Wild Turkeys, and stopped to take a picture since I had my new camera with me. Then I realized it had video on it, so figured, why the heck not? Turns out I captured their attack and my harrowing escape on video while narrating for my family back home, while I was stopped on my bike, so I couldn't really move as they came after me... very frightening, lol.

You can see them begin to stalk me early, and they scope out and begin to stalk down their prey. They slowly inch closer and closer, trying to remain casual before they strike. I wish I had an australian accent to narrate the video with like Steve Irwin.

Also, I just realized as I got to work and began to eat lunch, that I packed my lunch today in my backpack, and it was no other than..... a TURKEY sandwich. I had turkey lunchmeat in my backpack, they could probably sense that I killed and was going to eat one of their own in my backpack. That could have been their reason for attack.

Im just happy I escaped easily.

Turkeys are hardcore.


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