Kait Parker Hot Weather Girl (WPTV)

from WPTV out of West Palm Beach, Florida : Kait Parker, Meteorologist.

Despite my spellchecker demanding it, Kait is not spelled K A T E.

Some of you may think, "How many hot weather girls are you going to feature on your blog?"

Good question, some of you. Believe it or not,  I have posted several posts on politics, religion, sports, accidents, schools, food, bloopers and many other topics that I don't feel like remembering. Guess what gets the most views on my blog? Posts featuring good looking women.Usually in bikini.

Truly, I wish there was a balance (because that would mean the blog is getting more visitors) but I have no control over how this blog does. It's all up to the search engines and the black magic they do and maybe the NSA.

Thus, I have no problems featuring hot weather girls because they are:

1. Smart
2. Beautiful
3. Entertaining
4. Charming
5. Fun
6. Oh, and bring in the visitors.

Finally, I know what it takes to be a great broadcaster (not because I'm one, oh hell no) because I took many of the same classes that broadcasters attended while I was pursued my English degree. (After all that hard work, I blog while the meteorologist gets high five to six figures a year. But who's counting?)

All of this is just a long winded way of saying that the Hot Weather Girl is here to stay. Thank you, Kait Parker.


Kait Parker

Kait Parker

Kait Parker


Anonymous said...

I recently relocated to Palm Beach County and was trying to get familiar with the local broadcast affiliates. I am in the media business and i guess i pay more attention to newscasts then the regular casual viewer. So I spent about 1 month watching your 10pm news on channel 29, then tuned into your 11pm late news. As for the content of news in South Florida I have opted to refrain from commenting because my criteria as a news viewer is quite different from other viewers. But, it is difficult not to comment on the charming and beautiful Kait Parker who keeps me tuned into your station through the end of the broadcast. And, quite recently her on air appearance has been spiced up a bit with some new pieces in her wardrobe, accentuating her female assets.So Kait, kudos to you and your new look. If theres ever an on air contest "Win A Date With Kait" please stuff the ballet box with my name because while you may be easy on the eyes, i suspect your intelligence level marvels your beauty. David G.

judgejolly said...

He's got that right. Wow!I don't mind bad weather as long as it is coming from Kait!