Sizzlin' Jessica Gomes By Maxim


From Maxim: The starlet(Jessica Gomes) on first dates, fake boobs, and Korea's Dancing with the Stars.

Wait a f-----g minute! In another video featuring Gomes, she clearly says that Gomes is pronounced Go-Mez, yet in this videos she says that Gomes is pronounced Go-mmmms.

No which one is it, Ms. G ? What are you trying to hide? How can a grown and sexy woman not know how to pronounce her last name?

I'm just kidding, I seriously don't care. But I will make a big deal about in other videos featuring Jessica Whats-her-name.

Models make VlogHog go around.

Gomes says that a man has to take her to a really great restaurant to impress her.  One word baby: Checkers. One dollar BLT. The B stands for BACON, baby doll.

jessica gomes
"Do they still have chili dogs?"-Jessica Gomes

Jessica Gomes

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