Just How Stupid Is Aaron Hernandez?

As some of you may know, former New England Patriot Tight End Aaron Hernandez was recently arrested on charges of murder. This is a brief summary of what this NASA-like intellect is have alleged to have done:

1. Picks up his murder victim.
2. Let his victim text while he was in a RENTED car.
3. Shoot the victim in a rock quarry.
4. Leave the body at the rock quarry.
5. Did I mention that the rock quarry is LESS than a mile away from his house.
6. Return to his home where he destroys his home surveillance video except for the part where he walks into the home with a gun.
7. KEEPS the gun.
8. Destroys his cell phone.  As we all have learned recently, that means nothing as long as the NSA exists.

Hernandez is being held without bail.

My question is simple: Just how STUPID is Hernandez?


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Aaron Hernandez. Perhaps the dumbest criminal ever. Allegedly.

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