Meet Aaron Hernandez's Twitter Groupies

In the video above, Anderson Cooper interviews women in love with prisoners.

So you think killing someone make you less attractive? Think again, homebody!  According to David D. from UpRoxx.com, several women are now infatuated with alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez.

This is not shocking because many good looking famous criminals get fan mail and groupies. Don't believe me? Of course you do. How many men have you met that said Casey Anthony was hot? Howard Stern did bit on it. Here it is. Warning.  It's rated R.

Below is an example of one tweet from Steffy on Twitter.  If you want to read more women (and some men I would imagine) in lust with a serial killer (Allegedly), follow Neil Hamburger who is re-tweeting all the offending posts here.

Visit UpRoxx.Com and follow Neil Hamburger's Twitter page.


Below are tweets from women who find Hernandez cute.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 9.59.33 PM

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